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4 Jul 2009

He is one hot dawg!

Cor blimey, we are having a bloody good summer thus far.
Good in the sense as in "its not raining".
Bad in the sense that you feel like you have to shower 40 times a day to stay fresh, drink what feels like the entire contents of a swimming pool (hell yeah, including people!) to keep cool and lay in bed without a stitch of clothing on and hoping that there is no call to evacuate the house in the early hours of the morning; thus scaring all the neighbours to death or worse, being harpooned because the RSPCA thought I was a beached whale.

This poor thing cannot get comfy. He sprawls all over the cool laminate flooring or in dark corners of any room to try and take respite in a less sticky spot. He gives us such pitiful looks and other than bathing in him luke warm water or putting ice cubes in his water bowl ...... whats the Wiseman family to do?

Mum, help me...Im so hotIm wilting, look........I can't cope, Im going to sleep it off with the fan blowing in my direction and hope to wake up to rain!

Today has been great. We went to town with belle to buy her a new book. Mark was desperate for a new pair of jeans and I just wanted to mooch. Before we went though, I had a quick card to make to give to Ellies sleep over buddy, Beth. Beth and Ellie were as good as gold last night, I didnt even know I had two teenagers in the house.
We gave Beth a handful of craft supplies (crafting is her favourite thing; wish that would rub off on Ellie!) and she loved her card. This was really quick to make and is a template for future last minute heart attack cards that I all too often find myself doing!

Before I go, I just wanted to wish my American friends a happy 4OJ xx


Beth Ann said...

Just came in from the fireworks...neighbors are still shooting some off, so won't get to sleep too soon. Beautiful card - I will have to save that for future reference. I love your work at Studio Calico! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Stay cool!
Beth Ann

Heidi said...

Can you give your pup a cool rinse, instead of warm...we have a little kiddie pool available for our pups outside when the weather gets warmer, they just go in when they like. I know in the states we have cooling mats... this site has some and also collars and wraps. If you can get something like that, it may help him! Poor little guy!

Sarah said...

Poor little thing....he looks so cute wilting! It's getting a bit cooler now! Thank goodness! I just wanted to say thank for giving me the idea of having an afternoon tea party (regualr visitor of your blog!) I hosted one yesterday and we all had a really nice afternoon. Even our fur babies came along too!

Jo Austin said...

Our pupsters are fan freaks too.. they love 'em. They move around the room to the coolest spots... and as a treat, they also have a mini milk lolly between them.. they don't upset their tummy's and cool them down. Either that, or freeze a little cheapy fromage frais yogurt - the little pots. These are okay too, and also cools.

greyparrot said...

Buy a big cooler mat, like those you use for picnics, it is like a flexible mat you can roll up to wrap round the outside of the food, and you can pop it in the fridge or freezer. Put a sheet over the top to stop it being too cold, or little claws going through it.
A wet towel could help in the meantime.
I also bought some cool spray in sainsbury last night which is pet safe, it is in a blue tin, and not cheap at £4 but has some fancy schmancy thing in it which makes it cold. My chickens are really struggling with the heat so thought I would try it for them.

Houston said...

I'm telling you a puppy pool, the boys love theirs. Love all your fantastic shots of the poor hot beastie and that cute card!

Brook said...

I had the most wonderful fourth of July with all my family. Thank you so much! During the day we mostly stayed inside because of the heat. The fireworks were wonderful though.
My new iphone tells me you are going to get a little break from the heat soon.

tg said...

Oh my -- I LOVE this card!

cannycrafter said...

Soooooooooo cute! xxx

Kay said...

How about some Frosty Paws? Do you have that in the UK? I give that to my furry friend when the temps go crazy here in FL and he loves it!
....just like I love that card! I needed to make a bunch of birthday cards and was looking for some quick and cute inspiration - your card is just what I was after!

Barbara said...

My first visit to your blog....and I think it's so cool - unlike the dog!
We are lucky to live at the beach and our bonkers lab goes in the tide twice a day to cool off. Trouble is we can't get the beggar to come out sometimes. I swear one of these days he'll end up at the Isle of Man!

Lyn said...

Ooh, I have that bday stamp, and I thinks I might just have been inspired... :) have a lovely week!

Kay said...

Hey, I just got my BG newsletter. Did I see someone I recognized???

Rae said...

awww! poor little muffin!

my cat was doing the same thing the other night at about midnight - out of the bed, lay on the tiles looking sad. I got all dramatic and made dave sleep without the fan so she could have it! does that make me a 'sad cat lady'? ;o)

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