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10 Aug 2009

Light Studio Magic

Ive had a cube studio for ages but haven't really used it so much as I much prefer natch daylight. Sometimes, though, I have had to use it for client images for websites and catalogues. Ive really taken a shine to how handy it can be especially if I am taking pictures at 2am because I ran out of daylight doing other things.
Here are a couple of cards I whipped up tonight using my light studio cubey.

Not bad, really. Need more practice with the flash I guess.

Remember a few weeks back I had a corrupt compact flash? The I reported that my friend Rosie's hubby, Will had rescued lots of them for me? Eventually I was able to give them a good sorting as i was spring cleaning my "tip of an office" out tonight.
Oh they did make me smile.
Pictures of the delectable belle, my brother, the dog, some food (got to have a foody shot, right?), my hubs and moi. I was absolutely thrilled that Will managed to recover them for me as the pictures of my Belle and my brother are so precious to me. So, in no particular order, here are some pictures I wanted to share then but am sharing now. If I am honest, a lot of these pictures will be of no consequence to anyone but me. I guess being a little self indulgent on the photo front is the pick-me-up I need as my belle is still at her Nanna's for another week!

BBQ salads - why do they taste, nay, look better outdoors?
Mark, the king of the barby. He is at his most manliest when cooking a burger or twoMy Bro helping out my belle on her DS
These pictures make me howl with laughter. My bro almost broke belles trampoline (and my bladder in the process!)

I absolutely adore my brother xx
Twiglets? Why did I take a picture of Twiglets. Well, for starters I had saved them since Crimbo for a spesh occasion. BBQ's in the Uk are special as we don't normally have the weather to enjoy them!
He is a classic nut job, I lubs him x
And he is such a love with my girl
Marks turn to act the wally on the trampoline
My little sausage dawg and my bro. I love my pooch so much, even more so when Belle is away. I need the cuddles! Its funny that, in this picture, eddy's mouth is upturned to his right like he is side muttering "get me off this crazy mans knee!"I'll lick that smirk off your face, now put me down.
These pictures are off some rather posh food my sister and I enjoyed the other week when I went to see her. Check out how posh my fish and chips are arranged.

Pretty salads should be framed not eaten!
My sister had these funny little mini asparagus veggies (tasted really salty but quite nice). I forget their name but would eat them again!My lovely, funny and crazy sister
I was suprised to be met with pictures I took round my house on the recovered files. Not sure why I did them now but this is a small sneak of my bedroom. Im changing that wall paper to a deep plum in the coming weeks
My favourite array of ornaments. I collect elephant carvings and potteriesThis hall way is still being revamped. Gone is that hideous teak stained coloring on the stair spindles. They are all white now. The carpet is being uprooted in a few weeks to a chocolate brown. The artex from the walls has all gone and the plasterer is due next week to skim the walls so that they are even. I cant wait for the transformation to be complete.
Me, in a poppy field. Boy, did we have fun finding this near my sisters a few weeks back. If I ever took my last breath in a poppy field, id be happy.
I was also really happy to see these pictures again. My Belle is such a lovely girl but doesn't she look stunning when she smiles? It really did lift my mood tonight when i was re-acquainted with them. these pics were took at a photoshoot up at Oasis Whinfell the other week with Tracy and her family. We had the most perfect day with her wonderful. Just look at the love in the kids embraces when we were leaving.
This out of focus shot still makes me happy, Im sorry I chopped you off Tracey :)
Kyle and Ellie shared a wonderful bond, if only for an afternoon. Look at his face, that is an honest and loving hug. **Im welling up!**
Lauren and Ellie hug too. I love Ellie in this picture

And that my friends is your lot.
Im up early for a pile of jobs to be finished up before a wedding shoot on Saturday.


Carolynne H said...

I think the tiny asparagus stuff is Samphire! Its a kind of seaweed.. I lived in Kings Lynn, Norfolk for a year and would go buy it from the market steeped in malt vinegar! YUMMY!!
Enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Amanda Sheridan said...

It is definitely samphire. I was born in King's Lynn and there used to be a man who went round the town selling it door to door from his horse and cart. Great photos!

Brook said...

How lovely everything is today on your blog. I start back to school next week. The children start the week after.

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Why have I only just discovered your blog ? It should not be hidden away like this !!! Wow, I've spent ages just drooling over your fantastic photographs and also your amazing cards and other fantastic creations - a laydee with huge, huge, huge talent. I shall now come and visit you regularly.


Jo x

Lauren said...

CUTE photos... look like you had a lot of fuN!

Anonymous said...

theyre weeds,love! Dont you feel ill? lol
always wanted to try samphire,but I only ever seem to see it next to dog poo on the top of the beach here at Littlehampton...*nice*
Absent love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Houston said...

Oh Girly, you look so beautiful in that field! I love your photo filled posts, they make me desperate to come visit however ;) xx H

Cazzy said...

Hey Kirstie, you look much thinner in that shot - have you lost weight?

Salad looks delish. Photos are great!

Cazzy x

Jo Austin said...

Oh my god woman.. what are you doing to me????!!!!

You should never have elephants in your home with their trunks's such bad luck!!! I know it is cos me granny told me!!! heckers.. I nearly died a fright when I saw it!

love Jo x