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16 May 2009

I know you are.......

(but I am not) bored of my walks with the dog - so be warned, pics to follow below!
Tonight we went on a long walk in the hope I could shake off my terribly foul mood.
Its my own fault, to be honest but we don't tell the hubbies that - do we?
I went to bed at 4.30am and by 9am mark was nagging me to get up so that he could clear out the attic. To be honest it is full of absolute garbage that we haven't set eyes on in 4-5 years, but still.
I begged him to leave me alone and at 11.20 I had to get up and be brutal with the choices on whether something should stay or go. It was good for the soul (she says, in hindsight) but it was also messy, spider-y, cobwebby, mucky and yakky.
In between mark bunging things out the attic and almost on our heads, I cleared out my wardrobe. Ive turfed out a LOT of clothes and I mean a LOT. Ive dropped a lot of weight this past few weeks from cutting out carbs and Im in all my old clothes from 2 years ago (about freaking time). Ive donated them to a charity shop for some old dear to lay her sticky mitts on and proudly show off her prize purchases to all her friends down at the pensioners club.
That took all afternoon and before I knew it I was in Asda doing the food shop and I HATE food shopping. Its so boring and monotonous. When I got back I wanted to kill myself because as much as I hate shopping I also hate putting it away. Grrrrrrrrrr.
So, like I said,I took the dog for a loooong walk and took some pictures to while away the time whilst eddy sniffed out other dogs poo (nice) and grassy clumps. I seriously do not want to come back as a dog.
I love this patch of the park where silver birch trees are starting to show their age - they need Nivea!
Sweet scatterings of buttercups adorn either side of the paths at the moment
the boy, his eyes on the prize... ie...FREEDOM
These pretty flower are only pretty to look at. Get within 10 feet of them and they reek of yuks.
The lake is looking perkier after a good bout of rain these past few days
I think this is a wild rose or clematis...who knows...its purdy

And ooh check me out - sneaks for Bubbly Funk. Ive been working with some very exciting chipboard pieces....tickled pink am I (but that was before this yuksvilles funk that i am wallowing in)

Hopef I will wake up in a better mood. I know by tomorrow afternoon it will all be gone as Im teaching over in Burnley ... pop along and say hi to us in the Craftrange, its got an ace cafe!

Right - BED.
Ganeet, ganight, ganoot


Patricia said...

I'll never be bored of your walks! I always look forward to the gorgeous pics...and the hadsomest pooch too!

Anonymous said...

i went for a walk today too-it was a day of "firsts"..the first time I saw an adder, the first time i saw dog poo with a flag in that said'please clean up after your dog'...odd sort of day...
love to the curlygirl
lulubelle x

Sarah xx said...

We will never tire of your walks with Eddie, and the wonderful pics you take on the way! Enjoy these special moments with him they are magical and too soon missing from our lives!! xx

Houston said...

Nope, not bored of the walks, I need to take one, but as it's hot and that makes me very cranky I shall wait till the evening. I like those sneaks with that tall bird!

Hullabaloo said...

Hope the mood is clearing! We need you in good form for a certain girl's birthday party on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you again... it must be about 2 years since you took those pics of me and Max at Chatelherault! I don't care if you have to walk in the woods every night till then - you need to have your party face ready!!

Kerry said...

Well done on the weight loss.

You know what my doggies would have done with the other dogs poop so I'm not going to turn your stomach by telling you lol.

Love the sneaky peeks.

Shawn said...

What beautiful pictures and you;re a fellow scrap-booker, we are so going to be be friends!

Thanks for following me!

I'll be visiting again soon.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Inspired by your line of flowers with due credit given. :)

The line of buttons and stripes with brads are next! :D Thanks. :)

michele said...

I can't believe how long it's been since I last visted you kirsty! I have missed your wonderful photos and humourous writing. i hope the mood is improving now. i won't leave it so long to visit again hugs mx

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