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6 Jul 2009

Lazy, chilling, dozing

We haven't had a Sunday like yest in a looooooooong time. Dozing, lazing, surfing, chatting - all in spits and spats.

Ellie and the dog in one corner, surfing and yawning. Yes, she is wearing boots with her jammies!Me and a creative photoshop magazine in another. Both in our jim-jams and unkempt hair. Mark went caching. But not in his jammies. He is up to 799 finds but he would have topped that if 3 of the intended finds had of proved fruitful.

I flitted in and out of my office as I couldn't be bothered with a full on crafting marathon. I just wanted to make something and then come and sit with my girl. Made lunch, made a card, sit with my girl. Hang out the washing, sterilise the kitchen and then laugh with my girl. Then made more stuff and come back and chat about "owt and nowt" with my girl. And of course cuddles and play fights with the dog and then oooooh ......another creative project.

Here they all feels smugly productive and ahead of myself.

It was just a perfect, perfect Sunday.
Hope yours was too.

**Edited to add**
How could I forget what else "so wonderful" happened yest? Hmmm?
I had a layout featured in the BG newsletter.
BG. Even Mark knows what BG stands for. He says it will be the death of me. LOL.
Kelly Goree asked me a few weeks back to join the BG sketch challenge. I mean was I really going to say no? huh? Na-uh. So I followed the sketch as best I could (meaning: do I follow it detail for detail or do I add my own slant in hope that I don't get told off for not following suit.....sketches worry me a lot!). In the end I added and took away some detail and here is what I made.

Doesn't Ellie look a little beaut?
Im so excited I got to take part and with Kerry Lynn Yeary too, one of my all time favvos (both Kelly and Kerry Lyns links are in my side bar).


Deanne said...

love the BG LO honey, gorgeous :) glad you had such a lazy sunday, thats what they are meant for x

Alex said...

WOW: Sounds like you had a perfect lazy day :) Love the cards and layout you did for the BG Newsletter.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x

Houston said...

Congratulations on BG darling, it's a fantastic layout!

Barbara said...

Great LO and smashing cards. So where's the photo of you chilling with unkempt hair then ;)
Love the pic of Ellie and the dog!

bettyann said...

congrats for the BG...loved your cards they are gorgeous...

Rachel said...

Gorgeous layout should always be worn with pjs, thats what they are for..



Beth Ann said...

I try and make all my Sundays like that when I can. Your cards and layout are so wonderful!
Beth Ann

kim smart said...

Just saw your layout in the BG newsletter today!! What a gorgeous layout of Ellie! also agree about the lazy sundays....just how we spent ours :)

kl said...

i was SO effing happy to see you above me sweets!!!
kiss kiss

chris said...

She is such a gorgeous girl in just the most beautiful layout! Love the unique look on this page.

Anonymous said...


D@nielle said...

cool ! love lazy sundays !

Angela W said...

Such great work! The BG layout is awesome!

Anonymous said...

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