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15 Jul 2009

Good news/bad news?

Political but not political - it depends on how you perceive it. This is not meant to look like a soap box blog entry but then again........

I just started to subscribe to the Daily Mail as my home page. Its read not just by Brits but by many readers abroad, probably ex pats. I honestly do not think that my choice of newspaper reflects on my views on politics or which football team I support. Most people avoid certain tabloids just in case their friends think they have certain agendas. To me, that's load of cock and bull. A newspaper is a newspaper if you can just avoid the smut/slurs and put downs from time to time. Anyhoo, I read it because its "just news" and Im always keen to read what is going on all around me. Never do I read the papers and be influenced by the judgmental way people in the news are perceived by some jumped up journalist trying to fill a column with some tatty tid bit that may or may not have come from a sensible source. Showbiz news is superficial, nasty and unnecessary to a certain extent. Sports news sends me to sleep and gossip columns are all made up nonsense that you cant help but read and laugh about. But the kind of news I like is hard fact and issues which may concern me.

Yesterday had me in a tizz about the poor 6 year old girl who complained of a sore throat and her Doctor prescribing her meds for Tonsillitis. The next day she died of swine flu. This concerns me as my Belle is a high risk candidate because she suffers from a neurological disorder. Those with ashtma are high risk as are the elderly and anyone currently ill ie: their antibodies are on low alert. I find myself biting my nails wondering if I should broach this subject with the Doctor because a: I don't want to waste his time and b: worry that I'll make a wrong choice. As I have been informed of this story I talked to my girl and asked he if she felt poorly or dizzy or unwell that she was to let me know in the first instance. Had I of not read that story in the paper, I wouldn't have been this prepared. Ellie is usually fighting a cold or cough and never seems to mind. But Ive warned her now and Im so grateful I read that piece of news.

I also read about those 8 amazing soldiers returning, sadly, in wooden boxes from Afghanistan. Politics sway you to either be for the war or against it. Me? Im for the soldiers bravery but Im not too supportive of why we are there. Im supportive of taking orders and doing the job Im enlisted to do (I did it for 9 years myself) and even if I or even the serving soldiers don't agree with this dirty war - they are highly trained to fight it regardless. Not so long back I made blog post about how much I admire our armed forces and how they get the best training and equipment. I supported the fact that now is a good time to join the armed forces because the job is secure and the pay is attractive and also, not all soldiers go to war. They do get the best of everything and are treated well. The next thing I know there were a bunch of people slating me that I should stop encouraging people to join the armed forces because that was like I was encouraging them to die. That was the most uninformed remark I had ever heard because its just an absolute insult to those fighting their guts out over there already, doing something that these slaters would probably not have the heart to do themselves. People forget that our soldiers are fighting a war with cowards who play unfairly by leaving IED's here, there and everywhere plus suicide and roadside bombs at every opportunity. Casualties are bound to happen but its not taken lightly in this house. And yes, some of our soldiers are coming back cloaked in the Union Jack and its heartbreaking that they have lost their lives but unless people start supporting those poor sods we will end up in a conscript state or even worse; a call for National Services to be resumed (we are one of the few European countries that do not have it anymore). Seeing the pictures in the papers yesterday broke my heart and I am informed.

I could go on and on about what is concerning me but hose two things I just needed to get off my chest. Going to make lunch now and walk the sausage.


S said...


Rosie (Freycob) said...

My dad was in the Submarine Service in the Navy. My brother was in the RAF and my sister was in the Army. My BIL still serves as a Captain in the Army and is very proud to do so.

My sis served in Bosnia for 7 months and was more than proud to serve her Queen and country.

BIL has served in many countries of the world and has done for many, many years.

What people seem to forget is that we have a democratic system where we are free to speak and to do things that other people in their countries are not.

We DON'T have National Service therefore our boys and girls serve their country BECAUSE THEY WANT TO!!! No-one forces them to sign up. They wear their uniforms with pride and give us the freedom that we have come to expect in Britain.

Desperately sad though it is when our forces don't return home to the happy embrace of their families, I am proud that people stand up and be counted by serving in our Armed Forces so that the others of us can enjoy freedom of speach, freedom of passage and LIFE!

Give our service men and women support everyone, don't put them or their supporters down!

There endeth my rant too!

Vicki said...

My grandfather served in the SBS, my husband in the navy and my brother also currently serves in the navy and each of them were very proud to serve their country whether they agreed with the war they fought or not. We certainly need to support our armed forces even if not our government and the choices they have made for our country. Those lads that returned yesterday deserve our pride and respect for what they have willingly given to us so that our freedom can be assured for the future.

Well said Kirsty - as you speak from experience, your opinion is of great value - many who comment negatively just don't understand, I am sure they don't mean to be so negative.

Also, you watch little Ellie and make sure she's ok - my Mum has no spleen and I worry about her all the time, but it's just a case of being vigilant and looking out for them.

Hugs xx

Houston said...

Rude and uninformed, yet oppinionated, people should keep quiet... didn't their mother's ever tell them "If you don't have something nice to say... don't say anything at all."? That's where the real problem lies, people who are not taught respect, honesty, and good work ethics at home are now old enough to bring their sorry attitudes into the "real" world.
Whoops, climbed up on my soapbox there... anyway that's just my two cents.
Enjoy walking with the sausage.

Amelie said...

swine flu scares the life out of me and i'm not even in the uk at the moment, and maica is a pretty healthy kid.
I dont think you can be over cautious. go and have a chat with the doctor to put your mind at rest

Anonymous said...

The Government advice is not to bother your dr and to call NHS direct with questions about the swine flu virus. 0845 4647 - 24 hours a day. they will put your mind at ease and help keep things in perspective.
If your daughters condition affects her immune system you will be fully aware and already doing all the things you should be to protect her.
Stay safe and give NHS direct a call today so you are reassured and not in a state of panic about a viral illness anymore.

LizzieG said...

Agree with you about the guys serving in Afghanistan. Have a friend serving in Baghdad right now too. I pretty much agree with the comments here already, so I won't go on about it - they are more informed than me anyway.

As for Swine Flu... scares me too. We got a group text from school yesterday, to tell us a kid has S.F. but school is staying open (as per advice). Today we had the End of Term Awards Assembly... had to make the decision whether to pull our boy out of school with 3 days of term left, or to carry on as normal and also to attend the assembly. I have chronic asthma, as does my mum, so we are both "high risk" - we get summoned to the Dr. for a flu jab every October, but of course there is no jab yet for this one.
Scary stuff. We decided to just get on with it.. had a nice time at the assembly and saw our lad get his achievement certificate. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that we don't pick up this awful germ from somewhere or other (eg. our holiday in Cumbria next week, the shops in town, the post office...). Short of staying indoors until we've had a flu jab, I'm not sure what we can do. I wouldn't deliberately be in company with someone who I knew might be infected, but I think we just have to get on with it.

As for Ellie, I appreciate how scared you must be for her. If I'm scared for my healthy boy, how much more must you feel it. I suppose you need to keep aware and make sure (as you have) that you remind her of the symptoms and tell her the good practise for avoiding infection as much as she can - hand-washing, using tissues etc. I hope and pray she is able to avoid it and that they summon her for a flu jab as soon as it's available. Is she on the GP's "at risk" list? If not, it would be worth calling the reception and just asking them to confirm that she has been added.
Otherwise, NHS Direct should have up-to-date advice. They have a website too -

Anonymous said...

why do certain people insist on showing the world just how pig-thick and ignorant they really are?
why do you let them get to you?
why shouldnt you worry about your curlygirl? Im sure people all over the world are checking out all the facts if their loved ones are in a high-risk catagory..your family are your life,your main prority and the reason you haul ass outta bed each day-YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WORRY WITHOUT GUILT!
Lecture over-now,get your gorgeousness down to Hobbycraft,buy more yummy wool and crochet your lil fingers bare...Lulu wants a hat for the winter season!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

ps forgot to say I'll be buying it from your etsy!! lol
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

Clapping hands, stamping feet and head nodding off shoulders. So well said Kirsty.

No need to tell you to keep an eye on Ellie, you do it so well all ready

Dee P. xxx

Natalie and family said...

Thank you for your comments about the armed forces. I almost made me cry. My husband is in Texas for training right now and will be headed overseas in aug. I also was military and Just wanted you to know if everyone had your attitude about the need for people to join and serve we would all be better off. Thank you again for your support:)

Anonymous said...

can i just add a word of caution... ex military, have friends who still are. they are woefully under resourced and over worked. they have a quicker turnaround and longer than most other countries out there... there is a distinct lack of heli's to help. roadside bombs kill many.. they DO NOT have the best equipment... or support... what they do have in bucket loads is the pride of being a volunteer force... all the men and women signed up to ultimately fight for queen and country... and the elected parliament, whi like it or not, represent us as the duely elected power. we should definately applaud those that fight... but i decry those that say that they shouldnot be there.... the military is not about jolly holidays and an easy life.. wednesdays off for sports and the expectation that they will not be involved in conflict.... sadly there are a few out there fighting for some over here that are too important to go..apparently!!
there is a wider global issue that we have commited to.. the war in afganistan is a war to stop 7/7 and 9/11 from happening again. also the poppy fields produce more heroin that that of columbia. a fine source of revenue. help the locals to help themselves. give them work and opportunities to be free to produce fair trade goods and not heroin, then that may prevent the lea betts of this world from happening..
those that decry the government think on.. if you voted you can you got up and took the time to get informed and make a choice... if you were too appathetic to have the time.. you have no reason to complain as you have wasted your voice...
Im desperately sorry for the families who have lost loved ones. the global news systems now make it possible to have it beemed into the front room of middle suburbia.."oh its terrible"..."its not on that so many have to die"

i Wonder what might have been said if they reported the deaths of the first or second world wars in this way.....
9 in a month.... in war there are casualties... thousdands died in days in our previous campains.. the real tradedy is that ours now have inadequate safety kit...

Rant nearly over... but as you can tell im loyal and yet frustrated...

Swine flu!!!
heard and read medical journals conflicting each other.... take reasonable steps.... dont be paranoid and live your lives like chicken little!!!! the world is not really going to fall in on you!!!

I laughed when you say you liked the mail for its reporting... a more one sided general right wing paper there is not....

"The Daily Mail seems to have a right-wing bias, often criticising Labour policies and endorsing Tory plans. It's owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust which is in turn owned by Viscount Rothermere. Rothermere is a supporter of the Conservative Party leader David Cameron"

what your reading is the news with a right wing tory bias... please dont be nieve enough to think that they just report the news independantly....

i am a fan of your blog... you may not allow this on.. but in the open and balanced opinion that you foster... i hope you do..
Sometimes the emperor's clothes arent always as bright as people here think.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Well I shall leave it on even though you posted anonymously - thats sucks to be honest.
For the record I have no sway in which way I lean when it comes to political parties. I dont think journalistic reporting on swine flu deaths has any influence on the way I might vote or support.
Soldiers coming back from Afghanistan make me less likley to vote for tory as much as it does for labour.
I am not fed the news in such a way that I become entranced by any underlining political views. These are YOUR views but really, they are not mine.
9 in a month is a LOT by the way. The were killed cowardicely and unfairly. Our soldiers only shoot when they are shot at. They dont return IED's though....thats the problem.
I understand your views and you are entitled to them but I am not naiive in any shape or form when it comes to supporting the boys out there.

Katty Bell said...

Totally agree with you, we should be supporting our boys. I have a favourite Uncle serving in the RAF.
I'm absoloutely sure your love for Ellie will keep her safe :)