Ladies Camera Club

26 May 2009

Me and my cous

Today we didn't do much.
After getting up at a reeeeee-dick you las time this morning the rest of the day was off balance.
By 6.30pm one lady was suffering with cabin fever whilst Belle was happy to stay up in her room to try and conquer Animal Crossing on her DS. Although to be fair, belle was out of it after giggling her curls off on the trampoline tonight with MB and I. My poor bladder and chest anatomy are both weak and sore. I laughed so hard too that i dont know whether the stomach pains are a hernia or stretched!
After that both Mb and I set sail for the Three Sisters country park with the pooch and camera. It was a glorious evening even though we were watching one fat, juicy cloud hovver over our heads for an hour whilst the sun tightened its grip over the blue sky just for our walk.I didn't want Mb to pose so much for the pictures; i much prefer her doing her own thing. And as the meadows are pretty much strewn with gorgeous wild flowers, I couldn't resist just a few shots to help me get used the frikkin nightmare weight of the 24-70mm lens.
MB likes butter, I have the evidence!
Forget me nots. **sigh, so pretty**
The meadows are bursting with curious adventures; I love this shot of MB in a world of her own.I love how Eddy adapts to our friends and family. My whole heart belongs to him throughout the day when we are alone and I dont mind sharing him with MB.
I saved this shot until last. I purposely reduced the saturation of this shot which intensifies MB's piercing blue eyes. She is such a natural in front of the camera.

MB and I chatted a LOT on the walk, she has such a sweet spirit plus a wicked sense of humour.
I can't wait to see what other adventures we will all be enjoying together this week including our mad old dawg.


Rachel said...

wow Kirsty,what a pretty photogenic without all the crap these models paste on their faces...
gorgeous pics..



D@nielle said...

oh i love those pics where the focus is on the flowers, especially where you only see her mouth. Saving that idea if you don't mind ~!

. said...


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