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7 Apr 2009

Seaside air

pheweeeeee.... am sleeping lots.
The north sea air and the biting wind is swilling out every last ounce of drudge and instead renewing my lungs with that heady potion we all long for - the ease of "dropping off". I should bottle it and flog it on ebay to make a fast buck but to really savour it, you ought to get to the coast and try it for yourself.

Belle and I went to town today to get out of the way of my momma as she was teaching classes. I hated leaving the dog as he was in "eat stranger mode" today and with mums students coming in dribs and drabs, he had a lot of meat to contend with (ie barking like a rabid animal until he was told to "sharrup" for the millionth time). Anyway, I treated Ellie to lunch at our favourite seaside cafe (Higginsons on King Street, Bridlington) where it helps if you are over 60 to blend in with the crowd. They serve the BEST hand cut ham sammiches and not forgetting their fammus bacon butties. They serve a generous portion of 4 back rashers per breadcake and Ellie was in salty pig heaven. We also shared a cheese and tomato toasty too (the sea air gives you an explosive appetite and believe me, my appetite is pretty humongous at the best of times) which is now turning into lardy fat globules on my thighs **burp**.

After that, we only ventured into Boyes, a fab department store that is only seen in towns on the east of England (I think there is one in Bradford which is W. Yorkshire but still....its still east of Wigan!) You can NEVER go into Boyes and not be tempted by their fabulous offers. And Mark, you bought me two pairs of shoes today, ok? Both pairs for just £20 (Ive left Mark at home to decorate and titivate the house!) With my money I bought some beads to make Ellie's friend, Beth, a bracelet which I actually made tonight (pics to follow) and some toiletries which were practically at giveaway prices. If you are a Boyes fan, let me know...we can share the excitement together!

Tomorrow we are off to Beverley to spend the day with Caroline (some of you may know her as cannycrafter) and Im so excited. The dog is coming too; its going to be a reet grand affair. Ive just discovered on her blog that she has an outstanding ETSY shop....cor blimey Caroline, you are a wizz and also she is on the running for Scrapbook Apprentice (which I may add has absolutely nothing to do with me even though my picture appears on the logo) Still, im rooting for Caroline as her craftwork is superb.

Thats me, for today - in a nutty sized nutshell.

Going to luxuriate in some peaceful sleep (if the bloody dog will move over, the little sod is acting all "king of the castle-ish".... just because he is on his holidays too!).

Loves xx


Terrie B x said...

You cant beat the seaside air!!!!
It`s a bit gusty at our beach today...Blowin a hoolie actually....grrrr.....Have a loverly Day tommorra That shop sounds right up my street!!!lol..

Houston said...

He is the king of the castle, no matter what castle he is in! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday, it will be a week before I can mail you girlies my package, it's in the works ;)

Jozza said...

Boyes is the BEST! The one is York leaves a lot to be desired but the one in Scarborough is top notch. I buy lace for my cards from Boyes :o)

Love the sea air - am going to Scarborough tomorrow to get a fix xxx

Kerry said...

I love love love Brid. It is my favourite seaside place up here in yorkshire. Scarborough is a close second now they have smartened up the north end.

I don't think I have been in Boyes more than once and my other half more or less dragged us out because of the golden oldies blocking the aisles. He likes a crowd free shop does my hubby. Must try again next time we go.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Deanne said...

ah good ole 'boyes' when i visit mum at the seaside we have to go too :) Such bargains to be had...
thats in Louth, Lincolnshire :) xxxx

nikkyhall said...

We were brought up on Boyes and its fab, Scarb's best cos it has an ace caff on the top floor and a decrepit Grace Brothers lift which scares me. Best time to go is Xmas for the grotto which takes over the bottom floor. How many of us used to spend 3 hours on a saturday trying on all the granny hats?!!!! xx FFF

Susan said...

There is a Boyes in Grimsby, I've been in Boyes in Louth, York, Scarborough, Gainsborough...(not a mad Boyes fan or anything, honest) but I think Grimsby's is the largest.
I can't stand the shop!!
We used to live just up the road so I have vivid memories of my mum dragging me in there. Your schoolmates seeing you with a Boyes carrier bag meant you got the pee took something rotten. When I first started cardmaking that was the only place locally I could buy peel-offs, I think they still have the same ones in there now LOL.

Bettythebaglady said...

Glad you're enjoying the sea air. This Yorkshire lass exiled in Lancashire has fond memories of Brid. Kirstie just think about when you do blend in with all the sixty year olds-that's when you realise that you are one!
The place I used to spend my hols-Barmston-is now under the sea!

Annette said...

Another Boyes fan here - always a must visit. Enjoy your time in East/North Yorkshire. Don't forget to have a paddle!!!!!

Always loved Scarborough Boyes - even as a little girl. Funny how I always manage to buy something (OH is a fan too!!!)

crafty capers said...

Ah, you can't beat a trip to Boyes! There's a good one in Darlington (or Darlo' as us North Easterners like to call it). And another good one in Northallerton. You can't beat Boyes for Knitting wool and buttons LOL ha ha ha! Kate

Lynn (Ellesea) said...

Your talkin' my kinda language.....Breadcakes;) Boyes are fab for all haberdashery bits and bobs. There are 3 in Hull...Holderness Road, Hessle Road and Bransholme Centre. There is one in Beverley too (I think!) Can you still buy Wendy's Waffles in Brid? I must visit Brid the next time I am "home". Lynn x (still in Southern Norway, where the snow is STILL melting!)

cannycrafter said...

Another confirmed Boyes fan here!! We do have one in Beverley and it is the only place to get craft stuff here!!! And fabric. I so enjoyed our day Kirsty, thanks for coming by, I had a ball! Love Caroline xxx

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