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26 May 2009

Here come the girls

Unusually I have my Belle home with me for the school hollies. She usually goes to my Mums but this term Belle wanted to spend it with Marybeth (MB for short). MB is my super cute cousin but is exactly the same age as Ellie so I see them two more as cousins to each other.We love having MB here even though she eats a whole bottle of Ketchup with every meal and has 3 sugars in her tea. That girls uses it as rocket fuel for her jet propelled energy! Before we took MB away from home I wanted to update my pictures of my gorgeous cousin Emily too (MB's sister) and whom happens to be my god-daughter. Aren't these two girls beautiful? And so grown up and oh, it just makes me want to cry that they are not babies anymore.Many adventures we shall have this week including a day drip to Blackpool and a day trip to the Lakes (I LOVE THE LAKES). Marybeth has been to neither so its going to be a cool adventure all round. Now I love Ambleside for its famous little housey bridgey thing and I also love Windemere. Can anyone recommend any wheelchair friendly things to do up there? I want to get up early and catch a sunrise over Grasmere but with my girl Ellie loving her pit so much there is fat chance of that.

The school holidays in this house are going to be action packed at least......


Rachel said...

Oh very glamorous girlies you have there,,have a wonderful school holidays...



Anonymous said...

brilliant part of the country to go to-they even sound a bit like me!
Have a super time,chaps-hope the curlygirl has the best time with MB.
Lulubelle x

Jozza said...

Gorgeous girls all round! Every time I see a pic of Ellie I want to fiddle with her gorgeous hair. Have a great week xxx

Susan said...

We were at the Lakes recently and in one of the tourist info places they had a book for sale - it was about L.District walks suitable for wheelchairs. The steamer boats on Ullswater are nice, not as crowded as Windermere, and a good way to spend a couple of hours. Hope you all have fun!

Kathy said...

Kirsty, If you can get to Coniston ( very near ambleside- I love the bridge house too ) you can get about the vilage and walk ( and wheel) down to the Lake ( Lake Road is the road you want ). You can drive right dont to the lake and park but the walk from the vilage is lovely. We were there with a big group of friends last year and buggies. There are a few pubs in the village and the bluebird cafe on the lakeside. Lots of very cheeky geese too!

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