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27 May 2009

An extremely eventful day

I said we wouldn't lie in again in yesterdays post.
Erm, tum ti tum ti tum..........
We watched Juno until 2 am and then I worked for a bit because Im such a worky worksvilles and bills ain't going to get paid if I don't. The girls went to bed at 2 and I went to bed at 3 and Mark got up at 6 and went to work at 7 and I didn't move a muscle nor was aware of the time until 11.47am. Even the dog was in a tight and neat slumber with his nose attached to my feet (poor little bugger but he must like it down there......vom).
When I woke up I almost died when I realised the time. The girls were fast asleep too; please feel free to report me to the feds for being such a bad momma. Although thankfully I woke up to some lovely emails which staved off the guilt, at least.
First off, my article and project for the UK Fiskarettes blog (27th may entries) went live. I think I am the first Uk guest designer for the Uk Fiskarette blog which is a sweet honour. Fiskars sent me a lot of product to work with and you can't deny they have a very successful scissor phenomena! I got punches and papers and set to work immeeeeeeed. I love this layout I made, especially using the ribbon slot border punch.
I used their Christmas line of papers to make the project (which you can see full over on their blog) even though its not a Christmas layout. Ive got another 3 weeks of projects to make for them; Im so happy about that and have a fun project coming up next Wednesday.

Then I got my official order from Personal Impressions/QVC today. I was that surprised (even though I kinda knew it was coming) that I went into the lounge to see the girls, I looked at them to gain their attention and without warning I stood there and screamed.
They didn't like it.
I was wetting myself laughing at their shocked faces; I want to bottle that moment forever!

I also want to share this card with papers I made from this site HERE and to which I will be making cards weekly as part of their challenge team. I love making cards, they are so much quicker and easier than scrapbook pages and also I get to build up a bank of cards for those last minute emergencies for birthdays and notes to accompany parcels etc. Niks (who owns the blog) well, her stuff is going on Create and Craft; I mean come shopping wars or what?!!

As for the rest of today? Guess what? I organised myself. I mean, shut up! I really did. I got my diary and mapped out my life between now and whenever....slowly filling my time in hopes for if I get my dream job. Still a long way to go on that front and my time has to be spent wisely. I have more workshops coming up in Leeds, Harrogate and Burnley if you are interested but will give you dates in due course :) I just need to de-clutter some more to ease the pressure and re-energise my mojo, which sometimes I feel likes to bugger off and leave me from time to time.

And my dream front cover came true this week in the form of Crafts Beautiful. This mag was one of the first ones I bought in 2002 and was like my bible just as cardmaking was exploding way back then. I made a mini using BG Urban Prairie with quotes about love inside. Its filled with my absolute favourite quotes about dealing with Love. When it comes back from the Mag, Ill share the photos in full. Its for Ellie of course; lord knows she is going to go through what I went through in those crazy teenage years. I would have dearly loved something like this for me.Also I made the free papers attached to the magazine and made the projects in the first few pages PLUS I have a feature on a stand alone Polaroid printer that is an amazing little tyke which prints via bluetooth and also I have my monthly page article on there as well. **I don't normally have that much stuff in there, I think it was just a one off but hey, its gives Ellie some excuse to take it to school and share in her circle group**
I have had front cover projects before on The Scrapbook Mag, 12x12 mag (do you remember that from years ago?) and Simply cards and Papercrafts plus the front cover of a Scrapbooking book of which I have saved for Ellie for her "Im proud of mummy " moments. She loves that she sees herself in print at times and after all the scrapbooking is for her to keep when I have given up the ghost and finally decided to take a long rest, six feet under. But for now, my proj being on the front of Crafts Beautiful is my most favourite front cover, ever. EVER.

Right, thats my day crammed with goodness. just watch something crap happen tomorrow to steal all the glory from my heart. Like the saying goes, where there is pleasure.............


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Hi I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the tips on how to create a blog header. I only have PSE and I'm not very proficient with it, so I couldn't follow the steps very well, but it did get me started, and I managed to do a little thing that is a vast improvement over the blogger-issued standard header I had before.
So thanks!

cannycrafter said...

Fab, fab, fab! So happy for you xxx Hugs xx

Paul B said...

Wow Fantastic post Kirst!!! Must go grab myself a copy and look at those blogs when I have a free moment. All your hard work pays off in the end :)


Sue Ramsay said...

Well done Kirsty, you deserve it, heaven knows you work hard enough so big CONGRATULATIONS

Jen said...

OO er missus :) You are on ze internet Congrats!!!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

how old is that picture of must be at least 3 years old....wish they would use an up to date one of me....its kind of like a failing trade description!

Lynn said...

Yay for you Kirsty :) Must take a peek at the mag!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Jumping for joy for you! You look so happy with the cover. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

Well done hunny, you deserve it..



Tip Top said...

I know someone else who likes looking at Crafts Beautiful heheheheheh!!!

Its nice to be organised. Sometimes!

Paula Pascual said...

Double Congrats, on the cover and on the order!!!

Cazzy said...

I think you are losing it girl! Now the feet thing and dogs: feet apparently smell like bitches on heat, hence some dogs leg humping!

Cazzy x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I lifted you again. :D Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

youre on a nation take-over!!! Im so pleased-I'd much rather see your gorgeously trendy work in every magazine than some of the old fashioned stuff that some mags delight in churning out month after month...long may you reign!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

. said...


Houston said...

You go girl, you really are just amazingly talented!

Anonymous said...

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