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5 Aug 2009

More photos, happy photos

Ive been clocking up hundreds of more miles this week with fun adventures to the Dales of Yorkshire for my first "Boudoir" shoot then scooting over to my Auntie's house in Leeds to deliver my cousins, Emily, birthday card and then finally back over to this end to meet my lovely friend Rachel for lunch with her uber squishy angel baby, Caitlin. As much as I love being out on the road, Im more happy sat at home with Eds and Marko (obvioulsy Ellie, when she is here!!).

So yesterday I popped over the border back into the beautiful Yorkshire where I was born (aaaaah, the air is so so sweet!). I went to a dinky little village just on the edge of Hebden Bridge - have you ever seen it/been there/heard of it? I was blown to smithereens. And sadly, because I was on a scheduled appointment, I didn't stop to take photos but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be back there pretty soon. I swear I will be dreaming of that place for a good while now! Anyhoo, I turned up at the clients house for the shoot which had me more nervous than she because we both knew I'd never done this type of thing before. I set out in stone that the "Boudoir" shots we should try out really ought to focus on contours, gentle lighting and deffo no "parts" on show. Im of the mindset that careful lighting on bare skin - especially the back, tummy, decollatage, neck and shoulders can be more beautiful than completely nude shoots (of which I would NEVER do). After 2 hours of trial and error I came away with some of my proudest shots to date; more in terms of lighting. The client was incredibly delighted which makes the job all the more worth while.

After that I whizzed over to Leeds to take my cousin, Emily, out for a meal as she had turned 17 on Suday. Emily is also my God Daughter and I was there the day she was born. She wasn't due to be born 2ns Aug in fact she was due 4 weeks later than expected. But my Auntie had gotten over excited when Linford Christie ran the 100 metres in the Olympics in 1992 - I was there, watching her scream, jump and dance for almost 10 seconds which obviously disturbed Emily and she popped out less than 12 hours later! I rushed them to hospital in my beat up old car and worried she would have her in there but fortch we got there in time to be safely delivered in hospital. Emily has blossomed into an absolute beauty. She has a lovely personality with manners to match. She is also a very loving and caring girl. Im so proud of her.

We went out to Nandos for tea and chatted about all sorts. I haven't spent so much time with her alone for such a long time. It made such a lovely change. When we got back to my Aunties house I thought Id take some pictures of her for her facebook/my space/bebo whatever (you know what kids are like for photos) and so we dragged MB along too. These two are such fun to shoot - proper girly girls with screams in a field filled with slugs and dirt and rats.

Emily - isnt she a beaut?

MB - looking older every time I see her.
Never were there such devoted sisters (?!!)

One of the very very few pictures of us three

Obligatory jumping shots
They both begged me to stay over for the night so I did and MB and I watched our fave film in the world - EVER..... JUNO. The next morning we waited for Emily to get back from her Boyfs to take more pictures. Emily has always liked me to plait her hair ad I love doing this! Ellie can't stand me touching her hair at times, so I miss getting all arty with hair.

MB wanted "in" too and I struggled somewhat as she has shorter hair. Still managed though!
And so more shots ensue. They are such pretty girls to photograph.

And so it was off to the Trafford centre to meet my friend Rachel and her tinsy winsy baby, Caitlin. I had such a lovely afternoon that when i received a call from Mark, I had no idea it was 5pm. Tine really did fly. I got to squidge little Caitlin and feed her and love her and consume her youth. I can't tell you how much I love babies. Talking of which, my friend Sharon (who preggo tum I shot 2 weeks ago) has had her little girl and Im going to see her soon and present her with these little numbers.
The hat is called Arabella and she is my first dinky baby hat.
I didn't knit the cardi but I bought it and customised it to match the hat.

And finally the Fenella hat I made for Maica in Spain - come and see here wear it here


Bettythebaglady said...

Dear Kirsty Beautiful hat. Have just read about your reunion and I do understand the emotion you felt-sadly I too have had a reunion of sorts today in that today I have heard of the death of a schoolfriend I haven't seen since a reunion do about 10 years ago. We had sporadic contact as he worked abroad a great deal and I now know he died aged 60 last year from hep B.I am so affected and feel a part of my life has gone. I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it BettyXXX

Emily said...

I love those wool flowers! How do you make them please?

Anonymous said... be young and crease-free the photies,northern chick!
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Amelie said...

I swear MB looks just like you in some photos!
I fixed the photo link on that entry in case anyone stops by to peek to see the hat in its full glory! we're still loving it very very much!
I hope we'll get to see the next babe in the new hat!

Burdy. said...

What was the village called near Hebden Bridge? I think you might have been through the place I call home! How star struck I would have been to have bumped into you! We are choc full of photo ops in these parts so you should hurry back. Feel free to call in for tea and cakes! X.