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20 May 2009

I lied

I said yesterday that I would share photos today.
I haven't had the inclination to take any photos at all; its been a weird day all round.
I wasn't feeling so good this morning. I think it was because I had two coffee's yesterday and I haven't had coffee or tea for a few weeks now. Bad drugs, man....BAAAAAAAD drugs. Im never drinking them again. Water is far more sufficient and healthier.

But what I did do was have hunt around gift sites for a few birthday pressies Im after and found my one stop shop right HERE
Im a sucker for vintagey, country craft and frenchful things - truly.
Best thing is, their P&P is only £2.95 p&p matter how much you buy..... that's cheaper than me hopping into town and paying for parking and petrol.
I loves comfy home shopping...saving hard for the Chateau ornaments. Lush lil shop, go see :)

Oh! and gimme this little bugger here.... SLURP. Perfect for cream teas and dainty little butties
That is all I am looking at for now...I cant bear to look at anything else without wanting to smash the screen in and grab them for me me me!


Deanne said...

I have a new shop on and they have some gorgeous gift ideas on there too, i'm always drooling :) x

amber jane said...

I adore that cakestand it would be perfect in my kitchen - now to try and justify it ....... I am not sure it is too cute is a good reason.

Bettythebaglady said...

Kirsty-Very fifties which-sadly-I remember! Hugs BettyXXX

Houston said...

love that, but I WANT EDDY! just teasing you... maybe... I just want some more of those fantastic photos that transport me to your little wood or lovely home and out of this gosh darned heat for a bit, of course if it means yummies on that cute stand I'm all for seeing pics of the stand.

Anonymous said...

OMG...polka dots on everything..they should make it the law or something...yum!
I love the way you seduce us into visiting all these cool websites you find-long may you reign, shopping queen! and thank so earmarking this website for my boyf so I can get cool pressies for my burf...woop!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Jo Austin said...

I know exactly what you mean .. I have drunk mainly nettle tea for the last month, and having a cuppa coffee makes me feel yucky!

love Jo x

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