Ladies Camera Club

1 Jun 2009


Ive had a terrible migraine all day and the heat has been unbearable. Im not complaining in the sense that Im complaining. Its just hard to keep your cool when your head is banging and you cant get comfy.
By 8pm tonight I was perked up and started rounding off some layouts for Sarahs Cards. Im the guest designer this month and boy did she pick the best month to invite me. I LOVE the papers she has chosen. Ive never seen such a beautifully colour themed kit. Its no wonder she has the strongest kit following in the UK. I have been pinching myself at this opportunity for weeks now; thank you Sarah, I hope your kit club grows and grows and grows.
Here are a few sneaky peeps.

I hope you manage to bag a kit for yourself too, when they go live in a couple of weeks.

Also if you want to book my or any other class at Art from the Heart, the online class sales went live today. If you want to book mine, 1st July, you could end up making this lil beauty here. Those feathers? Those paper feathers.....yes, you will make those

and you will paint with texture paint and then acrylic painst and add all sorts of media on it and then you display it on a fancy fat peg.

Going to dig out the sand blaster style fan from the loft - phewee. I know our past two summers have been pretty much crappo and that I enjoy the sun from time to time but it is extreme. Its all or nothing in this godforsaken country. Still, its better than rain.

PS: My official order from QVC is en route to Personal Impressions right now. If any of you are looking for a excellent courier service, try this website out HERE. It works like ebay - you enter your items to be sent and couriers throughout the Uk bid you a price to send it. Within 10 minutes I had ridiculous quotes down to real sensible ones and this company HERE gave me the best price and they are super duper freindly. You MUST try them out.


Rachel said...

Hope you are feeling better today Kirsty, I love the cards...the feathers are amazing...


Houston said...

Oooh I LOVE that clip! Feel better lovey... sending cool breezes your way!

Lisa Hemmings said...

It's all your fault......
You introduced us to Sarah's Cards and now I have had to spend MORE money. I've given your contact details to hubby for you to explain that I NEEDED it all!!

I absolutely love the peg.
Lisa xx

Kimberly said...

I am so digging the feathers. I am inspired!

Paula said...

I saw this at AFTH and it looks super in real life

Anonymous said...

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