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24 May 2009


I go away a LOT.
I love working away, I love seeing friends and family and I love meeting new people and doing the things I love such as photography and teaching.
But this weekend I missed home so much I felt completely choked by it.
That's not to say I didn't have a good time though but being 220 miles from the ones you love sure is heavy on the old heart.
I shot a wedding this weekend up at Chatelherault which is next to Hamilton (Glasgow-ish) which is a stunning venue for a civil ceremony. The Bride wanted seriously traditional photos which I managed to deliver plus we were at the mercy of the heavens almost bursting open. Couple that with little flower girls who hated having a camera in their mush and high heels digging in the grass and yes, you have lots of erm, fun.
Ive only processed a few of the bride shots. And by processing I mean empty from the camera and onto the mac. If you want to see a larger image, click on the picture to see :) The difference with my new lens means I have very little editing to do; the least editing I need to do the better. I'm getting seriously annoyed with photoshopped pictures that really don't need to be. I very much prefer natural looking shots which I want to become my niche but that's not to say that post processing can be fun; they just don't need to be, you know?
It was also my friends Roz's fortieth birthday bash where a ton of her friends piled into a lovely and private part of a good food pub. I met a number of Roz's friends of whom I have not met before but one of them I was completely charmed and enamoured by. Her name is Dawn and she is totally off her rocker. She has a way out dress sense but I love that; I love individuality. i love that she see's the beauty in expression and creativity. I also loved that she was the best fun. I also sat next to Elin, a girl I met some years back though scrapping and whose children were my first official photoshoot. Elin is a gentle soul and I was nestled right in between the two. The variety of personalities was like nectar for the soul; I wish I got out a lot more!
I travelled to and from Scotland with Janet (one of roz's oldest freinds from years gone by) and boy did we have so much to talk about the whole way up. Almost 4 hours travel time in a car on a hot day is enough to drive anyone bonkers but we managed to stay sane. Roz had planned a lovely chicken salad for tea where I got to completely adore avocado in the mix. Avocado is my new fave salad ingredient next to pomegranate which I always try and include (when the bugger is in season). I have some pictures of the party to empty from my camera but seeing as its almost 2am, I shall leave that for tomorrow.
Finally, did you watch the semis of BGT? I thought Susan Boyle was dreadful; the woman has peaked too soon. I desperately adore all that she stands for but sadly she was overshadowed by Diversity tonight. SEE THEM HERE. They were the best thing I have ever ever seen, dancewise :) Also, that poor little girl, Natalie, was given the wrong song to sing too and the violinist was outdone by the loud backing orchestra. Mark and I quite liked the two fellas who danced with masks on. But Im over the Susan Boyle thing, really. I think she should let other people in the competition have their moments to shine. Just sayin'.
Night xx
**also big cheers for Hull City (my dads football team) who managed to cling onto the premiership today and also a HUGE happy birthday to my brother who is 33 today (25th))**


Deanne said...

i agree with your thoughts on susan honey, as soon as she started singing it was wrong and even she knew it, her face said so, and yet no one even mentioned that she was way off key to start off with!!! very annoying...
diversity all the way baby lol xxx
now go huggle that missed family of yours x

Lynn Cheryl said...

Yey to Hull City too...Go Tigers! Not a fan but did go to a match in 1974 at the old Boothferry Park! Love it when a local team does good and it is "up north"!!
Wedding pics look lovely...
Lynn x

Terrie B x said...

`Beautiful` photos Kirsty.....
Completly aggree about Susan Boyle...
Def got a run for her money now!!!!
Have a lovely BH..:) x

Scrapsadaisical said...

Disagree on the Susan Boyle, simple case of stage fright & nerves, which she managed to correct, alot would have fallen to pieces. Unlike some of the other contenders, she has been put under pressures that she hasn't got the experience to cope with,press hounding, family/producer arguments etc etc.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I agree about susan's nerves but the phenomena that is surrounding her makes the show pretty much dull. The others are not going to get a fair crack of the whip. Susan will me "made" without winning. Hopefully everyone is judged on their own merits as opposed to being overshadowed by the hype of Susan. That song choice was pretty bad, I think if she had sung "don't cry for me Argentina" and carried it off, that would have been mind blowing. I also hope the rest of the week provides fair competition - I can't wait to see Flawless and the Greek farher and son.

Anonymous said...

Hey welcome back girl, you have been missed xxx

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you on the susan deal..was sorely disappointed.. i cant wait to see the pizza delivery dude - bring him home had me in tears and flawless! love your photos. - hera

Lynda said...

I agree about Susan Boyle too - Diversity were my favourite last night and I think Flawless will have to pull out all the stops to top them. It's my brother's birthday today too (25th) :-)
Lynda xxx

Helena said...

Congrats to Hull-
We went to Wembley to support Gillingham this weekend, great to see them win and go back up to League 1. Hurray!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why are you watching crap tv when there's pages to scrap and cards to make and embellies to buy and stash to sort and complicated storage systems to dream up as you wander round Ikea...? ;)
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Kirsty about Susan Boyle. She didn't do as well as in the first round and the song choice wasn't right - and I wanted to cry when the cutest little girlie didn't go through. Her face showed every ounce of hurt and disappointment we've probably all known in our lives.
Di x

Mooneybeams said...

Yep - GO DIVERSITY!!! I felt really sorry for Natalie as her audition with just her and her voice was utterly fantastic, then the song was not a good choice and what with all the silly choreography and too loud backing dancers she didn't get her chance to shine. Poor wee thing - still, I reckon someone will offer her a contract of some kind!

I don't actually think Susan Boyle will win - too much hype. Am hoping Diversity will be a surprise pip-her-past-the-post thing! Susan is lovely and etc etc but they are brill!

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