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1 Apr 2009

Poo Poo mood

I have been in a relatively crap mood ALL day. I know, I know, I know. Im up and then down and then Im really up and then Im in the bog of down-ment. But you know, I could lie and say my life is the perfect peach everyday. But its not! So ner!

What didn't make the matter more digestible was a cat "spraying" in our porch. The smug little git is a real wind up merchant for Eds. He runs in our back garden, up the shed wall and sits on the roof goading him. And Eddy truly has a right to take a nibble out of him should he catch up with him one of these days. And even more so because our porch reeks. Well it did until Mark came home. I would have cleaned it myself but it made me all grouchy and fed up. I love cats well, more like kittens.... we don't deserve this. I swear to god, it friggin stinks to high heaven.

On a brighter note, Belle received some little trinkets today from Diane Wray and Jackie. It still flummoxes both Belle and I at peoples generosity and it can't go without a mention. Diane wanted to clear out her Victorian teashop collection and thought it would look good in Ellies dolls house collecsh. We both marvelled at how dinky the little pieces were and Ellie was in miniature heaven.
I love watching Ellie read. Look at the concentration!The mini cakes and breads and things were so cute and made us feel so excited!Ellie was so in love with the maid that Diane so kindly sent too. I know these things are not cheap. Bless you Di xx
This is the contents of the booty box she sent...... oooh, its so much fun!Then we discovered that Jackie had sent a phone charm in amongst some cards for soldiers that I am still collecting. Ellie loves it! Thank you so so much x I must take a picture of the flaming Mount Kilimanjaro pile of beautiful cards overtaking our spare room!

We also had a review letter come through the door from belles school. Ellie is statemented which means we should get to see the SENCO on a regular basis. Not so this year. Since last September we have not seen the SENCO once. The letter outlined the teachers feedback of Ellie progress and targets and we were distressed to read that teachers are picking up on her work presentation. Im wondering if they forgot she cant write properly or have the fine motor skills to give them something to meet their satisfaction? I think this is what has played on my mind all day. Some teachers write to explain that Ellie is becoming distressed in class at other children's behaviour. Hmmm, ok. Whose fault is it that Ellie doesn't like kids shouting and being rude to the teacher? I can't see to it, Im not there. She doesn't come from an unstable, angry home hence she is not used to dealing with rowdy behaviour. One teacher explains that Ellie is the cause of the rowdiness which is not in context with 12 other teachers feedback on her behaviour. So we challenged Elie with this and she explains that she puts her hand up to complain that children are throwing things at her or are pressing delete on her computer work (bear in mind, Ells takes an age to type a sentence). The teacher has not fully understood the root of Ellie dismay and pinned the disruption on her. Oh god, I AM GOING TO BLOODY SCREAM. This really has rattled my cage. Its kind of choking me, if I am honest. Mark and I are trying our best to bring our girl up to be kind and courteous and because we do, the teachers think we need to address how she handles what is clearly a school issue. Maybe someone can help me out here? perhaps Im blinded by that mother/child protection barrier. sigh :(
Mark could sense I was not in the best of moods when he got home and was all cuddly when he realised. It was the best present for me today and cuddles cost nothing and are endless. As I came "to" I jogged about the garden taking in the green that's springing up in my fave spots of the yard. That really made me feel happy. And in about the space of an hour I was back to normal and feeling human again.
My heather, still holding on to its autumn flora.the blossom tree peeping from the side of the garage.
We have a love/hate relationship with our holly bush. Sometimes we hack it right back and other times we love it for its perpetual lush greenery.
The sky was magnificent this afternoon. Spring feels so real now.
My favourite trailing ivy segment on our rickety fence. Trailing ivy makes me happy.Also...
Found out that from today that all local council swimming pools in the UK are now FREE to the general public as part of the governments initiative to get us all more active. FREE SWIMS! Hooray to that, we are planning a little splash on Friday night and to see how Ellie copes with a cooler pool and her new found swimming skills. I do worry about council pools though, kids think they make great toilets and sometimes I swallow water and ugh, it doesn't bear thinking about. Lest we forget the attack of the verrucas, hair all over the changing room and floating band aids (vom).

**Treat Time**
Whenever you want to shake away those blues and have happy tears - watch this. I loved watching this on X-Factor last year - classic TV viewing with tears to match!


Patricia said...

Sending you cuddles from across the pond!

Anonymous said...

Schools! What do they know? I got a report for my son saying that he was working well even though he'd not attended for a term and a half....? WTH?
Make an appointment to go and see the SENCO and ask what THEY are going to do for Ellie - ALWAYS put the onus on them! Some schools use statemented children as a means to get extra funding and then use the funding to prop up non-funded areas. Make sure your princess gets her entitlement.
What lovely people crafters are. The dolls house goodies are wonderful.
(((((Hugs to all 3 of you)))))

Clare said...

Schools make me sooooo cross sometimes!
Harry's school have piled on the SATS pressure this year stressing that they must do revision and then last week he got an English project to complete during the Easter hols!! WTF! Have asked the school when is he supposed to be able to do things a boy of 10 is supposed to do like Play!!!
Have another cuddle from me (()) xxx

Paul B said...

Sorry to hear your having a poo day and like you say - they do happen and there's no point telling yourself they don't. Glad you got your cuddle and even I - Victor Meldrew incarnate - go all soft at the pics of Ell opening the generous gifts for her doll house. What with that and the cards for solidiers, it's so good to hear of people's kind spirits. Love & big hugs to you all. P xx

Anonymous said...

LMFAO at the schools letter but only because if I didn't I'd sit down and cry with you! I so feel for you as my daughter gets in trouble for what is seen as 'interfering' (i.e. telling tales when people are messing around) and because of ONE incident that she took the blame for over FOUR years ago and has always maintained wasn't her (even in private to me and littles girls tell their mums everything, right?!?!?). The deputy head says as she doesn't admit it (in the blatant lack of evidence!) then she MUST be a LIAR!
Oh, and the humongous crime that was commited and has led to 4 years tagged as 'one to keep an eye on'? Spilt paint on the teachers desk. Crime of the century don't you think?
Your daughter is beautiful, charming and loved - don't think any of us ask for anything more do we? And you certainly don#t need a letter to tell you that.
Hugs and virtual calories,

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Oh Kirsty! Bloody schools eh? My friend is trying to move her daughter from year 7 to another school as her daughter is totally fed up at not being given the chance to learn due to other kids being disruptive and rowdy and the teachers spending far too much time disciplining the naughties than teaching those that want to learn! Makes me cross and also very thankful for the place that Jacob has in his school where rowdiness and lack of discipline are NOT tolerated in the slightest!

Hugs to you chick. xx

Anonymous said...

Shout at us...and we WILL shout back...
but cry at us...and while we hold you, mopping up your tears, we WILL winkle out from you the names of those who hurt you and we WILL snap their legs when they least expect it..roar all you want,pet-its your bloody blog!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Topsy78 said...

Hi Kirsty

Sorry that you have been having a bad day. I am an avid reader of your blog most days and have been reading that Belle is decorating a dollhouse. I have some things in miniature that are left over from my dollshouse days, there are some fun things like jam tarts in a tray, bananas (Made by Angie Scarr), candles with holder, tortoise hibernating and other bits and pieces too. If you would like me to send them on, then please email me.

Hope today will be better for you.

Claire Crompton

weewiccababe said...

I wonder sometimes how some of these teachers had the intelligence to get their degrees in the first place. Its down to a lack of communication and their inability to retain information. I'm dreading my son going to secondary school, as I know I'm never going to be away from the place. My chum is going through the same with her eldest who is away to sit his exams and his teachers are constantly getting on at him for his handwriting when they have been told til my pal is blue in the face, that he has development co-ordination disorder.
my advice (if you don't want it then I apologise) is to get on their cases. I know its a constant battle, and sometimes you get sick of having to fight all the time, but unfortunately we have to do it to get the best for our special kids
good luck sweetheart
oh and that clip of Alexandra makes me bubble every single time

Sharon Speakman said...

Bloody hell Kirsty. I have yet to meet the full time school thing yet but i'd be straight down that school and ask the appropriate teachers exactly what they mean that ellie is a distruption! I'm sure she's swearing and fighting and behind the school bike shed getting up to mischief - NOT!!!!! It seems to be an uphill struggle for your family. Good luck. Will give you a ring next week to come and collect a cd off you and a brew! Sharon x x x

Anonymous said...

Oh! And! When they've finished making excuses as to why the funding isn't going to Ellie; rip their arms off and slap 'em with the soggy ends... :D Sorry! Have been brewing about this all day - been there, done that, and had to take my son out of school in the end..
HeyJude! (again) x

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, it's Sue (the daft bird from Wigton!) re. Belle, have emailed you, ok? xxxx
The Cardfairy

Anonymous said...

I am afraid the free swimming is only England and then only certain Council areas

Cazzy said...

Poor Ells, it really isn't fair on her and I hope you get something sorted soon. The dolls house treats are lovely.

Cazzy x

Houston said...

I honestly wish that I could just gather you all up and hug you. I can't imagine what the teachers are thinking... I agree it's a school issue, in the sense that it sounds like the school has issues, such as how to discipline rowdy behavior, that need to be addressed.
As for the pool, enjoy... relax, take a load off and remember that you can then go home and munch some type of yum treat because you burned so many calories swimming!!!
Your garden photos are glorious and make me horridly jealous because spring has become the new winter her in Colorado :(
Hugs and love to you, btw I like that you don't sugarcoat your life.

Kerry said...

I would definitely ring them and say you want an appointment to discuss this. Some teachers may not be fully aware of her difficulties with writing.

I am dreading september when Curtis goes to high school. His writing is like a spider at the best of times because he has dyspraxia and his issues because of the Autism are going to be really put to the test.

Anonymous said...

My school report said could try harder (I spent my time trying)... I was put in a special class for reading & writing (At the time I was trying my best).. His comments "my handwritting was horrific & appaling". I think he forgot it was his responsibility to support me with these things. I wanted to join the Choir, he said I couldnt sing.... So i left school got a degree, have a successful career, and passed my singing exam! In Life it is so much easier to put people down and write them off rather than put more effort in to support people that need a little more praise and encouragement, dont you think?!

fgeegf said...

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