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5 May 2009

5 days from home

Sometimes I love being away from home and other times I just can't bear being without my schtuff.
My clothes, my shoes, my creams, my bestest knickers, my scrap supplies, my everything.
Im crap at travelling light as it is and I hate having to select clothes to cover all manner of weathers and in this godforsaken country it can be sleet to down right insanely hot in one day.
So here is the last minute dot come I find myself on last Thurs night.
I have to get my things ready for QVC; Im not carrying a lot as the samples were made by Lasting Impressions. I just need to take stuff to do on the train (book, iPod, lunch etc) but I also have to pack for going away to Wales (the minute I get back from London). Not only is my schtuff to pack but there is Ellie's too. I can't trust Mark to pack her stuff, he'd pack boy colours and boy looking things and belle is pretty much pink and fluff. I had to ransack her wardrobe for clothes for all weathers plus ransack mine and then raid the toiletry cupboard in the bathroom and all sorts of niff naff and trivia. I pack my stuff and Belles stuff and hope I have the right things because when my train gets back to Wigan on Friday night, we are off to Wales.
Anyways I travel to London on the 1030 train which gets me into Euston at 12.30. Can you believe I can get a train that takes 2 hours to London? That is FAST. If I drive on a normal day it would take 3-4 hours but if I drive on a Bank Holiday it can take between 7-8; maybe more. For once in my train travelling life I do not meet anyone interesting to talk to. I must have picked the most miserable friday to travel, for every face on that train must have been beaten with a wet kipper by the looks. Yawn, boring train journey indeed.
So I bought a newspaper and deemed to believe every word written in there, as is the norm? The Daily Mirror was all that was available to buy; basically it was like reading a joke book only it wasn't funny. I hate it when tabloids lay it on thick, then proceed to smear, slur and defame anyone that dares to stand out from a crown both good and bad. I don't need a newspaper to make my mind up about whats going on in the world; and making judgements needs to be affirmed by ourselves, not some journalist on a power trip. These newspapers are very one sided and it makes me sick. What makes me feel more ill is when people actually believe half the stuff written in the papers and the news, come to think.
it killed two hours and before I knew it I was in Euston station. I got the tube and a wee train to Battersea park to get to my final dest at QVC. The QVC studios lay right behind Battersea Dogs and Cats home. Really, it does. Its a modern building and from the outside, you wouldn't think that there were numerous studios within with electricians, cameramen, sound checkers and presenters running round in their tight little groups. I arrived in good time considering it was Bank Holiday weekend. I made my way to the green room and flumped in a squishy sofa. I think people are under the impression that you sit through various meetings and rehearsals before you go on air. I also think people also believe you have to go through fancy hair and make up and casual chats with the team before you go in the studio. NO!
Its not like that at all.
Its all very informal which is good because it makes you less nervy. You do your own hair and make up (full make up too; to prevent shine) and you don't rehearse. The whole thing is live. And you have to ad lib or have the right answer for the presenter. Gulp! No margin for error and if there is an error, its there for the world to see/laugh at/rewind and play again!
If that's not scary enough you have to think real hard about what you have to say so that you can market the product in its best light, listen to the presenter and show him a demo to his request, concentrate on making or demoing the item and listening to the producer talking in your ear AND answer the presenters questions on top - all this without passing out from stage fright! Its actually a buzz to be able to do it but very, very nerve wracking.
But on Friday something unexpected happened - my ear piece fell out.
And I couldn't put it back in as I was sat, rather un-elegantly with a lap top literally perched on the very edge of my knees which meant I needed to keep both hands on it from falling. And that ear piece is all important as the producer likes to tell you how to hold the item or to wrap to the next item or to keep your hands steady! Oh Gawd. But what made it all a tad nervy was that 5 minutes before I was due to go on air, the bloody fire alarm went off which meant we had to evacuate the building. I vacated the building with Rosemary Merry, whom happens to be real charming and tiny and incredibly friendly in real life and we tried to laugh our way through the commotion. She was in the middle of demoing when the alarm went off; she handled it better than I would have done. I would have shouted out on camera "woooo, send in the hunky firemen to come and rescue me".
Before I knew it I was back in the studio and on air. I can't remember much as it went by so fast but as I was demoing the product I do remember changing the bunny graphic to blue (why?). By the time it was all over I blinked my eyes and thought "Howay, that went super duper fast!".
I went to sit in the green room afterwards to chill out and sat with Nigel Merry who is a very kind fella and whom I spent time chatting about life and dogs and all the stuff in between, just to calm down after the buzz. Next thing I do is hop on a bus to Victoria for a bite to eat before my train left to go home. As I sat at the train station I looked around and just wondered about all the people toing and froing and indeed just waiting. And I suspect they are looking around thinking the same as me..... where are you going, who are you, what do you know? People hugging goodbye and hugging hello with tears and smiles and fond farewells. Its a fun place to hang out to absorb other peoples behaviour.
This is a mum and her daughter; crying before the daughter left. I didn't mean to watch but you just cant help it. I almost burst into tears.Anyway, I recomposed and I get on my 2 hour train back to Wigan, am collected by the fam and we go down to Wales (to marks parents second home) and vegetate for 4 days. It was perfect. No internet, no phones, no doors knocking and no agendas. Peace perfect peace. Im not going to write much else because other than veg and sit in the sun; we did little else exciting other than breathe.

Pic of Ellie from one end of the caravan to the other; I love catching her unawares.Boules; a firm favourite to catch freckles by and whoop the mens asses off - check out lil eds to the far right of the pic, he is so miniscule!
The boys on the poop deck, pooped.
This is the boy when we got back home this avvy. I caught him chewing a sock; doesn't he look awfully guilty?

We want to share a lovely gift that was sent by my super duper new friend, Houston. Not only has she got the coolest name on the planet but she is the Momma of mini Dachs too. Houston commented a while back on a necklace that I was wearing in a photo so I sent her one, because it didn't cost the earth to do so and was a pleasure to be able to treat somebody. And in return she sent one each of these necklaces to belle and I - can you tell what the pendant is?We love our own necklaces lots. Belle has it by her bedside for sake keeping at night and has worn it everyday since we received them. Mine hasn't even left my neck for 4 days since I got to Wales; might keep it on forever!
Thank you Houston - you are so so thoughtful :)


Kate said...

I need to go to your QVC site and see if I can see a bit of your show. I'm so jealous of how exciting that must have been.

Houston said...

Oh I love this post, I love the photos, and the inside scoop on QVC, still bummed to miss it being in darned America and taking the kiddo to school at the time, but most of all I love that you two like the necklaces! Belle is so cute in hers, I wear mine during the day too and then put in a little silk box with elephants on it next to my bed at night, I toss and turn so that I would probably choke myself if I didn't. Oh I am rambling again, big hugs to you.

Sharon Speakman said...

Hey you did a fantastic job on QVC the other day. You are a true professional presenter now. Well done and the nerves were definately not visible today. Keep happy and have fun. Sharon x x x

Crafty Lynn said...

Is it a Dach's head?

Lynn x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

yes! it is! you win!

Angela W said...

Didn't get to see you on QVC, but I am sure you did awesome! Love the necklace from Houston, so cute! Great pics too!

Jenni said...

Cute necklaces, and speaking of Eddie I love the one of him on the beach - he looks like the one of the boules!

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