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6 May 2009

Growing pains

This morning, when Belle and I awoke, nothing seemed out of place or different.
She ate her breakfast and brushed her teeth and got dressed as always.
She had a skip in her step because Wednesdays is swimming at school and the pool's just been refurbed, so it was exciting because the water was going to be fresh and, in Ellies words, "wee free". LOL
I dropped her off at school and she loved my goodbye and I came home and did my thang. I worked, I loved the dog and I baked fresh oopsie rolls.
Then at 1.20pm I got a call from School saying that Belle had fallen asleep at her desk.
Well she wasn't especially tired this morning so I thought it was odd.
They suggested she come home as it was hard to rouse her and when they said that I had a flaming heart attack. I raced to school to collect her and as soon as she came through the reception door she broke her little heart saying she didn't know why she was tired and that she was sorry.
Her teacher thinks she might have been trying to get out of going swimming and I partly agreed right there and then. Ellie seems to have lots her confidence a bit lately so when I got her in the car we had a chat.
But no, it wasn't a case of dodging the old aqua.
She was falling asleep in the car and when we got home she was straight on the sofa and fell asleep instantly.
I went to check her every 15 minutes or so and at one stage the dog had decided to join her.
My little heart broke into a trillion pieces and so I went to fetch the old trusty camera to remember this moment forever.Her rosy cheeks and beautiful lashes complete with that milky skin and ruby rose bud lips just melts my heart. Then along side her, our tiny boy who adores his big sis and protects her so fiercely you think it might kill him.

Mark and I think its growing pains. Ellie tends to "shut down" when she is growing which is reminiscent of the past. She used to have these shut downs every 2 weeks as a baby, then it petered out to 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks and so on. She probably has 2 a year now and they are not fun. Her body gets so hot (she says) and yet she feels cold. She goes clammy and sweat drips off her fingers and feet. I kid you not but there are real beads of sweat dripping off her. Its weird. and it frightens me in a way because I am scared about not really knowing all about the "unknown". I wish it would just all go away and give her a break.

Anyways, after 2 hour straight she was up asking for coffee and something sweet and Mummy obliged. There is no greater gift of treating your child to a reward for getting better! Phew, what a bloody relief.

**wonders how much she has grown today?!**


Sarah xx said...

Kirsty, I am sure she will be fine with the lovely Eddie looking after her. That picture truly is one to treasure, they both look adorable. Eddie is a hero!

amber jane said...

Hope she feels better soon bless her xx

Patricia said...

There's nothing more frightening than seeing our children sick. I hope Belle feels better soon. Sending big hugs from across the pond!

Jennifer.T said...

My goodness.. I know how you feel when you don't know what's wrong and they can't tell you either and you just wish it would go away and life would get back to normal. Sending Belle good thoughts :o)

Kelly said...

Oh Kirsty - I hope Miss Ellie feels better today xxx

Houston said...

She is an amazing beauty! Hope tomorrow she feels more energetic, albeit maybe not enough to swim ;)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

My sweet Belle! I hope you feel so much better today, my lovely! Just think... won't be long until you're taller than your midget mum! HAHAHA!!!

Take care you 3 1/2 Wisemans!


Andrea said...

Kirsty, you have just described how I used to feel when I was Belle's age, my parents took me to the docs but as it was donkeys years ago, he just sent us away, no explanation. I grew out of it but its not nice when it happens. My very best wishes to you and your family, she'll feel better soon I'm sure. Andrea xx

Lisa Hemmings said...

Oh bless her....
she looked so rosy asleep with Ed.
Hoep all is ok today

Love Lisa xx

Tip Top said...

My two sleep a lot when they are growing. And I fully expect them to get out of bed in a morning 6 feet tall hehehehe!!

Hope she is feeling better

Kathy said...

How scary for you. I'm glad she perked up and hope today is a better day.

Brook said...

What a precious pict. I know my sam can feel when he is growing. I don't know if it is because he has no added cusioning and insulation or what. Sleep is always a good thing in those teen years. Teenagers take more naps than they did when they were toddlers.

Rachel said...

aww love her, I hope she is feeling okay now Kirsty,that pic is gorgeous...


Terrie B x said...

I hopes little Belle is better Kirsty...
Love your creation above.
full of scrummy goodness..TFS
Have a lovely weekend...

Cath said...

What a gorgeous picture, she comes across in your posts as such a special, funny girl.
Katy gets sore when she gorws, it's such a wierd thnig isn't it? hope she's better now.

Queenie said...

My boys are 18 and 15 and still my heart crumbles to see them ill.Hope she is feeling better now.

*reyanna klein* said...

Oh! Bless her little heart. I hope she's feeling better and less tired soon. :)

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