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28 Jun 2009

Saturday was a good day

We all went over to Southport. There is a bit of something for everyone. Walk for eds, geocache for Mark, arcades for Ellie and fabric shops for me. I bought some curtaining for a window treatment in the bathroom plus I bought these babies below. Yummy trims.We walked up the 2nd longest pier in the UK
Where Ellie exclaimed "I see no ships" in good old Lord Nelson style
She did actually want me to part with 20p to look through but there was nothing to see except grey waves. Instead I said look through my camera lens. She agreed that wasting 20p on the telescope would have been wasteful. She spent it in the arcades instead. She peered through it anyway, you know....just in case it miraculously worked for her.
There was this arty farty seat thingy at the end of the pier. I caught Belle admiring herself and why not? She's a little beaut.
The pier looking back was fraught with day trippers. Time to get off as you hear the boardwalk groan under the weight. Either that or swim....brrrrr
Getting all angular in the car as we wait for Mark to geocache in a boggy field near the sea
My god, the boredom almost killed me
And almost set the dog comatose. Isn't he a little love?The snail moved quicker than Mark finishing up on his caches
So Belle and I went for a little walk on the beach. I want to hold her hand forever. I'll cling on to this precious act for as long as she thinks its ok.Grassy little clumps add to the breeze as we wait in the clammy pockets of stickinessThe geocache master returns, all wet from his exploration and with a successful find - thank the lord.Belle hangs out waiting to see what prizes he has returned withAnd is slightly disappointed there was none. Bugger.
Came home to make a bathroom window treatment and veg out after a lovely day out.
I collated some envelopes in readiness for a little free online class that I'm going to do in the next two weeks. Collect all your envelopes - the brown ones, the bill ones, the personal ones etc. You will need 10.
Just warning you :)
Am sulking that I lost 90% of my photos from today from a tres dodgy Lexar 4gb CF card. Do not support or buy them - they are unreliable and can make you inflame with rage at the computer screen. Double bugger. My bro paid us a visit today (and on Thursday) and all those photos have almost gone down the swanny. Grrrrrr
Anyone know of any card recovery programmes?


scrapraffe said...

i had an sd card fail on me a while ago and it took someone writing me a custom piece of software to get the stuff back :( they are tricky things, it's not impossible though!

it seems there are recovery programs kicking about on the internet - but if you have no joy from them i think there are a few companies that offer it as a service!

hope you get your things back.

lovely post :) x

Kate said...

Ellie is such a cute little lambie pie. I love the picture of you in the car mirror. Very artisitc.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Bugger on the card chick! I'll speak to Will and email you as I'm sure he had to recover his in the past.

Gorg piccies as always. The photo of you holding Ellie's hand is such a wonderful sight! We never want our kids to leave us in any way or form. Mine is on his way to Paris as I type until Friday tea time. I cried and cried and cried last night and again when we hugged goodbye this morning.

Hugs to you my darling!


Brook said...

Sorry about the card but it looks like you had a fantastic day.

Bettythebaglady said...

Those lovely grasses -must make a card! By the way Henman Hill or Murray Mound-don't care just wish I was there-it's all Terrific Tennis esp last night-surprised you haven't posted a vid of that! What about that interview at the end bet Andy just wanted to go lie down-I know I did!Hugs Betty

Cazzy said...

Meany Mum, you never let Belle look through that telescope! She got the 20p anyway, but did you check to see if it had a date on it? could be worth £50 if not!

I got recovery disks with my CF cards by Extreme.

Cazzy x

Terrie B x said...

Oh My God I v been missing so much here!!!You look as tho you had a fab time,,,,,
Our Mason would love that snail....
He keeping one as a pet in a box in the garden..
It`s his creature not Gods he says..rofl....
Love the photo`s Kirsty TFS:) x

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