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10 May 2009

Purge almighty

I feel so virtuous now that we have had a purge of stuff we don't use/need in this lil ole house. That goes for a ton of craft supplies that have been donated to a local nursery plus some old mail order stationary to a local stockist in my area. The flow from our kitchen through to the utility which leads to the garage (that mark converted for me is like a free flowing river). before I would have to manoeuvre hither and dither and its stressed me out. We have re-distributed stuff we need to keep and its all neatly piled away which just leaves me the rest of my scraproom to neaten up.
To help with organising my room (for the millionth time) I bought these little babies from this shop here.
Luckily they have mail order because you will NOT want to miss out on how much they can store. You get one large box with 17 little mini boxes inside (size of a credit card about 1.5 inches deep). I have put all my embellies in them plus beads in another plus threads in another plus bards and eyelets in another. At £6.90 a pop these are going to give your craft space a much needed spruce.

In the very same shop you can buy the storage boxes from is also where I am teaching next week. The ladies over there love cardmaking so much I thought Id share some fun projects with them using papers etc from my CD. If you are at a loose end next weekend, ring the store HERE to book a place and have some fun. They are based in Burnley and Id love to see you there :) If you cannot make it, I thoroughly recommend a day trip out. the shop is heaving with beautiful supplies including a large bead selection (classes on beadmaking too, to make this yummy things below) plus if that wasn't enough there is a beautiful cafe inside the shop. Its tres swish. Debbie and the staff await you with a warm welcome.

Today I spent the day with my lovely friend Carmel and her daughter Charlotte. Ellie and Charlotte get on like a house on fire as do our dogs! They have a lovely little Cav with the most adorable cute face. Eddy of course took charge of the little mite and tried every trick in the book to get his wicked way with her. He is such a brute - you know.... such a MAN! lol. We went for a gorgeous walk along the canal at Uppermill, just on the edge of Saddleworth. It was beautiful up there, Id love to go again. If you live there I guess you might realise how lucky you are to be there. The kids also fancied a trot around the park of which housed this fella here blowing ridiculously large balloons for the kids.
Look at my belle, isnt she a dream?
Charlotte has a pretty little face and sometimes it not always essential to get your kids to smile. Kids dont smile all the time. They have looks the define their character, like this one below. Making a child smile for the camera is not real. Catching spontaneous laughter, however, is. I like shots like this :)
The girls walk ahead under a blanket of beautiful trees and blossoms
Some ruins make way for a lovely little photo op :)
This stretch boasted a hoard of duckling and goslings of which I would scream "aaaaw" every 5 minutes (much to the kids disgust)
And home again for quick cuddles before we set sail for Wigan and leave our pals behind :(
I came home with two very tired kids (Belle and Eds of course) after hating having to leave our friends. Ellie and Eddy went for a nap when we got home and I made the tea. then before I knew it, The Davinci Code was on channel 5. I must be the last person on earth to see it, Im sure and bloody hell, I wish Id have watched it when all the hype was the hype - you know? The guy that wrote that has a genius mind; I was completely thrilled to watch it. If you know any other good films with that kind of writing and twists and turns do let me know!

**thanks for tips on how to make my blog a three column job - you are all so helpful**


Patricia said...

"Angels and Demons" is in the theatres right now...or will be really soon...Tom Hanks plays the same character, the professor, and it's the same style of movie. I can't wait to see it!

Have a great sleep Kirsty!

Darcy said...

have you seen 'The Usual Suspects' if not then you HAVE to see it, tis my most fave film ever.


Kate said...

I love the picture of the girls walking under the trees. Looks peaceful and soothing.

Deborah said...

Love reading your daily musings. A couple of films that I have enjoyed-No Way Out with Kevin Costner(a bit of an old film but great viewing)and a more recent film-Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling(gorgeous).Enjoy

Steph said...

Angels and Demons is brilliant I think the book is better than the Divinci code.

I agree about the usual suspects. Watch it twice, it's really interesting watching it a 2nd time when you know how it ends as you see soooo much that you miss the first time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty,
just how big is this craft shop!- meaning,does it justify a trip all the way from the frozen wastes of Cumbria lol !!
The Cardfairy

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