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8 Jul 2009


Today has just been a mish mash or little things. Like tying up the odds and ends and all that jazz.

I went to see Ellie swim with the school lesson she has allocated every Wednesday. She and her BFF, Beth, are the only two students from her high school that get special time allocation for swimming. Im so grateful the school taught her to swim because we have never been able to do it (you know how kids DON'T perform for their parents). And you know, this is weird but no instructors in our area would teach her "one to one". And we had the money to pay for it. Still, she swam like a little tadpole and looked so strong. I snotted out all my tissues and wiped my happy tears at intervals. I am so proud of my girl - and her support teacher who actually fought for these lessons for her..... thanks Alison x

Today I wore a new pair of jeans. Jeans to fit my huge butt are hard to come by because I also have miniature legs. well not like 2cm long or anything. Its takes me forever to find the perfect pair and the other day I founded them. Trouble with this lens Im using it actually makes my legs look 3 miles long. Still, here is me in my jeans and slowly getting rid of the wobbles from training hard at the gym every am.

This was lunch. Can anything be so unnaturally orange (except for Jordans fake tan?) I adore Kraft Mac and Cheese and I can only buy it in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre. Whenever I am in the US, I stockpile it. Its so delish. If anyone knows any UK supermarkets that sell it, please please tell me :)

Hmmm, our hallway.
Let me tell you about our hallway. It is the hallway from hell. It is artexed with the most yuckiest bark-like effect and we have lived with that bugger for 6 years.
And its coming off.
Mark is a wreck from removing it, its taking for-frigging-ever. We are decorating the hall from a cream wall and beige carpet to a pale Juniper green wall with a plum carpet ... and ooooooh, get this - a plum patterned wallpaper feature wall. I mean - wooooooooo!

I bought this vase a few weeks in preparation for some decoration when the hallway is done. It was only £3! Im a happy little thrift buyer recently.

And that is the end of my randoms today. Im off out for lunch with Sarah tomorrow and who knows what will come of that except for a stuffed tummy and lots of crafty chatter xx


Anonymous said...


Heather said...

Is Mark using a wallpaper stripper for the artex. Score the paint so that the moisture can get through to the artex and then steam or water will make it easier to get off

Brook said...

So proud of Belle. So glad you have great jeans. I'll swap you Mac and Cheese for the new Skullduggery Pleasant book that we can't get here in the US yet. I stock pile mac and cheese for my guys. I think I have 20 boxes in the cupboard.

Lynn said...

your legs look tres skinny in those jeans! I'm not jealous at all ... no really ...

SuzyB said...

Kirky, you can get kraft mac and cheese at Farm foods. I have two boxes of it in my pantry nur nur nee nur nur :o) xx

bettyann said...

I found out for you that you can get it at an online store in the UK.
Here in Canada we call it Frat Dinner mac + cheese..take it camping..good luck I want to know the brand of your jeans..

Anonymous said...

You can buy the cheese powder for the Kraft Mac & Cheese in bulk in the US and then you can make it anytime. You may want to search for it over there. Otherwise you can see if it can be mailed overseas. I'm not sure of the food restrictions. Here's one place you can try:


ToniLou said...

hi there morrisons sell kraft mac and chesse te proper yellow kind or farm foods i just love anything american esp the food take care toni x

Sarah K said...

okay - as an ex yorkshire lass living in Arizona I'll swap you all the kraft mac n cheese you want for some malt loaf and lurpac and a trip to whitby!

love your studio calico projects!

Anonymous said...

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