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20 Apr 2009

Make hay whilst the sun doth shine

For the pat 3 years we seem to have had incredibly warm April's and May's. Then comes the June's, Jul's and Aug's and the weather goes into mega crap rain and gloom.
So we were making hay cos the sun was shining!
I love that saying; it makes me feel summery and happy.

Yest we spent a lovely afternoon on the garden swing, eating salad and nibbles and drinking ice cold diet coke. I guess it was Belle's and my diet coke break except it was marginally less enjoyable than your average advertised diet coke break where an electrician or workman comes to strip down to reveal his bare torso and offers to peel grapes and fans you under a palm frond. I really wish diet coke breaks existed. **sigh**
Instead I get to feast my eyes on this fella here.... he will do for now ;)Oh and this fella, trying to cadge a morsel of our lunch!A quick visit from Nana supplied Ellie with her Nana top up; I really love this photo :)All this whilst bed linen dried on the that is the best fragrance in the world!And left over pastry from our homemade chicken pie was cut into these delightful flowers and topped with jam - simple, rustic and delicious.Today has been just as glorious. Belle has an extra day off school for teacher training so we went to town to try on shoes. Trying on shoes is just as fun as buying them but I didn't come away with any expensive ones, just these babies for £4. Belle got wardrobed up for the summer (she has outgrown her trousers and jeans - eeeek, I only notice through her clothes that she is growing) and she came away with some cool tee's and light summer jackets. I bought some beaded necklaces from junk jewellery shops to cut up and use in my own designs because its works out to be fabulously much cheaper.

Then both Belle and I went for free reads at Waterstones. I love free reads. I pore over vintage fashion, photography books, design and interiors and anything else that catches my eye. If I had the money, I would have a library dedicated to my own personal wing of a mansion completely chock block full of beautiful hard backed books with perfect imagery in them. Instead of a huge armfull of books I came away with this and belle got another magic Puppy book to add to her growing collection. I think the books are way below her peer age but they are geared towards her reading age and she can finish one in about 3 or 4 hours; which keeps us both very happy.

Another day of sunshine tomorrow, might streak nake-o down the local village. Well, why not? its warm enough.


angie's blogspot said...

Have to agree lovely weather at the mo, thanks for your comment on my jewllery, no plans to sell owt just yet, but when I get better at it who knows. xxx

Marie said...

ROFLMAO at the thought of you streaking through Ashton!! I'm really hoping this summer weather lasts another month so it's nice for my jollies to Filey. Fingers crossed it remains. We've had crap weather for our holidays the last few years - we are due some sun! (although I suppose that's the price we pay for holidaying in the UK *SIGH*)


Sonia said...

I so need to know where the top pink Rock tee is from. My DD Guitar Hero Rock Chick would love it...please share & I hope they have stores in my neck of the woods.

Brook said...

I don't know how you do it all! Love the graphic tee's. I could really tell from the picts that Belle is growing. She is a regular bean stalk!

Anonymous said...

How strange, I literally just arrived home from shopping with the same cherry pop tshirt :]


*reyanna klein* said...

That photo of Belle and her Nana is just precious! LOVE it. :) And love the photos of yummy food. :)

Houston said...

I am so glad that it's finally sunny and nice here... otherwise this post may have caused me to go manic. Love those tees and that picture of the Nana top-off! If you do go a streakin' make sure not to wear black socks and sneakers, because that's just tacky.

. said...


Anonymous said...

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