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27 Jul 2009

Back and forth

I have done some travelling in the last few days and my bum is really numb!
Armed with Off the Wall, Bad and Thriller (singing out of tune and loving it), I set sail to Worcester on Thursday, Leeds on Friday to pick up my Belle and then Leeds again on Saturday to teach papercraft projects at Craftwork Cards. I really enjoyed my day and met some new freinds as well as old and we made these fun projects below.

Now, the keyring? The keyring I made at home using a cool laminator but Sues lmainator was a hot one and it melted all the glue on the crystals and not one of them came out right. I never realised mine was a cool one until someone pointed it out - I mean, just how many types of laminators are there? It was a real palava but luckily the girls saw the funny side, thankfully. I was tearing my hair out and even more so when Gill's project got jammed in Sue's laminator for good. I think I'll skip on laminate projects from now on.

We created this fun backpack together that secretes a mini book inside. The pocket would house extra bits and pieces too!The cards were focussing on the brand spanking new chandelier stamps that are exclusive to Craftwork cards. If you head over to their website now you might buy be in time to buy some of the first batch. They are simply scrumpsh and create a lovely impression on card.

Its almost reveal night again at Studes. In the meantime here are a bunch on my projects from last month using some of my favourite products Ive used all year. Im always wanting that little but more when I get a kit becuase I use it to death. But then, when I think I can't hold out for much longer, another kit comes winging its way to our front door (even if its always late because my postamd in a der der dorky head)I did a whole lot more but I cant find where I put the images. DOH!


Anonymous said...

oh oh-I feel a crafty "lift" coming on...what a way to spend my day off!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

bex said...

The little tag book is adorable! Could I ask you where you get your smaller pictures printed from? or if you use a programme which one? Many Thanks!

Lisa Hemmings said...

Oh Kirsty, I love the Kisses one with Mark and Belle.
You really are so inspiring xx

Lynda said...

Loverly stuff Kirsty and I soooooo enjoyed the class on Saturday. That little card with the chandelier printed just off to the side is one of my all time favourites - no one can have mine - its just for me forever!! Praying for a bit of sunshine for Belle too.

Love Lynda xxx

D@nielle said...

lovely projects !

Anonymous said...

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