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13 Aug 2009

Got me some baby fix

Oh lady Isabelle sure does like to make my heart ache.
She wasn't having none of it today but are we suprised? Black cameras are not fun. Canon should invent yellow flashing light style cameras so that babies look in your direction and not be bored by the blackness.She came round after much coaxing and oooohing and aaaaahing and of course was extremely cosy and snug after I put the hat on that I made her.

she a doll? She is holding that hat it in such a way that makes me think she rather likes it!
Little dinky feet, he heeeeeee

And dainty little hands..... couldnt you just eat them?

Snug as a bug in a rug

When I got back my toast rack arrived. I have wanted one for years. Some of my friends argue that toast is eaten too quickly to necessitate one but I hate soggy toast from lying on plates and lying in their own steam. I like cripsy toast thus the requirement for such a rack.

Although, to be fair, it looks better for storing chocolate on your desk!
I then proceeded to add a few jewels that I have made over the past few weeks onto my Etsy. Im very lucky that Crafts Beautiful sent me on a course to learn tips and techniques of jewellery making and as much as I enjoy it, its not something I'd like to do full time as some of the tiny beads make my eyes smart! Once a week is enough to keep the creative bug flowing, though, as they make great emergency gifts for family.

Mark and I went out for dinner tonight too. No reason other than we are child free and to enjoy the opportunity. We ummed and aaahhhed where to go and thought we would stick to what HE likes most - Sorrento's in Ashton. I like it but sometimes I just want to try somewhere unfamiliar and be daring. LOL - talk about adventures, we rarely go out as it is! had to leave this fella giving me the "I want to come with you death stare"
We had such a lovely meal and had lots of "us" time without distractions from our hobbies, Tv, the dog and a little lady snapping her fingers asking for drinks, nibbles etc.

Going to get some precious sleep as Im in a mad rush to finalise a few bits and bats before I go to St Ives for a Wedding shoot. Im travelling with my freind Luisa (who is the sister of the Bride) and Im taking lots of choc.

See you soon x


Patricia8 said...

Lovely baby pix ... wondered if you could post some wedding hints as you are doing a shoot soon - a friend asked me to take some at her wedding as she cant afford a proper photographer ... some aperture settings so I dont miss some vital "moments" and flash in the church? thanks ... if you can!

Dylan said...

Whey hey Missus..!! I am going to come to your house and steal your toast rack..Sos and all that, but it needs to be MINE, all mine..!!!!!
BTW you stink..!!! love ya xx

Katy said...

Gorgeous baby piccies :)

Love your jewellery aswell!!


hello gorgeous said...

gorgoeus pics hon, LOVE isabelle's hand shot - perfectly formed and almost grown up! Glad you had a fab meal - DID he walk you to your door? lol

Nice day for a wedding, hope all goes well and before you know it ellie will be back and another adventure will soon begin! :o)

love, hugs and snogs

Sue xxx

Mandy Stapleton said...

Baby, baby, baby! Wonderful.

I need to get myself a chocolate rack, fab idea. I mean I like crusty toast too but chocolate looks much better in it than toast :O)

Love your homemade jewellery hun, you make me feel very creative! xox

Sarah xx said...

What a gorgeous toast rack - seriously cute! And your beady things are to die for - love the apple key chain and all the pinky greeny beady things and bluey ones too. Yummy yummy! xx

Anonymous said...

evil laugh-that "I heart apple keyring" is mine,all mine!!!!!
its gonna look fab on the spine of my New York scrapbook(when I finally start it....)
absent love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Lynn said...

...some of the tiny beads make my eyes smart ... You're not meant to put them in your eyes! LOL. Seriously though, I love your beaded creations. May have to have a go myself now as I've been thinking about it for a while but put off by the fact that I will have to buy tools. Toast rack looks good too.

Lynn x

~*~Kate~*~ said...

Beautiful baby. Cute toes of course. I love that black and green bracelet so much and the toast rack is awesome. :)