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28 Aug 2009

At Momma's

Belle, the sausage on legs and I have escaped the luxurious trappings of Le Wigan to the brisk and balmy settings of East Yorkshire. Mark is glossing 5 doors, the hall, stairs and landing skirts and bannister and is not too chuffed with the whole shebang. We, however, are so totally enjoying the sea air and relaxed ambiance of "home from home".

Belle and my Dad spent on of their amazing afternoons together whereby he treats her to lunch and a squander of a few quid at the arcades. This is a ritual for Ellie whenever she comes to my parents. The other ritual is a trip up to the local petting zoo (thats been reserved for Sunday with my Momma). So, whilst dad and Belle were on their jaunt, my Momma and I did some window shopping in most shops and little purchasing in others. I got three balls of wool for my millinery plus an array of spices to make a tarka dhal and a tandoori chicken for tea. I was happy with my lot.

But after crippling myself on my cork wedges for a few hours in town, i came home to have a virtual shopping session online at Etsy and have spied these things I simply must have in the coming weeks, despite having no budget with which to spendeth. In essence, these are dream purchases. **sigh**

Typewriter keys are so....hmm, are sooooooooooooooo? Hmmmmm? What are they? I have no idea. I just love them.

Reminds me of the Sindy dressers when i was a kid. i never had a Sindy dresser, though. I always wanted one but my folks could never afford one for me. And I cant afford this one at $500! I really do love it.

lubbly vintagey lace blouse

Crochetted scarves
I saw these and although Id never, EVER buy them, I thought - jeeeeeesh? These are sushi slippers with removable "meat". Cheh, I know. Barking!

And finally - all things dachshund.
I had no idea that Etsy was overrun with beauteous things for the doxie loving momma like me (and no doubt my friends Ruth, Jolene and Houston). Im so desperate to get another little long haired, dainty dachs (of whom, I shall remind you all, we shall call Tilly Tallulah Tinkerbell........ and not Barbeque/Onions/andegg) so to fill the void, one of these purchases just might come in handy.

And Ill throw this dream lens in here (not on Etsy, mind). Its my "must have, will prob never get but if I win the lottery I shall buy this first" kind of dream lens. Its the 70-200 F2.8 IS L USM.
Quite possibly the only lens I will ever want in addition to the two I have now but at £1200 its never going to reach these shores.

signing off for now from my guilt free shopping trip.


bettyann said...

oh my you have good the keychain...I remember using those typing key tabs at school by a NUN lol

greg foster said...

I think you should petition Websters to get vintagey into the dictionary. Just a thought. :)

*reyanna klein* said...

SO cute! That clay dach. Is that made of clay?! With the pink cape?! TOO cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirsty you could make those typewriter keys with big brads and a circle punch .... type the words and print on aged paper. No expenditure They look fab thanks for sharing

elliebaby said...

I didn't mean to go anon it changed honest...have fun making typewriter keys

Sarah xx said...

Wow! lovely goodies on etsy - and I have a lust for a lens like that too, which will never reach my door either!!! Enjoy the petting zoo - good pics please? xx

Katy said...

Get the F4 IS! It's sharper anyway! And it won't make you slip a disc carrying it!

Houston said...

Ooooh I lovest those cute Dachs! and where do I get one of those scarfs, holy cow!

Linby said...

ooh - had to search on estsy for typewriter keys when I saw this. You "made me"LOL buy a bracelet from someone who takes a typewriter key and a mini typewriter and attaches them to the bracelet. I LOVE it and can't wait to get it.Thanks for the inspiration!

Cazzy said...

I would need two tripods for that lens!

Anonymous said...