Ladies Camera Club

16 May 2009

Scented Stocks

I have never seen these being sold in bunches before - ever!
Ive grown them at home and they even lasted a winter but never thought I'd see them in shops.
They smell divine and have kept up their strong perfume for a good few days now. Plus by being in the kitchen, they supersede any cooking smells. And secretly they make good practice with new cameras!
Belle and I were sat yesterday in the lounge (with dog, of course) and I loved how this lens grabbed a good wide angle of us just being us in our chocolate lime room. Its a bit dark in our room but tthen our little vampire, Ellie, is photophobic so it suits us just fine.Belle is watching the hideously oversized TV (not my thing, its Mark for all his boring crappo footy and even worse - cricket although its one advantage is that it swings out from the wall which I enjoy only to indulge in Greys Anatomy once a week). Ellie ikes that chair, I like the 2 two seater that Im sprawled upon and Marko gets a whole 3 seater. Reminds me of the three bears.

Ive got a date with Slumdog tonight and have managed to hog the Tv for me for a change as marko has gone up the wooden hill to bed. So Im putting on my jammies, making a brew and cosying on up on a cuddlefest with a handsome fella called Eddy.


Dylan said...

They have been selling stocks for years babe. I love the smell...xx

weewiccababe said...

oh I soooooooooooo can't wait until my kids are older and my house can be that tidy again :-S

Houston said...

Oh I have to say I like our giant TV, I was against the darned thing at first, Aaron bought it to watch American Football, but now i secretly and openly LOVE it! So does our Eddy, he watches with me, although I have to grab him tight if windshield wipers are shown, he HATES them.

cannycrafter said...

Looks fab! I have some stocks in my kitchen at this very moment! Love that spotty jug!

Kerry said...

Love the wallpaper. The room looks really comfy.

Paula Pascual said...

It's the canon that much better? You are going to make me to turn to the dark side!!!

. said...


Anonymous said...

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