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7 May 2009

Got me some makes **plus a giveaway - woooo**

Well, one make.
Honestly, I don't know how I snuck this into my life but Id taken delivery last week from Artbase and the package was strewn over my worktop and had been for a few days. I hadn't got the time to lovingly stroke the goods but from time to time I kept peering over my Mac to see products calling my name. It was no good, my finger were itching and I had to dive in. And within 45 minutes (therefore forfeiting lunch) I had wizzed this up. I love that Making Memories circle paper a LOT.

Ive been snowed under this week often trying to catch my breath. Actually wanted to cry a few times, if I am honest. Whats tipping the balance is that Im in the middle of applying for a job that has a looooooooong line of sifting and segregation and waiting and interviews. Its killing me. I cant gather any momentum in my life until I know whats going to happen. Im so excited about it but also fretting about my current work. I think I do too much. Ok, I actually know that I do too much. Buts what makes me tick. Must take time out to get my mind tomorrow! Im off craft shoppin'. Will report on my buys when I get back :)

Anyhoo. Had to go to my suppliers tonight to get more of theseI cant tell you how many I have sold since I launched them (well I do know but its like, a lot) but its kept me busy and lots of crafters happy. I love packaging these up, its the best bit. So if you have had trouble ordering them (due to being out of stock) - they are now back in stock HERE:) On the way back from the suppliers I went food shopping. That enough is a chore that could see me to an early grave. I really do want to invest in online shopping but I don't trust the way that some shops replace out of stock items with inferior products or squish your bread or give you rotten veg. Anyone have experiences with Sainburys/Tesco or Asda? Id love to know what you think. Oh and by the way, I hate putting food shopping away as much as actually going to buy it. Grrrrrr.

As we were faffing putting stuff away tonight Belle decided it might be fun to shove the camera right in my mush. I quite like it (dont zoom in on the nostrils). I have unfeasibly large ceeks, no? The girl has a good eye, mind. She mastered the rule of thirds at least!

So lets get on to the stuff you really want - a giveaway. I have a second set of Carter stamps from Studio Calico (who do the best stamps in a kit every month...dead trendy, they are). This comes with upper and lower case. The lower case are approx half an inch high each.
All you have to do, to be in with a chance to win them is leave a comment by answering the following question "I like kirsty's nostrils because.........."


becky said...

i LOVE kirsty's nostril because it has a bloody brilliant british accent!!! :D

Sherry Coleman said...

It'd be bloody difficult for her to breathe without them.

tg said...

What a cute page! Love it. Ellie takes one heck of a picture of a nose.

Ami said...

I love Kirsty nostril because there is nothing in it....thankfully... ;)

Patricia said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because..........they can smell all the fabulous food that Kirsty always cooks! I actually envy those nostrils!
Now that I think about it...they also smell Eddy's

ShellyJ said...

because they are dead sexy :) ... a little austin powers there! best wishes on the job!

Jennifer Larson said...

I like Kristy's nostrils because they remind me it's allergy season here, which reminds me that for some reason my seriously-pollen-allergic husband's not snoring yet, which makes me thankful for my last few nights of sleep until the pollen goes away. Seriously.

Shannon Hager said...

"I like kirsty's nostrils because the are clean.. LOL!

Miss Natz said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because they help her breathe when she has a fit of giggles!

Really love that LO Kirsty!

I use Sainsburys online shopping. I used to have Asda til the driver was rude to me, and Tesco were always expensive and their subs were stupid. Sainsburys has an hour delivery slot rather than 2, and if they'e even a minute late you get at least free delivery next time, if not money off.

Stephanie said...

I love Kirsty's nostril because she keeps the nose hair trimmed so it is nice and tidy:)

Jo Austin said...

well I love Kirsty's nostrils because they belong to her, are not finger shaped (!) and don't have hairs!

Hi Mate!

Good luck with 'the job'. I know how much it means to you!

Right.. Sainsbury's online, never had a problem with them - brilliant and never had squishy bread, or anything, Tesco's I wouldn't touch again with a bargepole! What a complete lot of to**ers! Ice cream open and all over the bag, fizzy cans sprayed all over and I got told I had to accept them!!! Crap! Asda, I dont know, never used them.

hope that helps.
Jo xxx

Jenni said...

HAHA--love this question! I like your nostrils because...they're just so super cute! Perfect size--not too big--not too little! =)

Deanne said...

i love kirsty's nostrils cause there UN-HAIRY un-like mine!!! ;) xxx

i couldnt survive without tesco online! rarely have subs but when they do there fine, never had a problem, so much less stress AND i spend less ;)

love your LO as per x

Faith said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because...they know how to pose perfectly for a photoshoot!!!

beksynormz said...

I love Kirsty's nostrils cos they are very nostrily! Reading all these comments has made the word nostril sound really weird!!!! Beki xx

Lynn (Ellesea) said...

I love Kirsty's nostril because it is a Yorkshire nostril!

Tip Top said...

I love Kirsty's nostrils cos I can imagine a little tiny squeeky mouse living in there, squeeking with delight at all the creations!

Antonia S-H said...

I love Kirsty's nostrils because without them there'd be a great big space in the middle of her face.

Jennifer.T said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because they know how to sniff out a woman who is desperate for those stamps!! ie: ME!!!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because they don't have a surgical tampon stuck up there and produce looooong, make you wanna gag and wretch blood clots like my mommas nose does! HAHAHA!

You know where I'm coming from Kirsty!

I also like Kirsty's nostrils because if she didn't have them she'd look like a wierd Magnolia 'Tilda' stamp hippo thingamejig!


Sandy said...

I love Kirsty's nostrils because she needs 'em to breathe through while she's laughing hysterically at all these fun comments! =)

Ayesha said...

i love your nostrils because there just as care free as she is about showing them!!! xxx

weewiccababe said...

firstly, online shopping...
Tesco have more delivery slots available, and its usually easy enough to get a slot for the following day - however they dont price match substitutes and they can be quite random (I once ordered a multipack of crisps and they substituted with a bag of tatties - what was I supposed to do? make my bloody own??)
Asda have fewer slots and the next availabale slot is usually at least 2 days away, they do price match their substitutes, but sometimes they do say they dont have stock in the shop (WHAT NO DIET COLA OR SQUASH IN THE ENTIRE SHOP? REALLY???)
Sainsburys have the fewest slots, have only used them a few times but no complaints at all.

secondly - the LO is pretty, and I now have a hankering for that circle paper too.

and lastly I love Kirsty's nostril because its part of her beautiful self

Just call me G said...

Having read all the other comments and not wanting to duplicate any of them... ( damn not being first!)

I'm left handed, left footed, wink with my left eye, and have my nose pierced on the left side... which leads me to why I love Kirsty's nostril... its the left one!

That circle paper is soooo pretty...

Good luck with the job application

Rach said...

Probably because she didjn't even have to use the clone stamp in photoshop to get rid of the boogers. (Unlike me, I am forever cloning them out)!
Love the layout, gorgeous.

CleverCrafter said...

I love Kirsty's nostrils because she uses them to sniff out the most scrumdiddily scrumptious stash to share!!


Ali xxx

DillyDilly said...

They are bugger than mine!!! :) (nt really and not really meant to be nasty!!!

Caron Kerr ( said...

I guess it depends a lot on your local store and who picks your shoppin g, but I have never had a problem with Tesco and they have always been on time courteous and efficient.
And I have discovered teh only thing that teenagers are any good for - puitting shopping away. If they don't, I don't buy treats !!
Caron xxx

katharine said...

i like kirsty's nostrills because from that angle they look bigger than mine!!!!! when actually there not!!!

Lisa Hemmings said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because, they help her sniff out peanut butter at 20 paces. Mmmm...!!

Lisa xx

Rachel said...

I love Kirsty's nostril cos it aint mine on that there photie!

PS I don't have any probs with Sainsbury's for shopping on line - you choose replacement or not, if anything is near its sell by date they tell you - although yet to see them mark it down for you as well. and they put the bags in the kitchen ready for the put away which isn't so bad if you haven't oiked it off the shelf in the trolley, out of the trolley onto conveyor, off conveyor into trolley, out of trolley into car, out of car into house and THEN had to put away. Oh and they take back any carrier bags to make more carrier bags.

Yankee in England said...

I Like kirsty's nostrils because she is brave enough to post them on her blog!

Trace Geworsky said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because I didnt see any boogers on nose hair in there;
You rock for being brave enough to post a pic like that on your blog..woohoohohohohohoho
Trace G

Darcy said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because without them her brain farts would have no place to escape. x

Melanie said...

...they look cute!
I sometimes order my food from Sainsbury's and am actually quite happy with their service. You can always hand back the replaced items! I am a bit particular about meat so I buy that myself, depends on your preference. I never had any problems with their fruit & veg being to old or something. Hope that helps. Loving your Artbase layout and am eying those Carter stamps for a while now ;-)!

Julie M said...

Thanks for doing another giveway - I love alpha stamps!!! That doesn't mean I'm gonna win them!!!

I cannot say anything about Kirsy's right nostril, as I have never seen it, but ...

I like Kirsty's left nostril because it is a nice size and shape - not all narrow and slanty, but not the size of a dustbin lid either!!!


karen todd said...

.because they can smell peanut butter & ribena xx

karen todd said...

.because they can smell peanut butter & ribena xx

LizzieG said...

I love Kirsty's nostrils were brave enough to post the picture on your blog!

Online shopping - Tesco were useless, produce poor quality & subs non-existent. Sainsburys never brought me any bread or milk!
We don't have Asda here, so can't comment.
Don't know if they cover your area yet, but I have found Ocado to be the best. They deliver for Waitrose and their prices are matched to Tesco's. They bring everything I ask for, subs are sensible & they tell me so I can decide to say no, they put the bags in my kitchen and their drivers and customer service are v. polite & helpful. They're pretty okay really.
Hope that helps.

BTW the scrappy-doo is FAB. I love it to bits. You're right about the cute little circle and it's just right for those photos.

Cazzy said...

I like Kirsty's nostrils because they are clean!
Now then, stop fretting - who wouldn't snap you up woman?

I used to use Sainsburys but they stopped selling the stuff I wanted, and still keep doing that and lost the last lot of shopping - well half of it then wouldn't re-deliver until a whole day later at a time I was at work, or two days later!
I use Tesco often, if the slots are gone wait an hour or so and some may free up, is cheaper earlier in the week, you can specify what you want instead or nothing, if you don't like it they take it back. If you complain it is very short dated, or mouldy or squashed they refund you after a phone call without having to send it back, they have what I want to buy! Used to use Iceland long ago, have never tried Asda, our Asda is very small and doesn't sell enough of what I want to bother ordering on line.

Anonymous said...

They're the cleanest ones I've seen today - trust me, you should do my job lol !!!!!
The Cardfairy

Mooneybeams said...

I have online ordering experience of Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose (Ocado).

In my humble opinion, Tesco was rubbish - so rubbish that I only ordered from them once (although it was a few years ago so they may be better now). So many things had short dates it wasn't even funny. Lots of squished things and bruised fruit.

Sainsbury's are pretty good - if anything has a short date they seperate it out and the delivery driver tells you which items they are and you can choose whether to accept them or not.

Ocado/Waitrose is FABULOUS!! Online is a little cheaper than in store, but when you are shopping it tells you for each item what the guaranteed dates are (i.e. if you order mince it will tell you that the guaranteed use by date will be four days or whatever). Then, when you get your order, they give you a receipt that has everything laid out in order of use-by date, so you don't have to go checking through every single thing, for e.g (a snippet from my receipt).

Use by end of Sunday:
raspberries. . .

Baby sugar snap peas
blueberries. . .

Mince . . .

Pretty good, no?

Nicola said...

i love Kirsty's nostril beacuse there are no sharp bogeys to make her eyes water !!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Kirstys nostril cos its a Northern Chick Nostril...probably with a Northern accent and ruffty tuffty Northern hairs in it!!!
Love to the curly girl x
Lulubelle x

Kate said...

lovely least it's tidy. :)

Lisa the Lovely said...

no hair.

Anonymous said...

...because they are so dark and mysterious! Donna W

crafty capers said...

I love Kirsty's nostril because it doesn't have a lime green bogie in it so she isn't lime green bogie girl after all :-) Kate

Jenni said...

They look like a cosy place to curl up and go to sleep!
Jenni x

Gayle said...

I love Kirsty's nostril because it 'flares' just like she does!


too subtle???



Gayle x

Queenie said...

I love Kirstys nostil a book of tales it could lead into an adventure,lol!!!I`m mad i know hahahaha.
love your layout too and wishing you luck on the job front too.

. said...


Anonymous said...

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