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29 May 2009

a trip to the seaside

We only live a good half hour away from the coast and yest afternoon was earmarked for a trip to Blackpool. Its not the most picturesque of places, in fact its looking a bit rough at the moment. But that would never stop us going there for all the variety of things you can do. You can skim over the cosmetics when you are out to while away the day with two over excited teens.

MB has never been to Blackpool before and she couldn't believe how big a resort it was. It stretches for a good mile with amusement arcades, attractions, donut stalls, piers, hamburger stands, pubs and all sorts of other kiddy activities you might expect at a seaside. We got there mid afternoon and did a little Primark shopping. The girls had pocket money to spend and pocket money prices can only mean a bargacious trip to Primark. Ive never seen Ellie so interested in clothes before; she barely gives a damn about fashion but in she went like a whirlwind picking up brightly coloured little tee's to jazz up her love of wearing jeans. MB picked out two tops for herself whilst I stood there watching them enjoying being the crazy teenagers they are.

Eventually we moved by the toddlers section on the way to the changing room and Ellie saw a beautiful little skirt and tee ensemble and blurted out "This would look so cute on Harper". Well I was floored, I didn't think she even really cared about another kids wardrobe so much and besides she had never met Harper. Let me explain. Harper is my friends Stephs little girl. I have a ton of scrapbook friends with kids and Ellie reads blogs with me, picking out pictures and gasping at layouts etc. But what has struck Ellie recently is how those pictures of kids come alive when people share videos of them. And Ellie seems to have fallen for little Harper. It must have stuck in her mind until yesterday when she picked out the outfit for her. So of course I had to buy it as I, too, agree it would look rather deeeeelish on her. And Harper has a sister so I got Ellie to help me pick out a dress for her too. Im so excited about Ellies new found fashionista styling!

We pretty much mooched about the shops after that until we decided to hit the North pier. The north pier was erected in 1863 and has some beautiful features to it that echoes some pretty cool art deco. The girls were fascinated by peeking through the cracks on the pier looking down to the incoming tide below. MB was eating an ice cream and thought it would be cool to eat through the bottom of the cone to which she regretted as her ice cream fell through and into the sea as she leaned over the side of the pier. This made my Belle scream with delight as they both watched seagulls fight over banana ice cream in the surf below. My flaming camera not to hand at that moment - typical! Shortly after they took a ride on a very old and very traditional carousel. I don't think you are ever too old to go on them! My favourite carousel, though, is the one at Mon Matre, just below Sacre Couer and features in some scenes in the film Amelie.

At the end of the pier lay complimentry deck chairs of which the girls took a moments respite and Belle offered me an unsolicited pout.On the way back up the pier we spied this little fella taking a rest on the decking

We then took a walk down the loooooooooong promenade and into the amusements where the girls delighted in the slots and two'penny shovers. Between them they racked up sizable ticket wins to turn in for prizes to take home as a memento of their day. On the way home we were going to stop off for traditional fish and chips but to double treat them I thought we would fore go on the expense and go the the cinema to watch Night at the Musuem 2 thus opting for a burger tea instead. this went down a storm with them both and by the time it had finished it was 11pm. we were home 3o minutes later catching up with Britains Got talent (Hasn't it been obvious which contestants would get through on each round so far?) and then bed for them as I stayed up to watch Greys. **sigh, I love Greys**

During the night I was burning hot and yes, yes, yes.... I now have a stinking cold which I have no time to deal with. So Im in a bit of a bad mood about it because today (friday) is lovely outside and Im too hot and bothered to enjoy it. **cough, sniff, cry, cry**

To ease my pain, Im munching on this discovery of Greenand Blacks with Gingerbread....erm, hello?!!!byeeeeeeeeeee xx


Jen Albright said...

I love th pictures of the pier deck, kirsty. What lens did you use there?

Terrie B x said...

Love the photo`s Kirsty...
MB and Belle are adorable....
Hop your feeling a little better..
Have a lovely weekend:) x

D@nielle said...

oh the pics are fab, looks like a lovely day !

Anonymous said...


stephanie howell said...

oh k, i have fallen in love with HER! she is such a dolly and it makes my heart happy that she cares about harper. i wish we were closer to eachother. love you!

sarah said...

great pics as ever kirsty - and that chocolate is gorgeous, but how did you manage to loose it in the first place?? mine is normally opened before i get back home!

Houston said...

Ellie is becoming a fashionista! I can't wait to see what she picked out for Harper. It looks like you had a lovely day, love that picture of the bird resting. Feel better soon!

Lisa the Lovely said...

the one where she's in the striped white and black jacket sort of leaning over the rail? she looks so grown up allof a sudden!

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