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12 May 2009

She stacks

My girl...MY GIRL has a new passion.
She speed stacks at a club in school and she is pretty good. Im so impressed with her devotion to the sport. This is a girl whose fine and gross motor skills are so poor that she cant hold a pencil properly nor can she co-ordinate her hands and arms particularly well.
So when she told me about the club I bought her her own stack system and it arrived yesterday. And I saw for myself what a marvel she has become. SHE IS GOOD! I thoroughly recommend it to you if your kids have hand/eye coordination issues along with gross and fine motor skill problems. I myself am pretty pants at it so Im hoping she can teach me!

So who has been having gorge weather?
We have.
Two days on the trot with cloudless skies. The dog has been in his element because whenever a sun streak enters the back door area of our house, he lays in the warmth of the rays and moves round with the streaks until it goes past the window. It is hilarious to watch. My friend Houstons dog has a penchant for adorning his bod in the glow of the warm rays; is this a Dachshund thing? Anyway, warm nights means long walks with his nibs and Eddy boy so we have lathered ourselves in the lush green of our local park and woods. I took one of my cameras for its last outing and took these picture to make a mini book about our gorgeous adventures.

These are my boys sitting in the car,waiting for me to stop faffing with the camera! Eddy looks funny from this angle. He looks so bossy.Lots of little details from our walk tonight.
This is new shady part Im loving. Having seen the bony bare basics of winter, suddenly we are overwhelmed by springs goodness.
Deep in the shadows lay these little pretties
And in brighter spots, these yummy little darling peek out their pokey heads
And although this dandelion clock isn't ultra sharp, I love the colours in this picture which takes precedent.
Eddy runs with his tongue flapping the side of his face - such a wee dude.
Had some rather exciting news today too.
The man from QVC?
He says yes to my passed Quality Control. It was a pretty quick pass too which makes me feel a little giddy. Actually, if the truth be told - I am freaking out about it! If you go over here you have a chance to win a CD before they all get shipped to Personal Impressions. At this point Id like to thank Dawn Bibby and Kathy Walsh for the opportunity to enterprise the product and Jo Galbreith-Martin for her belief :) So here it is, Thank You xx


Deanne said...

fantastic news for you and Patti honey :) huge hugs :)
our weather was shockingly windy on monday and ruined all my greenhouse :( and broke pots full of strawberries :(
(oh well will have to start them all over again)
as i type this its now raining!!!! :( lol
hoorah for Ellie and the stackers X

Rachel said...

whoooo get you with your own little corporate enterprise :-) - Well Done! Its deserved! My Alphas arrived yesters - so thank you very much the honour of my first ever candy win!! Yum yum

Brook said...

I just had to giggle! Belle is concentrating so hard. What a great thing for her to do.

angie's blogspot said...

well done kirsty! can you believe I haven't used the cd yet, naughty angie ! I keep forgetting to get some good paper. x

Anonymous said...

yey for the curlygirl x

Houston said...

OMGosh, congrats love!!!! I am just too excited for you! and yes it's a dachshund thing... I think they are sun worshippers! Oh and Eddy is just such a bossy boy in that photo, but Mark is taking it all in stride, more so than my mate who rolls his eyes everytime he sees me leave the house with the camera but then says later "I'm so glad that you take so many photos and scrapbook." Make up your mind already Man!
Oh I am just too darn excited for you!!!! love ya, H
oh and btw that place you walk is amazing, just a true hidden garden!

Rachel said...

well done on the cd Kirsty,unfortunately it is raining here today....a champion stacker if ever I saw


Lynn said...

Glad Ellie is enjoying herself. My son goes to Lowton High school and they had a spell of Speed Stacking a couple of years ago ... bought him a set but not sure where they are now ... I may have to dig them out and have another go myself. Apparently it is good for hand to eye coordination and other things that I can't bring to mind right now. Would love to know where this 'wonderland' is that you keep showing us pictures of ... if we need open spaces we usually go to Pennington Country Park.

Lynn x

LizzieG said...

Congratulations Kirsty! We all know the CD is fab, so it was just a matter of time really, but it is such great news and you deserve it so much, after all your hard work. I hope it is a mega-success.

LizzieG said...

Oh sorry, forgot to add, Well Done to Ellie - that stacking is sooo hard, I tried it!
And I love the pics, esp. the Eddie ones and the dandelion. It looks better slightly fuzzy, because it shows off how soft it is. The white centres of the seeds look like little stars. I think it's a great photo.

InkyArtitude said...

Congratulations Kirsty, what fab news - well done!
It is SO a Dachshund 'thing'. Many years ago when we had our little Pepi, she would follow the sun patches all day long and when it rained and she was put out to 'go bizzies', she would walk along the dry patches under the eves of the house so she didn't get her feet wet.... what a character she was! Huge personalities in little stretched bodies - that's Dax's for you! Lovely pics too.

Kerry said...

I must try those stacker cups for my boys. One has dyspraxia and all 3 have hypermobility so it looks a fab way to help them.

. said...


Anonymous said...

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