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22 Jul 2009

A cute little "titfer"

When I grew up, my mum used to call a hat, a "titfer"
A "titfer" tat.
Rhymes with hat.
My mum is flipping bonkers and it also happens to be her 61st birthday today - Happy Birthday Momma xx

Here is my card to her in two of my fave colour combos right now.

I made a hat with some leftover wool and knew exactly the person to send it to because happiness needs to spread around this miserable little planet right now. Maica is my favourite online baby that I haven't even met but I have read her Mummy's beautiful, raw and honest blog for a long while now. Maica is a stunning child who I would dearly love to photograph and get lost in her chocolly coloured eyes. And her curls deserve a cute little "titfer" do jazz them up a little. Her mum, Suz, was someone I took a shine to a few years back on UKScrappers. I loved her style of scrapping and she was a popular soul on the boards. Time moved on and she went through all sorts of highs and lows and I went through them with her, if only on her blog.
So here it is.
This hat is called Fenella and its on its way to Spain.
But this poor little sod ain't going anywhere!
This is Marks phone that did a cycle in the washing machine on Saturday. Its drying out in a bowl of rice and looking so sorry for itself. But you know, this phone really does have a mind of its own. Because before we knew that it had gone into the washing machine, we received a call on our home number. Mark answered the phone to the sound of swishing. He thought it was most odd. He put the phone down and he did 1471 on the phone to realise it was his mobile - calling from the washing machine. It was as if the little love was dialling for help. Worse thing was is that we couldn't stop the machine in mid cycle and we had to wait for it to finish before we could retrieve it and dry it out. But sadly the 100 year old phone is kaput and Mark is now in receipt of a Samsung Tocco thingy which he has played with for almost 2 hours solid getting to grips with its gadgetry.

I daredn't throw the old phone away, it might go all poltergeisty on us. Fancy it ringing us up in the wash! Freaky bloody thing. I'll put the lottery on, just in case its a sign. You never know!


Rach said...

Fab hat - very jealous of your knitty nora abilities!

Sorry but PMSL @ Mark's phone, calling from the washing machine! Too funny! xx

Rach said...

Doh! Forgot to say, beautiful card! Happy Birthday to your Mum xx

Amelie said...

<3 <3 <3 Kirsty you're so so sweet <3 We can't wait for the hat! feeling so privalidged and special right now!!

~*~Kate~*~ said...

ok...the phone called you from the washing machine??? Isn't that out of a horror movie??? AAAAHHHCK!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love that card.

The hat my dear is gorgeous!!! That color is so me!

Rae said...

that hat is the cutest thing ever. EVER! I tried to learn to kit once, but I drop whole lines, never mind stitches!!!!

Carol said...

I just LOVE that card - utterly utterly gorgeous!

Your little hats are so cute - i can't knit for toffee slabs so there's no chance of me ever doing something similar LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Beautiful card - happy happy birthday to your Mom - beautiful hat - and such a funny thing with the phone. Hope your Wednesday has been fine!
Beth Ann

Houston said...

That is hilarious! I would not throw it away either, who knows what it might do... Love you, will write soon, spent yesterday at the Rodeo!

Marion said...

Love the colours of the card. I've just recently got back into those colours too. Funny how colours come and go.

Anonymous said...

I love it when youve been away for a bit-lotsa scruuumy photies!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy birthday wishes for you mom. :)

Loved the cell phone story. Lol.

I hadn´t seen Amelie for a long while, thanks for the link.

Katty Bell said...

Hope your mum had a wonderful Birthday.
That hat is so sweet!
Well, my morning has started off on a good note....had a right old chuckle at the phone story :)

Lil' Ol' Me said...

The hat is gorgeous, I hope your mummy had a lubly birfdey and as for the phonecall from the washing machine...that is just so funny. You must scrap that story for the future generations to come, read and laugh their socks off at!

Julie Corfield said...

Lol Kirsty! My Mark hubby has the same phone and believe me they are spooked the lot of 'em! I've just shown him your blog and he said tat the spin cycle is too good for them! lol

Hope you're having fun, hun x

Helena said...

Drying in a bowl of rice? What an interesting idea...
love the card, especially the ribbon!

Anonymous said...

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