Ladies Camera Club

11 May 2009

Initiation into Club Canon

I feel a bit sick today, actually.
With the ever growing need to downsize my Nikon collection (I really do have too many lenses for jobs that require just 2) I have jumped ship and left my fellow Nikonese to the gods of ebay in favour of a 5D (no, not a mark II, yet!) and 30D back up plus a 24-70mm L and a 50mm F1.8 (ugh not my number 1 choice but I can't afford the 1.4 yet either).
If you are after some bargain lenses and much cared for cameras (D2x, D70 and D200 plus flash gun) pop over to ebay and check out a supercool ebay seller called elliew183... thats us!
Ive got to be able to afford the transition somehow!
I think the initiation into club canon is the fear of saying good bye to my trusty steeds who have been all over the world with me, captured many smiles and memories and will be sad to be packed in their boxes with not some much as a by your leave form any of them.

**yurks two lenses were sold within seconds of going live....crumbs!**


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Traitor! hahahahaha! Good luck with the sales xx

Terebene said...

I love my Canon. No worries. You will transition just fine. I have always thought the controls were more intuitive. I only have an Xsi though. Enjoy!

cla16e said...

hi, i'll check with my husband but i think he's been looking at a D70, would this be a good 1st digital slr camera for a beginner? How much you looking for it please?

Kat_RN said...

I feel your pain, I love my old cameras. The only one that gets used much these days is my pocket digital. Just keep telling yourself, "it is for a worthy cause" and "they are going to good homes".
Good luck,

Kirsty Wiseman said...

its on ebay - look up ther seller elliew183 :)

Katy said...

Welcome to the dark side!

Houston said...

AHHHH! I need you to show me how to us my Nikon, you can't jump ship now!!! Oh well, I hope that they go to loving homes and that you love your new camera, I'm certain you'll continue to make magic with it!

Cheryl Johnson said...

just heard you jumped into the 'light' welcome to the world of Canon, glad you saw sense in the end :)

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Anonymous said...

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