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31 May 2009


Aaaah! Muchas scorchio in Lancashire these past few days.
Hot hot hot!
Saturday took us to Uppermill (again!) which is on the way back to Leeds from ours as MB was going home (cry cry cry). We took the dog, a bucket load of factor 15 sun cream and a picnic and roamed aimlessly down the canal path to enjoy the sun. What I loved most about today was actually watching the barges change levels at the locks...I have NEVER even seen this happen in real life, like EVER. I was so so excited for Belle and for me and even for MB. Mark of course has seen everything including Elvis on the Moon, nuclear explosions in Manchester and Michael Jackson wearing high heels and a bra. Its true - Mark has seen everything, you just can't get him excited about anything new, cos it isn't new because he has seen it. Even things that haven't been invented yet. But I don't mean to be so hard on him, really. He got made redundant on Friday, again, from the firm he has been with almost a year. Nice, don't you think? We like to think so. He is not unemployable though, Im certain he will find something around the corner. either that or I get the dog to dance on street corners for coppers.

MB watching a Barge come into a lock.
The barge had now lowered but I rather like the dandelion weed in the foreground!The pooch gives Marko some lovinAnd here is the smug little sod - all regal and refinedBelle takes respite amongst the buttercupsI love fernThis is my favourite shot of the day **to achieve the blue of the sky being so blue, invest in a polariser for your camera**Obv the polariser not on for this shot but I love love love this series of arches going onbelle is forever picking daisiesI love this little girl so much. She doesnt normally venture outdoors in bare arms (purely because of the FILTHY looks we get from passers by). Today we ignored the stares and got on with tanning them ;)MB and the dog overlooking the edge of the canal. Mark was down there trying to find a hideously placed geocache. We reckon its been muggled.Uppermill certainly has its charmWe enjoyed a picnic in a beautiful sunny spot where the dog fought for shade and crumbs. The walk didnt last for miles and miles but it was just a beautiful place to enjoy the sun on the way back over the Pennines. We loved it! On the way back to the car we stopped for ices and the ice cream vendor made an ice cream foe Eddy and put a dog chew in it instead of a flakey choc. I was so excited I even forgot to take a piccy.

Today we went for a BBQ (I bet 40 million of those buggers were lit today) over at Marks cousins house. Its was such a great afternoon catching up with them and their lovely little girl, Sienna. I took my camera but didn't use it...sometimes I just need a day off. But I tell you, I haven't stopped burping sausage juice all afternoon and night! When we got home we took the poor dog out for a walk as we had left him for 6 lonely hours (cry cry cry). The little love forgave us immediately. When we got in we watched the most crappest film I have ever seen in my life. It even won four Oscars (clearly picked by the blind and deaf Oscar committee members) and I ought to have known that being directed by the Coen brothers; it would have flown right over my head. I mean, it didnt have any shops or high heels in it or anything pretty and spangly. When it ended like it did, i wanted to put my foot through the TV; what a waste of two hours! Im not letting mark forget about that- EVER. poo poo poo film.

Finally here are some layouts I did for this months Studes kit - the best one so far and I really mean that. It sold out real quick but April and scarlet are getting more in; fear not kit revellers.

Oh, check me out with a double. A DOUBLE!
Gotta go veg out and cool down :)


CleverCrafter said...

Sorry to hear about Mark I am positive there is something perfect for him just around the corner!!

Love all the photo's stunning as always

Big hugs to Belle and Eddy

Great news on your CD, so chuffed it is doing as well as you deserve

Take care


Ali, Paul and Levi

Paula Pascual said...

Fabulous photos and layouts.
Mark will find something good. Take care!

freddie foo foo said...

lots of yummylish layouts, what a treat. Big Hugs from the Foof

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Gorg piccies chick!

Pisser about Mark being made redundant again babes. Their loss and his new employers gain!!!!!!1

Next time you're down here, we'll take you to Foxton Locks - a staircase of 10, YES 10 locks. You'll love it!!!!!

Tip Top said...

Fab layouts!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Beautiful family pictures.
Sorry about Mark´s job. Great new job vibes.

Sue Ramsay said...

Hey Kirsty,
keep your chin up girl, you just know you will only trip over it and break a leg if you dont. xxxxxxxx
Sue x

Houston said...

Don't worry we'll find something for Mark over here ;) Love those layouts, and a two page well knock me down with a feather, I don't think I recall you EVER doing one of those, it's fab by the way! Thanks for the shots of Eddy, I needed my fix, he is looking as handsome as ever. The canals look amazing, nothing quite so fancy for barges over here, I wish though because I love the stone work. H xx Oh and the word it gave me is unhippe, what does that mean?! Do you think it's trying to tell me something?

cannycrafter said...

Fab layouts as usual!!! Hugs to you and Mark, times are so difficult just now. xxxxxxx

stef said...


you do not know me but i just wanted to say how sorry i was to hear about mark losing his job. Something will turn up, but how frustrating for you all again.

Congratulations on your CD sales, could not have come at a better time.


Anonymous said...

*hugs*-what a shite way to end a of luck,superman
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Dylan said...

Kirsty you smell...xxxx