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3 Jul 2009

Will is my new hero!

Will is Rosies husband and he is my hero.
H. E. R. O.
You hearing that?
He recovered most of my files from the CF card that I lost last Sunday and today a disc arrived with images of which I thought were lost forever. There were some really precious pictures of my bro and sis on there and as I don't see them all too often; you can imagine how fraught I was.
Thank you so so much, Will (and Rosie).

There is not a great deal happening here other than trying to keep cool. We are having a wonderful summer here although its getting a little uncomfortable at night. The poor dog can't settle neither but I guess its better than rain so we have to muddle through :) Ellie seems to just come in from school, strip off as bare as humanly possible and lay in a dark room to cool down. She is not good with the light as it is which reminds me, we finally put a window treatment in the bathroom to stop the blinding light almost killing her in the morning. Our bathroom and her bedroom is south facing so it gets the sun ALL day so they are both bright and hot rooms.

I bought the fabric in Southport in Sunday after spotting it and thinking "That would look so lovely in our bathroom". I didnt have any swatches of colour with me....I smply knew it sowuld match. So I bought a metre and came home all excited about wizzing it up on my sewing machine. Admittedly, I'm not the bestest sewer (as in dressmaking) but curtains I can do. I even used to make my own swags and tails a long way back and I never used a pattern. Sewing curtains and frills are so so easy.

The bathroom is lovely and bright but its too bright for Ellie, poor love. This is the before picture: I did have a measurement issue for the frill (ie too long, forgetting we had a short window!)so in the end I just turned them into fake austrian blinds. Mark, I have to say, is mightily impressed and Ellie can now enjoy the tempered lighting. I have to say it finishes off the room a treat and Im so glad I didn't plum for painting it RED a while back! The blue and brown is such a welcome when i need a soak in the tub (which is hidden behind the door by the way, just in case you think I mean the sink!)

I went thrift shopping the other day and wanted to share these freaky looking tea spoons. Well, we are saying they are tea spoons but I think they are a ice cream sundae spoon. Do you know what they are? Bargain at 79p for 6 so they can stay teaspoony for now!

I also went wholesale shopping today for some odds and ends and came back with two more of these pretty little cuppies. Ellie and I only drink out of china cups (I hate mugs or pots - sorry!). I think its because its keeps the tea hotter for longer. I had bought two previously and I want to build up the collection for my cupboard. There are so pretty, aren't they?

And finally - will someone please explain my sudden and extreme liking for Soreen? Lathered in Lurpak of course but good grief, its hard to stop cutting a slice and devouring its goodness. I can feel my arteries clogging up as I type.

Well, back to drawing again. Im working on CD2 of Patti Picklicious and some A5 patterned paper pads for Christmas (yeeeks, did I really type that word?). Ive got a ridiculous deadline but then again, all deadlines are there to create mass panic!

Happy friday everyone :)


Deanne said...

yay Will aint he a hero and a half :)
and as for soreen, mmmmmmmmm i think its back from when mum use to make us have a spoon of malt extract every day!!!! dont ask i dont know why but it made me crave malt loaf as i got older lol x

ooh and loving the curtain you can make mine too :) lol

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I'll tell him you are in awe!!! Or maybe I won't as it'll only go to his head! HAHA!

Glad the disc arrived safely chick!


Houston said...

Oh my, your bathroom is gorgeous... I'm green with envy, you understand why. Yay for Rosie's sweet husband and you found pictures! Stay cool darling!

Amanda Sheridan said...

Malt extract - that brings back childhood memories for me too. How about Scotts Emulsion? And calves foot jelly?

Bettythebaglady said...

Yeah Love that bathroom. Mine is functional, clean and champagne coloured. Am resolved not to hate it and make the best of it esp. since ye olde credit crunchie but... as for spoons I have similar for eating fresh grapefruit.I love grapefruit esp. pink or ruby red. Cut in half and use point to scoop out flesh.Love the curtain too-in fact a love fest all round :) BettyXXX ps we have malt extract in cupboard, bought some on a nostalgia trip recently but no longer suits my taste buds DH however is constantly dipping in -must be due to the severe lack of sweet stuff in our house. Tata again

Anonymous said...

a lovely craving to have!

LizzieG said...

I love Malt Loaf too... used to have it at tea time when I was a kid. For some reason, Mum didn't count it as "cake" so we could have a bit of each!! Maybe it's the "malt" theory.. Haven't had any for ages...must get some with this week's shopping!!
Check out my Marmite layout:

Anonymous said...

Loving the bathroom but more importantly where did you get those mugs? I NEED those - ansd tea just isn't the same if its not in a china mug!

michelle t said...

Your bathroom is fabulous. It turned out great. I am commenting in hopes that you might divulge where you went thrifting. I will be coming to London (if you are even near that area in the UK) in Sept. from Nashville, TN and would love to find anything English that was under a GBP!

Thanks! Michelle

Anonymous said...

grapefruit spoons!!!

eda said...


Anonymous said...

Mmmm malt loaf, we used to be able to buy a slice covered in chocolate at our bakers, it was divine!

Rae said...

Oh my heck! soreen!
thats another thing on my shopping list for later!

soreen rocks ;)

your curtains are very clever by the way :) I need to make some but have been putting it off forever!

Tip Top said...

Sniggering at the malt loaf. I can manage a whole pack and feel very stuffed but happy!

Fab blind!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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