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24 Apr 2009

Sneaks at Studio Calico

Been working hard on many many things this week.
And next week I shall be making many many more for I am on QVC next Friday (National Scrapbooking Day Event even though Nat Scrap Day is off-ish 2nd May) and need to make sure things are ship shape and tickety boo. No, its not my CD (yet) but a software product that is fun and dead easy to use. Now normally us demonstarators are preferred to have spangly, long nails but I chewed mine off a week ago and I need a "grow quick recipe". Your answers or help on a TSV at my address please :)In the meantime, whilst I do handstands in manure (thanks Darcy!) to help the nails mature please take a wee peak of Mays Studio Calico kit. Loved the vibrant mix of colours and cork....mmmm, cork.

If you are in Burnley tomorrow and are at a loose end, pop into Craft Range and come and say hello (preferrably with some nail growing advice; and no, I cant wear acrylics nails, unfortch)

Hugs x


Anne aka Anniescraps said...

love them, but then I always do. I haven't a clue to grow finger nails, sorry to say. How about getting a drop dead handsome bugger to hold the items for you... no one will be looking at your hands then ;-)

tg said...

Beautiful details -- very inspiring.

Max said...

You can't beat Sally Hanson's Miracle Nail Growth. Paint it on your nails once a day for 7 days and you will be amazed at the transformation. Any chemist should have it.


Patricia said...

I like the idea of the handsome bugger...Eddy would work too if you can't find a human :-D
And btw...your sneaks are fantabulous, can't wait to see the full thing!

Emily Pitts said...

i have SO been waiting for these. and although i wish it had happened sooner, i suppose i can forgive you. these are fantabulouso my dear. i mean really.

no help on the nails. i can't stand anything longer than 1/8 inch. out come the trimmers.

Kath said...

Hi Kirsty
get yourself some Liz Earle hand cream from QVC....makes the nails grow like grass and nice and strong too...Hugs Kath xxxxx

sharon said...

oohh how bizarre Kath..great minds think alike, Liz Earle for face, hands and feet is the way to go.
...and if it makes you feel any better, I much prefer to see a well manicured natural short-ish nail on tv.
I just can't craft with them damn shovels on the end of my fingers...good luck on QVC..I will be sending positive vibes through the screen ..(not that you'll need them)

Anonymous said...

Whatever you go with re the nails don't surrender to naff extensions with french manicure. I hate presenters who apply nails for the shows who clearly can't handly anything as they are not used to them. Go commando, you'll be much more comfy & short painted nails are tres fash!

greyparrot said...

If you can't wear liquid and powder acrylics, then what about fibreglass/silk wraps, they are my speciality and are fab, or maybe even gels?
You don't have to have them long, in fact if you have been nibbling, short is better. A good nail tech will make them thin, beautiful and natural looking, not like you are wearing shovels on the ends of your fingers.
To be honest, as long as they are clean and tidy then all is good!

Terrie B x said...

Keep them short and sweet anyhows theres nothing wrong with them!!!!
You will be fine dont worry...
ooooh I`m getting Exited for ya honey!!!
Hope you had a wonderful dya today my loverly one:)♥

Net said...

The easy way to stop biting your nails... have your teeth out. Guaranteed you can't 'gum' your nails down to the quick. I thought the manure tip was a good one... ;))

Loving your CD

stephanie howell said...

you are just fabulous. gosh, so wish i could watch you on tv!

Patricia8 said...

Get to a professional manicurist, get a french manicure done - even with NO nails they can make it look like you have a little bit of nail and they look wonderful. I am always amazed at how good my nails can look!

LizzieG said...

Massaging your fingers with hand cream or nail cream will help blood supply and encourage faster growth. You can do ok in a week.
If you've got a pair of cotton gloves (like they sell for housework etc), try slathering on a good hand cream (like neutrogena or body shop) and sleeping in the gloves for a couple of nights (if you can bear it) or do it when you're watching tv.
Use an emery board (not a metal file!) and neaten your nails. If you round the corners a little bit, they look longer - don't overdo it if they're short though.
Then apply a coat of nail base and let it dry thoroughly. Finally a coat of good quality natural-coloured polish will give them a nice shine.
If your nails are clean and neat, no-one will notice if they're long or short.
Glad to hear you've got a QVC slot - hope it goes v. well.

Angela W said...

I always love your sneaks! The cork is intriguing! I can't wait to see them on reveal night!

Brook said...

You are always such a tease! Looking Lovely.

cannycrafter said...

Looooooove it! I always think your work is so inspiring!
Sorry, no ideas re the nails! Too late to start eating cubes of jelly I suppose!!! Caroline x

Lyn said...

Loving your sneaks! So much detail packed in those teeny tiny pictures :)

Houston said...


Cazzy said...

If you can't wear falsies then how about crafting something you can wear - little card "hats" for example (or if you have a melt pot you could maybe make a mould of a perfect nail and make some UTEE ones), failing that emply a hand double hee hee - I would have the same trouble.

Cazzy x

CleverCrafter said...

I am having the same problem at the moment!! And I work around water all day not good on the nail front!! Thankfully I have until May 25th so fingers crossed....Good luck and no nibbling on those nails!!


Ali and Levi xxx

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