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15 Apr 2009

She's grown

Oh my sweet love, Belle.
You are the apple of my eye and the reason why I wake up in a morning (and not just cos I have to take you to school - bwahahahahahha).
You are growing up right before my eyes.
You were venturing off for a sleepover today and wanted to fit in. So we selected your most groovacious outfits and I applied some make up; but just a touch.
You gathered some "girly night in" stuff to take with you and you sat at the window waiting for Beths mum to pick you up.
Each second felt like an hour and it wasn't long before you sat on the sofa to concentrate on not watching cars come in and out of the street.
I grabbed my camera because I didn't want to forget the look on your face or miss the intensity of your excitement.
And you gave me this prize shot here.Regular blog readers should know how very difficult it is to get a picture of you because of your photophobia. How I have to always use a slow shutter speed in a dark room and suffer the fact I cannot get a clear focused shot without having to resort to ridiculous ISO levels AND then.......I have to lighten it all in photoshop. I could cry at how I love this picture though :)

And then you talked to me as I snapped some more and the camera loved you today!You see the picture below? And you see the wall vinyl we have...and the blank canvasses? Im stuck for photos to go on there (have for a few weeks now)
Me thinks I have got at least one to go on there now. I cant wait to fill these canvasses with lots of 7x5 prints in sepia tones. The "Family" title will adorn one of the canvasses somewhere; I think I am going to have to work it like a layout. All in good time, me thinks :)

We opened up some post that had been sent in our absence.
Again, more dolls house teenies from Claire Crompton - thank you Claire, Belle is besides herself, I dont think we can thank you enough!
The dog didnt seem to care for this mini fruit and veg ensemble... but we did!These mini mini yummy dinni tarts were the delight of the whole package!
Belle loved the gumball machine....... we LOVE miniature!
And Darcy sent this sock monster along with some cards for Soldiers - its just fabulous and Ellie loved it immediately! I'll read the inscription that came with it tomorrow, I can't seem to put my hands on it right now. Think Belle sneaked it off to her sleepover!And Lizzie sent some cards for soldiers using my free download papers from the patti blogas well as some notebooks she made using some papers from my CD. Three for me and one for Belle - I mean, goodness me..... people are way too generous for me to keep up with their thoughtfulness.
thank you all so so much :) Really. I truly mean it. THANK YOU :)

Before Belle left me (boo hoo) we caught up on some Eddy loving. She whispered little "I'll miss you's" in his ears, cuddled him tight and kissed him gently. SOB!He looked at me as if to say........ give me some bloody peace, will you!
So i did but I couldn't help snap a pic of his crazy ear stuck up the side of the sofa. Silly, crazy, lovable toad!
And then, something crazy happened.
Both Mark and I went out for a meal.
I mean.
Holy Frozen Dinners!
I forgot what to do.
We have not been out for bloody months.
I had to mind my manners and try not to kick off my shoes and put my feet up.
Have you tried to stifle belching in public places?
Its hard.
But we had a lovely meal at Gallimores in Wigan.
It was weird not being out without our lil girl..... I kind of felt like my arm was missing.
Good food, good company and nails bitten to the quick as I think about my baby.


Heidi said...

Beautiful pictures of your baby, Kirsty! I love the first one too...def shows off her cherry lips that you always comment on!

Houston said...

Kirsty she is beautiful, such expressive eyes! Hope she has a wonderful time.

Brook said...

Belle is just beautiful! I love those picts of her...wouldn't you just love to have that beautiful complexion.

I am so excited that she is loving her new hobby!

Jo Austin said...

my god, Belle is looking sooooo grown up! She's growin in front of our eyes too.. lol..

Love the photies of Eddie.. he's a smasher..

LOL at you at your romantic dinner.. lol.. You always bring a smile to my face!

Jo xx

Kath said...

oh this brought a tear to my sweet and so pretty and all excited about the sleepover....just love those cherry lips....Hugs Kath xxxxx

Dianna said...

Beatifull bella, ive been following your blog for a couple of yrs now. She has grown so much. fab pictures as always.x

Sue Abbott said...

Kisty your blog is ACE!!!!!! I just have to follow it and have withdrawals symptoms if I don't get onto it every day. It's so honest, humorous and interesting, and the unexpected photo's, they are 'exquisite', Belle is a beauty! Long may you continue blogging - love it!!!!
Sue x

crafty capers said...

You have a beautiful daughter and a beautiful dog! I love the reflection in the dog's eye!! Kate :-)

Sam said...

I hope Belle had a great time at her sleepover

Terrie B x said...

Hope Belle had a lovely time at her freinds sleepover..
Have a lovely Day ..
Beautiful photo`s...
Love that canvas and flowers on the wall..Fab!!!:)♥

Miss Magic said...

Just simply stunning piccies.
Belle is growing up just beautifully. Is'nt it funny how it hits you all of a sudden. i know every so often I look at mine and have to double take because they've suddenly "grown".
Glad you got out with Mark too.
Sharon (Stone)x

angie's blogspot said...

Your Belle is absolutley gorgeous, and how it shows in those photo's, stunning! xxxx

weewiccababe said...

I love the 3rd photo the best - that cheeky wee smile is just gorgeous.

Graham and I haven't been anywhere without the kids for about 4 years - it would be weird to have a meal without hissing "For God's sake, stop dipping your food in your juice" at someone lol

Cazzy said...

What a great shot the first one is! I am glad you managed to go out too.

Cazzy x

Lizzie G said...

Hope Belle had a lovely time and that you enjoyed your evening. We don't get to go out on our own very often. Recently the Boy went to a birthday party and we took the opportunity to visit a Thai restaurant - it felt odd without him (and his endless notebooks).
Glad you like the stuff. Thanks for showing my cards!

Annette said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Fabulous pics of a lovely little lady.

Jo E said...

Those pics of Belle are the best. What a lucky lady you are to have such a beautiful girl. I know how you mean about part of you being missing when they are not with you. I had a similar experience last week when my Mum had my little one for the night. I missed her sooo much.

Anonymous said...

lovely gawjuss curlygirl!
Lulubelle x

Jackie said...

All your photos are really lovely Kirsty but that first picture of Ellie is just stunning!

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*reyanna klein* said...

I LOVE these pictures of Ellie. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady. :)

And I'm so glad you and hubby and some time out. :)

. said...


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Anonymous said...

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