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9 Aug 2009

Brand spanking new baby

I love babies so much and I know they love me because I just will all my hopes and best wishes into them. I feel so consumed when I hold them and want to squeeze them close and absorb the newness out of them and breathe it into my old bones. Luckily Sharon let me have the longest love and hold with baby Isabelle on friday. What a total treat! I was supposed to get a run of shots of her but after the marathon hug I had with Isabelle, she got a little bit huffy and wouldn't perform. Or was that the plan so that I can go and see her on Tuesday again? Hmmmm.......

This is the card I gave Sharon. I enjoyed putting this together so much that I thought I couldn't part with it!
Here is Isabelle - one week old and smelling all baby fresh. Not really the official shots, just some snaps to share

Mother and child :)

The boys (ie my dad and marko) have gone to some nerdy geeky mega geocache convention (did I say nerdy?) whilst mum and I had a major craft shop in Preston and home again with a jiggety jig to create. We got so crafty that before we knew it, its was 7.30pm and getting a bit dark to be taking this will have to do! I used my newly purchased Wysteria stamps by BG.....who else? I still love BG with all my heart.For tea, mum and I scoffed plates of nickety nackety food (cheese, chutney ....mmm, chutney!, Indian nibbles, olives, hummus) and fresh tiger loaf with lurpak. Man my hips, thighs and other majorly rounded contours are in for a beating over the next few days as they accommodate that lot!
Have just finished watching PS I Love You which is a lovely film but after watching it twice Im sad to say that Gerard Butlers fake Oirish accent is putting me off totally falling in love with the film. But when I click on this picture HERE I live in hope that I will see a film where is in the total chest buff and saying "Kirsty, you're lovely to me, yes you are....." **sigh**


bettyann said...

As yes newborns..there is something so special about their skin..glad you had a happy tea with your Mom, I am wondering what isfresh tiger loaf with lurpak? from canada..

Deanne said...

cant wait to see official pics, what a beauty :)
me n cazz enjoy our 'cheese' nights! lol and ummmm gerrard butler spread thickly on a cracker! lol enjoy your weekend

KylieM said...

so love the colours of the card .. and cant wait for more pics of that delightfully beautiful babe :)

Anonymous said...

Bettyann Tiger bread is made with sesame oil and with a pattern baked into the top made by painting rice paste onto the surface before baking. The paste dries and cracks during the baking process, creating a two-colour effect similar to a tiger's markings. Lurpak is butter.
Kirsty,gorgeous baby pics!
Pat x

Sharon said...

Isabelle said to tell you she enjoyed Friday and she didn't think you'd guess why she was playing up, so she can see you again! Thank you so much for the pics!

Mandy Stapleton said...

You made me want a baby now, huh! Beautiful card hun for a beautiful brand new babba :O)

You and your scoff, lol. Love it. xox

Gez said...

Great shots Kirsty. Hope you get some more hugs on Tuesday. I like your plan!! xx