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25 Jul 2009

Trashing her dress - part 2

Jo deserves an encore for yesterdays hard work.... I hope you like this bunch as much as yesterdays. Ive played with a number of finishes and can't decide which I like best. Im sure Jo will pick her faves :)

Click on the pictures to enlarge :)

With clever lighting equipment (NOT FLASH - Ugh, I hate flash) you can get full facial features on a sunny day without hideous shadows.

Something ethereal about this picture

We found this beautiful house enroute which you are allowed to pass through the garden of on the way to the secret meadow. This rustic corner provided a perfect backdrop.
This is my abso and final favourite out of the whole lot.

It kind of reminds me of this shot here. Ok, not EXACTLY the same but the feeling, I guess!
If you want to book a shoot similar to this, please contact me via my website here.

Happy Sat xx


Anonymous said...

She is stunning! I love her hair cut.

Ayesha said...

i love it and te title trashing the dress hehe you make me giggle

Sarah said...

Ha! I was reading this in bloglines and the last image reminded me of the Marilyn shot even before I scrolled down and read your comparison! I love that picture of Marilyn, I drew it years ago - I wonder where I have put the drawing....

Jo said...

John said he thought 'Marilyn' when he saw the last photo on my laptop when you were here - he wishes he'd said it, as he'd have looked clever :)

Thanks again for such a wonderful day, my wonderful generous friend. Please tell me if there's ever anything I can do for you,
Jo xx

Sam said...

once I lose enough weight to get back into my dress I am calling you hun!!!!

Helena said...

Great photo's. I like the first one best but I do see what you mean about the last!

Lil' Ol' Me said...

I have been married twice and dont have either dress to trash! The first one I lent to a friend for her wedding but the boyfriend called it off so she took a pair of scissors to it! The second one my aunt made, along with the bridesmaids dresses too. They were all stunning. When I went on my honeymoon she got them all cleaned and boxed and put them in her loft, she has never mentioned them since I asked for them 10 years ago when we got back. When she told me they were in her loft she made it quietly clear that I wasn't to even begin to ask for them back :¬( I don't think she would appreciate me trashing her hard work though do you?!
Beautiful pics as usual Kirsty

Anonymous said...

man,I wanna get married,just so you can do my photies...dont care who the groom is!
Masterful shots, Kirsty, M.A.S.T.E.R.F.U.L
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

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