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18 Apr 2009

T & D

G & T....................gin and tonic
A & E....................accident and emergency
M & S...................marks and spencer
T & D.....................aha! You know what I mean!

Man alive, did I ever have the best night ever? Did Ellie get spoiled rotten with celebs and her new found love of ice dance? Im not kidding you but the moment you sit in your seat at these ice dance events, you are entertained not only by the pre-show compere but also the electrifying atmosphere.
It was the best £40 (ahem, a ticket!) ever spent.
But before we even got there we had already enjoyed the sights of a buzzing, warm evening in Manchester. This is "The Triangle" area of Manchester, isn't it gorgeous? Friday night after work drinks were in high spirits; it was a beautiful, warm spring evening!This building is awesome. You cant see it but that building slopes down the back like a ski slope.
The manchester "eye" behind some freaky sculpture.
I'd never go on one but they look impressive.
The food? Oh Man - TO DIE FOR!
And to die for food isn't an equation that Ellie is used to. Why? Well Ellie eats because we tell her too. Given her half the chance, she would pass up a meal. But we feed her roughly 6 times a day (breaky, mid morn snack, lunch, afternoon snack, tea and supper) and she manages quite well but at a snails rate and without passion most of the time. So when we both decided to try the Wagamama noodle bar, she became armed with a new found excitement. Ellie is a pasta freak as it is and noodles are not far from the similarity. We got inside and took a bench seat and she was reading the menu with new eyes. She couldn't believe that it was a noodle bar. Noodle this, noodle that.......crazy frikkin noodles! Another thing about Ellie is that we often caller her a noodle doodle if you she does something silly. I think the world noodle sums her up at times. Noodles are the new black, the new die cutting phenomena, the new T&D - the new superfood!

So anyway, we ordered our food with the most amazing and attentive staff - they were so excitable; it made you want to be a noodle! And I couldn't get enough of her jibber jabber; I had to film it with my little pocket camera thingy. Its noisy but I love to see that peach tucking in to food like we all should tuck into food. She kept saying "Dads gonna love this place" and "when are we going to come back". All that excited stuff you get from a kid.....its inspiring.

Love that the staff can centre a picture and chop my flaming head off!
The Belle monster - tucking in good and proper!
Stealing some of my sticky rice (I did have noodles, as well, honest!)
They are under this lot of magnificent veg and herb carvings!No sooner had we scoffed more noodles than the entire population of China did we have to walk over the the MEN arena. It was swarming with T&D fans all buzzing and headed for their seats. We bought an official 25th Bolero anniversary programme that came with a Gold medal and purple ribbon (Elie put that on straight away! Plus its a beautiful programme of which we shall treasure).
And so on to our seats.
Im not kidding you it was heaving - Im guessing on 20,000 people (I know it can hold 28,000+) but the rink had taken up the centre portion denying the arena of its full capacity. We got in our seats and were treated by some fun compering and audience participation. EVERYONE joined in except Ellie who dare not stand up because the seating was steep and she thought she might fall. She still sang along and laughed at me getting all excited every time we saw pictures of T&D on the big screen before the opening performance. I'll not bore you with a blow by blow account but just this, quickly.......... the opening sequence involved masked dancers that ended up in the middle of the rink surrounded by falling curtains. They dimmed the lights and from within the curtains there were ice dancers re-enacting Barnum, Mack and Mabel, Passo Doble and Bolero but all you could see were shadows. Then the curtains dropped and instead of 10 ice dancers in there, you saw T&D in their Bolero "get up", on their knees and then started to do the Bolero thing. **SOB** It was a mystical moment. Truly exciting and emotional.

So the night goes through the dances from the pro ice dancers and the celebs of the last season and the two seasons before with being our favourite out of the lot. No nasty Jason Gardiner in the judging panel which Ellie was disappointed about but he was replaced with ahem **insert scream** Duncan from Blue. Swit bloody swoo. Camera was on slow shutter speed here so his arm is kind of erm, missing!Of course Karen Barber was there to soften the blow too (we lubs her). Also, adding humour to the night was Todd Carty whom Ellie adored and laughed at all the time he was on. Suzanne Shaw performed some amazing twists and jumps which we loved too. Oh, Im just going to shut up now because Im boring myself now because Im no good at relaying the nights events for its something you have to go and see for yourself (or when the video comes out in Oct/Nov!).

I didnt take any routine photos as my camera was only a pokey point and shoot but this is the end line up - you can just make out T&D!This is the moment where the Bolero dance off was between Ray and chris. we begged for ray to win actually although we cheered chris on from the start! Chris won but Ray danced better.
In sum, we ate, we laughed, we danced, we shouted and we boo'ed and then we went home and Ellie wanted some chicken from the Golden heart attack Arches (This kid is on a growth spurt, I swear!) so she ate them and then promptly fell asleep; with her medal around her next and clutched next to heart.

This is us in the car (not driving before you all have heart failure!). I looked whacked!belle with her coveted commemorative medallion!

Good times indeed :)

By the way, wondered if any of you have seen this programme by a Canadian team... check it out HERE

Am going to go to bed for a lovely nights sleep after attending a beautiful wedding ceremony today and will prob share a few piccies.


Kate said...

That looks like an amazing time. Ellie is in her glory. Now I'm starving for noodles.

Wave over at my oldest for me.....she's on your side of the pond this week. Stonehenge for her tomorrow. :) Hugs!

Patricia said...

A video of my favourite girl! She's so adorable!
Now I want noodles too...any leftovers?

Bettythebaglady said...

Thanks for sharing Kirstie.You both obviously had an amazing time Can't do T&D but bus pass to Manchester and it's Wagamama here we come!XXX

weewiccababe said...

looks fantastic - and it was such a treat to see Belle in video

hello gorgeous said...

Hey lovely, LOVE this post today.

Thanks for the jewellery advice earlier in the week - I have now "created" and added to my blog - pop over when you have a spare five mins - would love to know what you think of my first attempts :D

hugs xxxx

Houston said...

I'm thinking I need to get out more, it looks like you two had a great time!

Brook said...

I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time! Ellie looks so happy!

EWhyley said...

Ohhh I love Wagamamma's, one of my fave places to eat, you are making me hungry now. There isn't one near me, sigh!!
Looks like you had a fab time!
Em x

amyjk said...

what a fun post, kirsty- loved the video too. makes me want noodles :)

ellie is so pretty

fgeegf said...

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