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13 Jul 2009

Makes and breaks

Ive been making and Ive been breaking (as in.......been away!)
Ive taken so many photos that I don't know where to start so Ive picked a few for now until I can get up to speed with the gazillions of emails I need to catch up with.
On Friday we went over to my brothers for the weekend. The weather was fantastic and the company was the best. We ALWAYS have such a good time and a good laugh. On the way I started one of 4 beanie hats. The first one? UGH - your first one is always rubbish, isnt it? It can be salvaged and I'll probably salvage that late this week. The second one was much much better but my third one was this one:Isnt she a beaut? I gave it to my sister in law and with the left over wool I made a hat for a collection I intend to make for babies in Africa. Since this new obsession I have bought more balls of wool in really BOLD colours to make more crazy beanies in time for winter and to hopefully make some pocket money for this new found extra hobby that I dont have time for. LOL. I just need to find a website that sells large buttons in singles and the more bold the buttons the better.... do you know any?

Aside from having sore fingers from all that knittery/crochet-ery I made some cakes for my bro. I love making things, the sense of accomplishment is such a great feeling and stems from school where I struggled with a lot of things (like maths and science) and was never the academic. As I have gotten older I now pride myself on creativity, being a great mum and running a comfy home more than the anal paranoia that I must be intellectual and part of the brain supremacy. Still, I manage to get by with common sense, at least!
I also made a card at my mums because I was feeling paper-crafty. My mums has a ton of stuff as she teaches cardmaking at home twice a week. I just dived into her supplies and made this. My cardmaking paper-crafty moment was relieved as soon as the last spot of stickles was applied to the card.
On Sunday we went over to Whitby which is half way between Mums and my Bro's. We met my paremts, my sister in laws parents, Tom and Lil and 3 million day trippes! Why have I never been here before - its absolutely beautiful! Plus its where Bram Stoker wrote Dracula - from the very top of those cliffs, by that ruin you can see...... I mean.........why didn't I come here before....WHY? Its also the place Captain Cook set sail on many of his infamous voyages. Im so glad I went, its was just such a beautiful little port where fish and chips shops were every other shop on the high street and where thousands of day trippers enjoyed the spoils of it very presence. I thoroughly recommend you go for a day or two, its magic!

On the way back from Whitby we stopped over by Muston for the boys to geocache (much geocaching has been done this weekend and Im ready to kill). We stopped by this beautiful church which also is the burial ground of my great Uncle Don and his wife Kitty. It was an honour to visit his grave in such an amazing little village church graveyard - so peaceful and pretty.We got back to my mums and were all ready for bed at 10pm .
I KNOW!!! - 10!!!!!!?
The fresh air and excitement had us all beat and within 0.1327839 seconds I was dead to the world and catching flies. I didn't want the weekend to end but at least it ended on a high!


angie's blogspot said...

Hey don't put yourself down girl regarding being academic, I'm in awe of the stuff you do your'e amazingly talented! I've always wanted to go to whitby and paln to go this summer it looks beautiful.

Darcy said...

I love,love,love Whitby, it is one of the most fabby places in the world.Plus it's only 30 odd mins from us. Did you go to the Magpie cafe?it's famous and wonderful.

In October and April they have Goth week, where everybody dresses up, and it is photography heaven. October can be cold and rainy, but April is great. Look in my facebook gallery for Whitby pics from this years goth week.


cla16e said...

I've got to agree with you about Whitby..... it is a lovely place. next time go to Robin hoods bay its a lovely little place & only a couple of miles from Whitby.
Muston is a nice place too, that church is beautiful & the grounds are peaceful.I remember one time i went to muston & they had a scarecrow competition. It was amazing the effort people had put in at making them.

Sally V said...

Is the Lucky Duck shop still there?

Cazzy said...

Wow you make me want to go to Whitby too! I have never been there.

Good luck with the beanies, and the buttons.

Cazzy x

Anonymous said...

Been to Whitby once and loved it. Ate chips sitting by the harbour in the freezing cold!

Love the beanie hat, I never could get the hang of that crochetery thing, or knitting (except squares) come to that. My gran tried so hard to teach me, but it just never sank in. I'm far more at home with a pencil or paintbrush in my mits

Dee P

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, try the button company, they did have large single buttons for sale not long ago

Dee P

BellaB said...

I have long been a Kirsty Wiseman stalker and read your blog regularly... although you will have absolutely no idea who I am. Which isn't meant to be scary. Really!!

Anyways... have a look at this fab lady and her etsy button shop selling vintage buttons.

Love the beanie too x x

Kate said...

Lovely pics, Whitby has always been on my list of places to visit. My pile of used envelopes is stacking up, have I missed it?

Kerry said...

yippeeee Kirsty has been knitting. Looks fab lovie.

Sharon Peters said...

Would you be happy to let us have the pattern for those lovely hats? I do enjoy your blog!

Rae said...

I was about to say have you tried the button company, but it looks like someone beat me to it! ;o)

Lynne said...

Hi.....This is a great web site for buying single buttons.Worth a look.

Angela W said...

Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing it all! Sounds like it really wore you out! Cute beanie!

LizzieG said...

Hi Kirsty, Ref. Buttons, try -"" - based in Chesterfield. Has quite a few large buttons for sale.

InkyArtitude said...

Love the Beanie! Great colours. Re the big buttons... I don't know if you have a Hobby Craft in your vaccinity but they do great hand made butons, some are singles others sell in sets but tend to all be different whilst complimenting each other. Fab for jazzing up cardi's.

Katty Bell said...

I'm so glad you like Whitby, it is one of our family's favourites as is Robin Hood's Bay which is not too far away, both are places full of quirk & charm no matter what the time of year, we go every New Years Eve wrapped up in our woolies for a bracing walk & fish & chips in Whitby!

Anonymous said...

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