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27 Jun 2009

Tears, snot and a broken heart

Im bloody heart brock.
Ive got that lump in my throat that you can't get rid of when you are literally torn in two.
In the immortal words of Meredith......Oh god, Oh god

This song sums up Greys season 5 finale and was the first thing I downloaded as soon as I finished watching it (10 minutes ago).

Going to watch that bugger again and again and again. Screw the DNR, goddamit!
And again.
Box set, earth calling box set.

**for Sue - I still can't stop crying about the Greys episode where Denny died"


Joanie said...

OMG...that was the best season finale! I cryed! What an unbelievable ending! I love your blog and so enjoy your beautiful scrapping!

Anonymous said...

oh dear.

erica said...

I hate that internationals are so far behind us in the US. Its hard not to spoil it. But wasn't that the best?
I still want George to live. I know he isn't but seeing him in that uniform chokes me up....

Jay said...

Sob, pass the tissues please!

I hate the DNR, I had an experience with it when my Mum was hospilalised.

I'm new to your blog and wanted to read it from the begining before I posted a comment but I'll come back again.

Katherine said...

Seeing him in that uniform - OMG! Tissues, tissues and more tissues. So heart wrenching I simply cannot wait 'til the next series!!! Katherine x

Lisa said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I cried - 007 007 007 - and I didn't see it till then! Brilliant - plus a Yang and Hunt snog, couldn't get much better than that!!

Have watched it about another 5 times and am still shocked when she realises!

Lisa x

Rachel said...

Sorry, do not know what you are talking about...its not real though..springs to


vtpuggirl said...

That was the best season finale, of any show, ever! Loved it, can't wait to see what happens!

Queenie said...

Hi Kirsty.i live for thursday nights when i get in from work for "Greys Anatomy"Sniff snuffle sniff luved it!!!!!What a cliffhanger...roll on the next tuning in for the spin of Private Practice.
luv n hugs

misstwinkletoe said...

I'm so glad no one spoiled it for you. The night I saw it in the USA I was awake most of the night thinking about it. I never had a clue!!

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Anonymous said...

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