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15 Jul 2009

Suddenly, Im a Milliner ;)

Before I die I want to do one of everything.
Obv I won't ever be able to read every book ever written or pick every wild daisy on every hillside but things like knit and crochet and dressmaking Id like to try once or twice or thrice. My next adventure is actually making a skirt and then after that Im fully committed to making a bloody scarf and finishing it! Ive got some drawstring bags to rack up and also I am going to make a few jewellery pieces. This is all for my Etsy store which I intend to fill in the coming weeks. Im ever so excited but also ever so worried that nothing will sell. I think I need to take heed of the bracelet that my dear friend Traci gave me last year which reads "Believe in yourself". Trouble is, you can hardly do that when sneaky little rat bags put you down every now and then. The bad stuff is easier to believe.

Any old how....these last few days I have become a Milliner. Phillip Treacy can be restful in the knowledge that I am not about to push him from his perch but you know........ I made a friggin hat - OK??!! I love this colour combo and she is called Betty. I have mustard and reds coming next along with greens and oranges. These do not take 3 minutes to make by the way. More like 2 hours of solid finger bleeding and double knitting whilst watching a movie, which I am honest, is a perfect way to relax and be productive at the same time.

Just need to buy myself a crochet book to make some of those easy peasy flowers and get cracking on some wild decors for some other beanie hats in the pipeline. Im certain Ill get sick and tired of them eventually but for now they are making me smile and knitter-ish.


Shazza Speakman said...

Hi Kirsty. I have a crochet book that you can borrow. It's what I learnt from and is very clear and concise. Get yourself down here before my baby is born (in 2 weeks!!!!) and you'll be crocheting in no lime at all. Its the stitch n bitch crochet book. fab. Sharon x x x

Dylan said...

U fabulous, fabulous Stepford wife you. I would lend you all my crochet books nut, yes thats right I dont have any...lmao...Actually I can crochet, or at least could and have made many a useless blanket in my
Ha ha word verification is Kicnac, is that short for kicked knackers do you think,pmsfl..?? n xxx

Sue Ramsay said...

Hey going to do matching socks too! Looks cool, just need to know one thing -how do you get to have more hours in your day than I do angel?

Sue Ramsay said...

Oh and forgot to say - sod those people who dont appreciate your talents, there are plenty of us out here that do, so there xxxxxx

AmandaBaloun said...

Hi Kirsty,
Those beanies would sell fabulous in Canada, all it does is rain and snow here in the winter months!! LOL We appreciate clothing like that, you can never have enough of them. Once you get your store up and running I may have to purchase one and I will advertise for you here on the West Coast of British Columbia Canada. :)
I saw that flower on your posted picture and I automatically thought, mini-album. How cool would that look on the front of an album??
Amanda xx

Jo Austin said...

just do a search for crochet flowers, they have loads on the net - if you can't find any, just email me and I'll send you the destructions.

lovely hat.. good luck with your etsy store.

Jo x

Di said...

Hi Kirsty

You can also make flowers using a 'flower loom' - check this link out.

Or, check your local charity shops - they usually have wool, crochet hooks and thingies for making woolly items. That's where I found my flower loom!

Might have to buy a hat for grand-daughter - can you do kiddie sizes - aged 2 or so?

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, great hat, but try it the easy way! Knifty Knitters make hats (and scarves) quite easily - and i havent tried it, but the knit wit makes flowers easier too!

Come over to the dark side of loom knitting!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Millinary looking fab creation! HAHA!

Send me the pattern I need to play! xx

Kerry said...

Kirsty this month's issue of Let's Knit has some knitted flower patterns in that look easyish.

Loving the hat btw.

*reyanna klein* said...

*Your* stuff... NOT sell?! Puh-ha! I'll be first in line to buy whatever you put up, Darling. :D

You're wonderful.

stephanie howell said...

um, could you BE any craftier? sheesh woman!
and i'm laughing at your "i made a friggin hat" statement. HEHEHEHEHEHE. love you!!! xoxo

Darcy said...

You don't need to buy books.

Free patterns.

Fabby hat xxx

Brook said...

There is nothing that you can't do! You RAWK!

Steph said...

Fab Fab Fab hats - can I commission a fushia pink and black one please?

LizzieG said...

Hey Kirsty, I can sell handmade Books on Etsy, so I'm sure you can sell your lovely little treasures!
Love the woolly hat - make more! Got a link to a "how to crochet flowers" site, if you want it.

Also there are lots of bits of info for "Etsy Newbies" - can point you at some if you want.

Don't forget to "Tweet" your new listings - you'll get some viewings that way. Takes time to build up a few followers etc, but sales will happen if you keep on listing/re-listing and letting people know you're there.

Good luck - I'll look out for your shop!

LizzieG said...

Add-on (sorry!) -