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27 Jul 2009

Life is a tad cruel

It is, you know.
Out of the blue this morning we received a letter from Alderhey hospital explaining that Ellie has a high deficient level of Vitamin D.
We never saw that coming.
But sitting back and thinking about it, it makes sense.
She has been diagnosed with osteoporosis as it is and with the onset of scoliosis it explains her weak bones let alone her weak muscles.

She needs sunshine - really, thats what the doctor ordered!

Funny, though, because she rarely ventures outdoors either as her photophobia prevents her and because, quite simply, she never "plays" outdoors (unless she is outside with us). My heart does break that she never gets to hang out with kids her own age otherwise Im sure she would be outside more PLUS the school have a habit of nurturing her indoors at break times in fear that she will fall over or become disorientated in school. That is soooo going to stop in light of this news.

She also needs to be prescribed a daily dose of Vit D for the coming 6 months which should improve her bone density. Im glad in a way as I was against the hospital faffing with science by giving her Oestrogen to improve her bones strength which may have accelerated her scoliosis.
Are you lost with all this? I am!

In the same postal drop, Ellies monthly subscription magazine arrived so we set the garden swing up with comfy cushions, banged a hat on her head, donned her sunnies and she sat in the sun for an hour so her body could drink up that vitally precious vitamin D from the sun.

Off on a tangent again, it would be mad for anyone to suggest that if this is her overall condition after years of fighting for an answer! I swear that if this is the case, ill do my tank in. Simple as the answer may be, it should have been detected YEARS ago.

But still, we are taking positive steps to get her some glorious sunshine over the next few weeks school holidays - please pray for sunshine. - Yeah, I know! lol

Ive made some more cards today using Craftworks Cards products which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ellis is rather struck with this one so Im going to let her have it in her room (on loan) for a few days. If only those crystals would glow with vitamin D!!
I printed my own paper on the white sheet using the stamps from the Chandelier set. Its ever so pretty.
Ok, bed time.
Or maybe not, Ive lots of fun things to tinker with. I can sleep when Im dead.


Dylan said...

mwah, mwah, mwaaaaaaahhhhh. xxx

Jo said...

(((hugs))) to you all. Hope the sun shines enough for Ellie to get out in it. Beautiful cards - specially love the chandalier one :)

Lynn said...

praying for a bit more sunshine on your side of the sea and ours! It has been the wettest July on record here ...and they said that with a week of July to go!

Jan C. said...

It must be that she's such a ray of sunshine she's beaming it all out to others and keeping none for herself! Vitamin D deficiency does seem a crazily simplistic solution to Ellie's problems, doesn't it. But on the up side, what a great and easy thing it is to catch some rays. Good luck!

Bettythebaglady said...

Love your take on Craftwork Cards products. You'll be pleased to know I hopped straight over and ordered the chandeliers and the birdcages. Am holding fire a bit until I see the others.Maybe you could get Belle a sun lamp. Can't believe it's just Vit D deficiency though. Besides you do get some in food don't you? Rushes out of stamp room and into sunshine (in Bolton!!!) HAHA Betty Hugs XXX

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh, bless her little heart. :) Hooray for sunshine! I hope she feels SO much better after lots and lots of time in the sun. :)

And your cards are gorgeous!! I'd want them in my room too! HA! ;-)

bettyann said...

I'll send lots of sunshine your way..I love love these cards ever..

Anonymous said...

great news that the vit d will be part of the help your daughter requires. That is so positive and with summer days and her supplements she should soon have those levels back up again.

Sue Ramsay said...

Cards are gorgeous - email waiting for you !

nailgirl said...

Here's to sending lots of sunshine and prayers Ellie's way!! Maybe with this, her levels will get back up there! She is so sweet and beautiful and I wish you and her nothing but the best!! The cards are super, especially love the chandelier stamp!

Sue Ramsay said...

Can you pop yourself across to my blog dear - theres something there for you

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Hope your gorgeous little Ellie manages to get a lot of sunshine in the next few months. She is such a gorgeous lass and it comes as no surprise that you absolutely adore her. You are such a very talented person and I would love to attend one of your classes. Believe it or not I was diagnosed with Viatmin D deficiency at Christmas, this is from someone living on the Gold Coast in Queensland where it's sunny nearly every day (apologies for all those living in colder climates). I had drops to take and was supposed to sit outside in the sun for at least 20 mins. Now we are warned about the dangers of skin cancer so you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I'm keeping everything crossed that this will all help precious Ellie. Linda xoxo

Lynne-d-lou said...

You must be so worried about your beautiful daughter. I pray for lots of sunshine and hope it helps her. Your cards are lovely. Great blog.
lol Lynne. X

Julia said...

Hmmm, sending (((hugs))) to you all in light of such news. Thoughts of sunshine sending vibes are being sent as I type..

Fabulous cards!

kerenbaker said...

hey- what a great site- love your cards. Will pray for Ellie (if thats ok). Lov the colours, pink and black are such a fab combination! x

Amelie said...

you've been blogged! or rather.. your hat has :0D

wordangell said...

Such a wonderful blog and lots of love to you all, wishing you lots of sunshine and love... M xx
ps, have you thought of a raw food diet to help? all the natural goodness of the sun in food bursting with it's energy and not destroyed by cooking. Not just salads but sprouted seeds, fruits, nuts, everything that is naturally growing and full of energy. Do research raw food. It might help. M x

Cazzy said...

Lets hope that the Vit D is the magic potion Ellie needs to turn her life around, hope it isn't needles involved!

Perhaps a SAD lamp would help too?

Love the cards BTW.

Cazzy xxxx

Anonymous said...

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