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28 Apr 2009

Time being sucked right up

Is there somebody out there with a time sucking vacuum cleaner cos if there is, will you bloody turn it off? Thank you!
Ive got a ton of wonderful photos to share from the wonderful Gill and Elaine who have sent lil Belle some dolls house miniatures but they are on a memory card that I cant seem to locate (Prays that my munching mutt hasn't crunched them into his bucket gut).

Until then, I have got some lovely photos of Belle and Eds under a snowing cherry blossom tree. This evening was lovely and warm considering it chucked it down all day. As I ventured to the post office, the sun came out and waved its magical gloriousness over our flower park which is a haven for taking pretty pictures.The dog thought it would be hilarious to chase wee kiddies on their scooters frightening them half to death and I screamed and screamed for him to come hither but you know, that little sod has a mind of his own when he is off the leash. Or perhaps he was doggy speaking to the kids to come and admire his spangly new collar. Isn't it fab? I got it off Etsy from this bonkers girl HERE

I didn't ask belle to pose for me tonight, I just sat and chatted to her as I snapped. She is most happiest doing this and of course so am I. The dog dashed to and fro chasing falling blossom snow and his tail. Then he would rush up to us for licks and jumps and cuddles. Then he would just run around like a psycho dachshund on a barking mission to scare one and all.

Posy hair bobbles are so summery (even if they are black). She wore this to school today.The dog interrupted play by edging off our close circle to bark at air molecules and grass moving inthe wind. If it moves, he has a right monk on!
belle goes to placate him but its no good - he is king of the bloody park!
Arms stretched with a 50mm is not good for neck ligaments but fun enough for pictures!Ellie was talking to me here when a chill blew up and she hugged herself. I think she looks kind of sweet if it wasnt for the pet lip; signalling us to go home :)separating the falling blossom from the old fallen blossoms that have turned a putrid brown.

I love this one of her reaching to scoop some blossoms. Ellie is very supple and you know, she can lift her legs behind her head. Blech to look at.
Came home to dilly and dally as usual and discovered my nails have grown a little longer **Stunning picture alert!**
(Im determined for them to look a little QVC-ish at least before I go to Larndan). Also, my QVC slot has changed to just after 3pm. Im on with Craig Rowe so it should be fun fun fun!

Right - BED!


Kerry said...

Loving your northern terms of 'monk on' and 'pet lip'. I use them all the time and sometimes people don't have a clue what I'm talking about lol.

Fabulous photos and I must check out the collar lady on Etsy. Daisy is getting near the end of hers. Fatso size next after this one.

Bettythebaglady said...

Good luck on QVC Kirsty Wish my nails were so long. Remind us of the date again. Know it's 3 pm but can't spot the day Love BettyXXX

Bettythebaglady said...

Flippin' heck just seen it at the top of your blog. I'm such an idiot.

Houston said...

He is King of the Park really you silly passers-by should bow and pay your respects. Love those photos of Belle in the flowers, candids really are the bestest. The nails are growing love, keep it up!

Kate said...

so, how am I going to be able to see you on QVC? I want to see QVC UK with you on it. Tell me how or I will cry and stomp my feet.

Love the Eliie pics!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous pics Kirsty, you have one gorgeous little princess there and a prima donna am sure your nails will look fantastic..



Brook said...

Lovely picts! My pups need some collars like that it. that some longer nails I see?

Jazzy1972 said...

Awwwww such gorgeous pics of Belle and I was wondering the same thing about the time sucking hoover!!! I am ill now too so I will be getting things done even slower! Yikes. Have fun on QVC I will be watching. Jay xx

Helena said...

Scrumptious photo's as always!

U know what you mean about time passing. I want another April. Two Aprils a year would be good, I think. Except then I would have to get my elder brother 2 birthday presents. Huh!

BTW I sent you another parcel of cards, this time as 'signed for', but tried to trace it today and the post office doesn't know where that one is either! Seems some gremlins are stealing your post!

Fairy Heaven said...

You've inspired me to blog! Love reading your exploits every day...really makes my day better. I have QVC shows on my harddrive all ready to watch, just need to get the kids (1 aged 6, the other aged 30!!!!) off the wii so I can watch! AARGH! Patience is most definately a virtue I don't possess!
Love Ruth Turnerxx

. said...