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3 Apr 2009

Tagsvilles and bloods

Been making tags again. I had half an hours grace on my life this avvo and whipped up these little beauties with their inspiring quotes. Im going to give each tag a quote from now on so that Belle can learn from them and take inspiration in their meaning. Making tags makes me so happy. Im especially enjoying using spray inks but have to say that glimmer mist pumps are really poopy and seem to jam or clog up - anyone got any tips on whats going on?

Came across these little gems tonight whilst on a wholesale dash, you may recognise them as "dew drops". They are perfecto little acrylic, flat back "bubble/epoxy style droplet" embellies to make raindrop style effects on your cards/scrapbooks - even flower centres would benefit from their usage or use them for plain old decorative fun wherever you card needs some gentle blingo. A bag contains approx 100 of each colour - that's just over 900 drops (Hyacinth, Vanilla, Blush, Amber, Rouge, Topaz, Apple, Onyx and Crystal) for £5 plus 50p p&p (uk only). As I managed to buy them in bulk, I have passed the savings on to you; these sell for a lot more for a lot less in some shops. These are part of the Patti Picklicious embellishment range on my website and Ellie and I have called them Patti Pretties :) There are a limited number to sell - so snap them up whilst you can :)

Ok - we have been waiting frippin ages for the Mark and my bloods to come back with regards to a fauly "X" on Ellies genetic make up. The telemore tests analyse the fine tips of chromosomes and are very informative tests. The results show that Mark also has the faulty "X" which means that its just POLYMORPHISM - ie....not the cause of her problems but a natural occurence whilst populating.
Back to the bleeding drawing board, me thinks.


Paul B said...

Lovely tags Kirsty :) and WOW to your find on "dew drops". Must be fate, I was only just drooling over these things this morning on the web but delayed buying and now I know why. Cos you were going to find them!!!! I've just purchased them from you too :) What a find! As for the blood test results, not sure I follow completely but from your tone it sounds like frustrating news. Still every answer, no matter what it is, must surely take you a step closer to the one you're searching for. Pxx

Heather Prins said...

your tags are absolutely fabulous!!

Terrie B x said...

`Beautiful` tags Oh They are a bargain those gems!!!♥

Jen said...

What pretty dew drops! They remind me of those little sweeties ;) Sorry about the x-thing. Wish the tests could have given you some answers... BTW, loving all the pics of Ma Belle and her dolls house stuff!

Crafty Lynn said...

Tried to order some of the Dew Drops but when I get to checkout I'm being charged £5.50 not £5 so when postage is added it comes to £6.

Lynn x

Anne Jagger said...

Lovely Tags.

Glimmer mists - are you really shaking them well and mixing in every
bit of mica powder before you spray?
Otherwise thw powder can clog your nozzle, and there's nothing worse than a clogged up nozzle!

Helena said...

Lovely tags.
I like the idea of making them but haven't, yet.
Big hugs to you and Ellie.

Bundled my cards off to you on Friday. Hope they are ok!

Cazzy said...

Oooh, sounds like a bargain to me, I only have a jar of the clear ones, off to take a peek now.

Cazzy said...

Mine were £5.50 too but postage was 0 so came to right amount in the end.

Cazzy x

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rosie (Freycob) said...

Hey chick! Just a question... How big are your tags? I can't work out the scale.


Anonymous said...

come down and visit me on Wed,if Cannycrafter doesnt answer you! lol-bitch of a commute tho, to Hampshire! lol
Love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Crafty Lynn said...

Tried again to order some of the Dew Drops but the price comes up as £5.50 plus 50p postage so £6.00 in total. Surely it can't just be me that this happens to!! Could you check if the price has been set wrong in the store?

Lynn x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Message for Lyn who is having trouble ordering the dew drops. I cant email you as you have not left me a way of contacting you. Can you mail me at - I think if you are running your web browser through AOL you could be having troub. Either that or refresh your screen when you are in my website and clear your cookies (mmmm, cookies!)

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