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23 Jul 2009

Princess in the hills and SC sneaks

I travelled down to Malvern in Worcestershire today to treat my friend, Jo, into trashing her dress. Trash the dress is a website where brides revisit wearing their wedding dress again and opt to trash their dresses....crazy crazy girls! Jo's dress is so precious to her that, in the end, we thought we would do a gentle take on it and bring her personality through the shoot alongside making that dress look completely opposite to what it did on her real wedding day last May. She is such a wonderful soul that she deserved a day to wear her dress again in a real arty fashion. But from the demure Jo I have come to know and love, I had reservations that she would really rock it out. WRONG! She sure turned out to be a real vamp in the meadow where we pretty much had 100% privacy, the run of grassy fields, wooded areas and a fabulous stony bridge (and rain, believe it or not!). Its hard to tell which photos look best in colour or b&w so Ive got a mish mash to show you.
This was she last year
You want to see the little vixen now! I love her new hair style and I love that she totally went with every idea that ran through my head. So without further ado, here is Part One of the shoot in various colour mixes and finishes.
I think this is my most favourite moody loody shot (click on the pictures if you want to see the enlargement)

Oh cripes, maybe this one too?
This playful pose ended up staining her dress on the bodice. Thank god for photoshop for the rest of the pictures!

This is a lovely angle to shoot with

She looks like a proper Vogue model in this picture - check out the boot (totally Jo's idea!) I love the angle of her pose here.

This shot was catching her laughing from fright as she almost fell off the bench at this point. those killer heels and the smell width of the bench was NOT a good combo!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this next shot

There are even more beautiful shots of Jo to share tomorrow but for now I want to thank Jo for such a great time today. We laughed, almost cried and got saturated in a freak downpour (believe it or not!) and walked up steep hills as she wandered through the muddy lanes with her dress hitched up to her knickers to save the dress from a proper thrashing!

Finally, here are my Studes sneaks which I managed to take pics of at 0745 this morning before leaving for Malvern (I love summer mornings!). The kit this month took me by surprise and there were a few papers in the kit that I couldn't possibly cut into because they were delish. In the end I decided to hack them all but one to death. Here is what I made:

Have a great Friday - Im off to pick up my lovely little girl who I haven't seen for two weeks. Great reunion plans ahoy!


Vanessa said...

gorgeous sneaks!

Allison Waken said...

Wow! These sneaks are AMAZING!

Lisa Jay said...

I love the sneaks but I LOVE the photos you took way better. I wish I lived in the UK so you could recreate my wedding dress day but then again, I can't get into mine! I guess I'll have to save up and slim!

april said...

wow, kirsty, these are awesome!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Oh WOW your sneaks are wonderful! Now I'm even MORE excited for reveal nite!

Kyla said...

Your friend totally rocked that dress alright! It looks like you had so much fun.

Joy said...

Great pictures!

I did some real "Trash" the dress pictures and
I'd suggest if you have a willing lady to take advantage and do it right!
Love your creativity and inspiration!

Angela W said...

Awesome pics and sneaks! Did you actually roll up the little papers on the one sneak! It is great! I love the colors! Have a great reunion with your darling girl!

Anonymous said...

holy moley... these are just too cool. cant wait for the real deal. - hera

Julie Corfield said...

What a fantastic idea for a photoshoot...the photos you really wished had been taken on your wedding day!

Jo said...

Had such an amzing day yesterday - thak you so much my lovely friend :) The photos look amazing - can't believe its really me!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics as ever Kirsty & a fab idea about the wedding dress.
Personally I preferred the bride's hair in her actual wedding pic - it looks so *weddingy* if that makes sense.

Valerie Bishop said...

I alwyas love your work Kirsty!! Can't wait to see the full pics!! And those photos are gorgeous!! Love those boots with the dress!!

Rae said...

fab pics kirsty!
Ive been dieting for the last 3 years in an efforet to fit back into my dress - just to prove that I can! and every year I say, its ok. next anniversary I'll get there, and just slip it on for size. *sigh*

Emily Pitts said...

sigh. that's all i can think of at this moment. i can not wait to see these in their full sized glory.

Anonymous said...

I want to get back in my dress. Not fair!

Anonymous said...

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