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15 Jun 2009

Catching up

Well I'm not really, Ive still so much to write about and I don't want to forget so I'm working from this weekend backwards and hope that, in the mean time, nothing happens in the current time. I know that sounds Swahili but I'm sure you know what I mean.
This weekend kicked off with spending time recovering our kitchen chairs which had become a little tired looking. they went from drab to fab in almost 20 minutes thanks to a staple gun and fabric from Ikea. Later that afternoon I met up with my lummy yummo friend Luisa. I adore her, she is fun and we both get along just fine. Lu works as the editor for Creative Card making magazine at Practical Publishing but before that worked in St Ives for another magazine where we had spoken years previously not knowing that we would strike up such a nice friendship. We went out for lunch, set the world to rights and ended up in a hand made chocolate shop where they served coffee and chocolate mice - fun, fun, fun.
I went home in that evening to greet my Mum and Dad who came over for the weekend and they really couldn't have planned a better time to visit. Dad and mark had some wild 40 geocache event to deal with and I needed my Momma to ease the burden of Ellie's diagnosis of Scoliosis. I think my mum is the only person in the whole wide world who knows how I tick and how I try to deal with stuff. She also has a very special compartment in her heart for Ellie too. My mum has a lot of compartments for us all really but there is a golden reserve area for my Belle and I love that its there.
My mum and I can have great convo's but also we can sit in the same room and not talk and still enjoy each others company. I like that diversity. I like it a LOT. When the boys were out geocaching I finished up on some bits and pieces and then went to deliver a class I had made for the Craft Range in Burnley. If you want to take this class, please call this number at this website HERE to book your place. Its a card, a gift bag and a folding photo wallet using some of my papers from my CD. I'd love to meet new and old friends there for lots of fun and I mean fun. I always insist on having a giggle or two.Mum asked me where my non-finished scarf was. She knows that I cannot knit for toffee and she remembered in 2006 (read it here) I started a scarf that I never finished.
Pic of me in Feb 2006 Pic of mum finishing my scarf in 2009, obvThat woman is a flaming genius. And the funny thing was, I knew exactly where it was so I happily skipped to the cubby hole and gladly passed it to her. She finished it for me and I lerb her dearly for it. Afterwards we went craft shopping. Even belle was excited to come purely because the shop has a vending machine and comfy sofas to sit on. That shop sure knows how to cater for the patient (and impatient!).
We came home with tidy purchases and I made a curry. I am currently the curry making queen in this house and it went down a storm. Except for belle and my father who are food puritans and opted for steak mince, gravy and new potatoes (new potatoes totally make me vom).
Sunday saw the boys geocaching AGAIN whilst I enjoyed breakfast on the patio. All my UK readers will gladly support this scream - AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! We have not had a decent enough summer to enjoy breakfasts on patios for two years so this was a treat and a half! I sat and photographed my perfect breakfast and then sat with the boys as they came home regaling of major cache finds and other such yawnables.

Look how blue our English skies were!Dad in his beloved Hull City t-shirtMarko with his ugly cup. I hate this cup so much that I hope its handle will fall off soon. He has had it the whole time we have been married and I just hate the fugliness of it. It has nothing that matches it and he bought it because he thinks its a manly cup. Ugh, I HATE IT.
Later that afternoon after the boys had returned from even MORE caching we had an afternoon tea except the dainty sammiches turned out to be whopping builders style breakfast butties and the plates were the plastic type we use on picnics. Still, there were cuppy cakes and other nibblets to enjoy with our tea and erm, coke!
My super cool Belle - all squishy and delishThe pooch lazing in the sun patch. Isnt he handsome?
Cuppy cakes with strawberries - mlam mlam mlam!
Salads on hot days are the best!
Mum and dad enjoying our half pretty spread. I could have killled mark for making butch looking sammiches. Still, they tasted good and everyone was suitably stuffed
They went home at 4.30 on sunday which made me sad but allowed me to get on with this special project. Well, I wanted to start it but I lost the sketch that it was linked to to start with. So I planned the layout in my head and finished it at 0230 monday morning! Im goimg to share the project in full soony :)

Then this morning! OMG, the heavens opened and the thunder clapped so hard i thought I was going to pass out. Even the electrics went for a short time. I am not afraid to admit that I am frightened of thunder. After 2 solid hours of teaming rain, the sun came out and glory shone on the world again. I thought it would be fun to get the macro lens attachments on my 50mm and take these beauties
I don't really like my Phalanx plant in the garden. It grows the most ugliest flower but I don't mind the spiny leaves so much. The rain drops were too delicious to pass byI love this picture below. In the raindrop you can make out the fence (upside down in its curvy reflection)Green holly berries harbour the raindrops in wait of a zephyr of wind to free it from its moistureAnd my beloved Ivy clings onto the last drops before the wind blew up and shook the leaf dryAnd that my dears, is that.
Adios xx

Oh, I have updated pics of my craft room overe here, if you want to take a peek.

Ok, really going now.
Look ------> I have gone..................


Ruth said...

Phew that was a long post!!

Awesome weather though huh and perfect for brekkie outside!!

Love the Hull shirt!! What a season of ups and downs!!

I never get my sketches finished on time because I mix up who or what it was for and then can't find where I saved it to!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like my sarnies, MAKE THEM YOURSELF!!!!!!


Judith said...

Wow I have just found your blog and its fantastic. I am new to blogging having just started my own I see how important it is to comment. Only my comments always seem to be so long. Sorry.
Of course I know of you ( your name)being a crafter but I knew nothing about you.
TFS everything. Great to see you little princess what a cutie.
Love your style love the link to the store that is just the kind of stuff I love. Oh and thanks for the computer tip (ctrl and click) all tips greatly recieved.
Great blog I will be back. x

weewiccababe said...

love all the pics Kirsty, and I love how you make every-day things sound and look so special. I think we forget to savour the special things sometimes, but you have a terrific knack of reminding us to enjoy every moment

Houston said...

That picture of your Mum and Belle and those last few pics are superb! Could you please send over a few of those yummy cuppicakes? I've decided to soothe my tortured soul with sugar.

Kerry said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend.

I thought you were the mistress of all things crafty. I love my knitting. Keeps me sane (I think)


Brook said...

So many things to talk about! Aren't moms wonderful! My mom is the only one that really gets me too.
What great picts you got with your new camera accessories.
I'm glad you were able to enjoy your time with everyone!

Rae said...

it is true that new potatoes are not the best...
but have you tried them crushed with lemon, fetta and mint? Granted I usually put double the quantity of fetta in that I should, but then cheese makes almost anything slide down quite nicely... almost.... ;o)

Lisa the Lovely said...

does your dad have an ear ring in? wow!! lol

Tip Top said...

Butch sarnies - hehehehe!!!!