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20 Jul 2009

Sunday Fun

I honestly thought I would wake up dead but I didn't.
My viral hoo-haa has been and gone and I woke up feeling pretty geared up to sell some unused craft supplies over at my friends table top sale.

My table was set up next to Christine who Ive met before and who, in a short space of time, really gets my sense of humour and I, hers. Our tables were next to Janes who was selling old craft supplies and THE. MOST. AMAZING. HAND. MADE. BAGS. Ive told her she should go into business with them, they are absolutely beautiful. What made it even more a fabulous day was that she gave me one of them, pic below (obviously for being such a brilliant in which I replicated the honour with taking pictures of her beautiful girls.The day went quite well despite the downpour of rain. There were stalls selling art and beauty products too in addition to craft wares. There was a raffle with lots of prizes (I won a fab coffee mug with coffee beans), tea and cakes (the best part, of course) - it was a fun, fun day. I met lots of UK Scrappers and shop owners **waves hello**. It really was an enjoyable afternoon. I think she is going to run one again of which you MUST come to although the location will be in Wilmslow town itself on a Saturday which will mean more human traffic to sample the delight of hand makery.

I didn't plan on going back to Janes house but when her girls BEG you to come, you cant say no. Lady K thought she would direct me home in my car with me. Do I trust 8 years olds directions? Yes, of course I do - Sat Navs are for wimps..... no, really. Well, we circumnavigated the entire planet before we got on the right road. The Eiffel tower was looking grand, the Taj Mohal so proud, the Pyramids so majestic, The Sydney Opera house was breathtaking, The Inca Trail was tough going, Disney world was a blast, The Empire State was crowded, Iceland was cold before we touched down back in Wilmslow and on Janes street. That was a wonderful detour, Lady K. Lady K pointed out this little buzzer sheltering frm the rain in their lavender as we walked up the drive. Isn't he a beaut?
I was secretly happy to be at their house as I was missing some girly fun time as it was as my Belle is still at my Mums (being thoroughly spoiled and not missing me so much....sniff sniff).
Janes house is MAD. Two lively girls, two crazy dogs and husband who cant quite locate his mud flaps.
I took some pictures of the lil lovelies with Little Miss C throwing terrifically funny tantrums every two seconds and flouncing in every direction that her emotions would allow. The picture below shows her in a very grumpy mood but I actually adore this photo. She did make me laugh.

She began to warm up between shots and proper flounces where she would jump off the sofa and declare that life was horrible and it wasn't fair being this cute
Now we did get round to some beautiful shots and this is my absolute fave of the day
Jane has her giggling like a cheeky monkey and in no time, flounces were forgotten

And belly laughs were plentifulAnd yes, Little Miss C is still cute as a button underneath the pet lips, chocolate chops and fierce eyes....

As for Lady K, she is a natural - an absolute frightener for Stu who will never let her out of the house as she will no doubt be the apple of every young suitors eye. Just look at that young thing! I see children's catalogues, Tv adverts - the lot.

I wish all kids who sit for me would be as naturally composed and up for it.

I just love this next shot - love love love

And this one - gosh, what a great kid!

Then came the "sisters" shot. Oh no - Im not sitting next to HER! UGH, don't touch me. Mum, she is looking at me. SCREAM!

Ok, Ill do just one photo but Im still going to be grumpy

Well, seeing as there are jaffa cakes as bribes, I will do just one nice sisterly shot.

MUM! Stop it! Stop making me laugh. I wont have it!
Ok, I will!
Oh, Im enjoying this. My sister is actually quite nice and after all, Im pretty cute
She's lost it, she is going to crack up.

She's gone - she can't control the giggles. I love my sister!

Phew - Im glad thats all over. I **actually** enjoyed this shoot despite Little Miss C giving me the run around. And in spite of it all both of them give the the most cuddles - enough to break my heart but even that had shattered when Lady K announced that she loved me. **snot ensues, tears stream down my face and lumps as big as cows gape in my throat**

A scrumpsh Chinese dinner rounded off the day before settling down to watch the end of Hairspray where the girls gave fab dance offs in front of the TV. I just didn't want the day to end.
I came home to a rather excited sausage doggy who then became very suspicious as he could no doubt smell Janes dogs, Harvey and Nicks on my trousers. Plus I arrived home in time to watch Kinky Boots (typically tacky but watchable) before retiring to bed with dogs bum in my face..... charming!


Deanne said...

omg they are stunning pictures, makes me want a girl - no no where the hell did that come from!!! this is why riley has beautiful long blond flowing locks!!! he is my boy with girl hair!!!
detour then sorry honey ;) i loveeeeeeeee kinky boots, i use to work just up the road from that factory and that alley they always walks down, stinks of p**s lol bet it didnt when they filmed it though! urgh gag at the thought lol

Amelie said...

I just LOVE that set of pictures... the grumpy ones especially! you've capture those girlies so well!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog Kirsty! OMG your photos are WOW beautiful!

Denise said...

Kirsty, each and every photo you have shown here is amazing. You did a stunning job and I bet mom and dad love them. Wish I had kids...I'd hire you in a heart beat. Well, if you would come to Minnesota. LOL!

lisa dickinson said...

amazing photos, k...but your commentary makes them all the better! :)

weewiccababe said...

absolutely stunning pictures Kirsty - oh how I wish I loved closer to you so I could get you to do my kids
If you're ever up in the north east of scotland you must let me know :)

Anonymous said...

the camera is an amazing tool! Painting and drawing is another way of capturing those special moments too in a unique way! Those who want pic's of their own family can do so on even te most basic cheap camera- experiment and have fun!

Sam said...

love those photos Kirsty - if you're ever in the North East give me yell!!
and that hand made bag is lovely!!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hey there 19:34 ...... I took these with a point and shoot. How did you notice?

Chris Walker said...

Hey Kirsty, thanks for great company on Sunday, had such fun and looking forward to seeing you on Saturday too. Those photos of K&C are just gorjus girl! Chris x

vtpuggirl said...

You are a whirlwind! LOL, I love it!

Anonymous said...

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