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15 Jul 2009


Fanciful is a word I have loved forever.
It conjours up images pretty little birdies and ribbon and distressed french furniture in my head. It makes me want to wear 1950's style dresses and netted hats. I dream of perching on the edge of a rattan chair and sipping tea from rose printed tea cups whilst gossiping with my friends on a veranda of a house in the deep south (USA, not UK!! That would happen to be Southampton were it the case!)
Its just a fabulous word.
Its also the name of my Etsy shop which has absolutely nothing in it right now. Ive had this shop 2 years and have not yet put a bean in there to sell, until now. Ive made up a bundle of yummies to sell which should top up my craft fund - you know, sort of make some, sell some, buy some more kind of investment.
Put it this way, it isn't Harrods but it will make do for now.

In 2 or 3 days time there will be a few things in there but I think they are more likely to be one off little bits and bobs. The first item is sat right next to me and its a bonnie little sage coloured beanie hat with a red hand fashioned woolly rosette and black and yellow buttons. I am tempted to keep it but have promised myself that it will go on there.

Going to go and collate some more fancifulness, will get back to you when its live :0


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Ooh get you!!! Good on ya chick with the Etsy shop. Good luck.


Rae said...

yeah, I gotta say I'm afraid southampton just does not really cut it in the 'fanciful' stakes! (good job Dave can't here me!) anyhoo, its a fab name, can't wait to see what you put up, yet another temptation to add to the list. I've been meaning to put stuff on my etsy for ages, had it 2 months so far and... not a bean. But that gives me another year and 10 months before I need to worry, right?! ;o)

Angela W said...

Great! Can't wait to see all of your goodies!

LizzieG said...

Let me know when the shop's live and I'll give it plugs on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

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