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14 Apr 2009

In a nutshell

Flippin heck, so much happened last week that I didn't blog much about as I didn't have access to uploading pictures from my camera as well as I normally do at home.

So here are my pics from my visit home and little tales in between:

Mum and Dad on their Ruby wedding anniversary. We all went out for a lovely Chinese meal and her best friend came along with her husband and granddaughter, Esmie :)This is the card I made for themThis is us at the restaurantIsn't Esmie gorgeous ?
These are odd pictures I took when we went to the park during a lovely day last week. Loving Ellies curls hereA beautiful peacock Butterfly, its so early to see them this time of year
Ooooh, cheeky!We love the walled gardens at Sewerby, so vibrant and calm :)Ellie waded into a throng of daffodils and looked out for the gardeners who might have aimed pitchforks at such tomfoolery...ooops, being a photographer gets me into scrapes!
Shoe watch - Dyan will be happy! I bought 4 pairs of shoes whilst I was away and all 4 pairs came to less than £30 including these designer babies below!These little pink things cost £1.50. They are soooooo comf and are perfect for the garden and wet spring day walks.I love these little suede effect shoes too.I also spent a day with Caroline last week. Ellie enjoyed herself so much that she didn't want to go back to mums house. We jibber jabbered all day and ate scones and talk craft. Perfect, if you ask me! Carolines house and craft work projects are beautiful.This is one of her sons, jonni. Ellie is smitten with him :)
Caroline has a beautiful Etsy shop and I spied this in her house and bought it. Its a french wooden frame with proper french gauze. I love it so much, i cant wait to add my photos and little quotes on it :)And here are a few seaside walk snaps. I love the beach at my parents. there is always a brisk wind and a hellish chill but Eddy loves it as much as I do plus there are always interesting things to take pictures of :) This run of red railings goes on for hundreds of metres. id hate to paint that bugger!I don't know why I like this angle, I just do.
Seaweedy beach breaks look a bit bloody monstery. Good job I had the dog to protect me!
The boy, our lovely wee boy!Leaving little tippy tappy foot prints
And ears flapping like Dumbo!I think this is my very favourite picture.Or maybe this one?Or, erm, this me!The sunset on the beach casts a gorgeous colour on Eds.And creates beautiful low sun shading on the sand ripplesAnd lastly if not randomly, Ellie and I made jewellery whilst chilling out at my mommas. this is for her BFF, Beth. Ellie chose the beads herself but muggings, here, had to knit it all up. Fiddly little thing if you ask me but fun!And now Im home and things are getting back to norm although my scraproom looks like a bomb site. Im ashamed of myself to be honest. Instead, Im sitting here linking to the Susan Boyle video like it was my first time, every time and cry every time too. Life isnt all sickly treacle and molasses like this video but it would be lovely if it was. I get ribbed for wishing for a happy life by lots of people - losery mean bags they are, why shouldn't we hope for happiness? Huh, while ever there are people like Susan on this planet I think those with dreamy dreams should continue to hold out that one day they might come true :)

Going to snuggle up with my little dogster as I am wide awake and I have two Greys Anatomy's to catch up on. Some chocky buttons are calling out my name too and I know that somehow they will just fall into my mouth as Im lounging :)


becky said...

wonderful photos!!! and i adore your rocket dogs -- you know, T!m Holtz wears Rocket Dogs, didn't you??

Patricia8 said...

Pebbles - that's my favorite I think although v. difficult to choose!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos torn between the ripples in the sand and the pebbles! And, like you, I've been adding to the YouTube number of hits for Susan Boyle. Doesn't she just make your heart soar....thank you for posting the link. First saw it open mouthed on TV whilst doing some ironing over the weekend and I still cry everytime!! Brilliant......go Susan!! And stay happy Kirsty - we need more folk like you!!


Deanne said...

**dream** photography honey **dream** :)
a bit of happiness is not a wrong thing to ask for, i know we make our own, but shit seems to happen to meall the time, so a freebie bit of happy i wish for all the time :) xxxxxxxx

Kath said...

lovin all those gorgeous pics...and glad you had some relaxy time away... don't apologise for dreaming....that's what life is for...lovin the new look
Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

Sam said...

Gorgeous new header hun, thanks for my bloggy link too!!!

Kerry said...

Loving the new look blog.

Lots of lovely photos.

I sent you a message on Facebook about beaches at Brid for dogs.

Wonder if my other half will allow a trip to Boyes while we are there. At least if we have the dog/dogs (dunno whether just one or both yet) he will have to stand outside.

Lynn said...

Really like the new look Kirsty! Lovely photos too. I missed Britains Got Talent the other night so I was so glad when I saw your links the other day, and I have to admit I shed a little tear when I heard Susan sing. And I laughed so much at the Greek Irish dancers (Irish dancing didn't look like that when I did it as a kid:) And Flawless ... wow!!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Bloody hall woman that was a long post! You should pause for a breath once in a while! HEHE! ;-)

Lovin' the new blog theme chick!


Rae said...

Fab photies! and lovin the new look!


Marie said...

We're heading to Filey for our jollies this year and Sewerby is on our list of day trips so it's nice to see some glimpses of where we're heading. It looks lov-er-ly.

Where'd you get those black shoes btw? I's liking them :)


Bettythebaglady said...

Kirstie-love your blog and if I were younger I would also be smitten by Jonni.Just the right level of moodiness. Your daughter has very good taste.Not only do you appreciate happiness you pass it on to others. Go girlXXX

Houston said...

Oooh lovely, all of it... the shoes are fantastic and I am oh so jealous of the cute pink ones! I love the photos of Eds at sunset, he is so dapper and Ellie in the flowers is lovely, that boy though he looks like Trouble... slightly James Dean-ish. Now onto those fab tag-makings and that frame... oooh la la... I love that stuff but I can't really ever make it come together, unless I am in a TH class and btw I have never noticed his shoes, I need it all layed out for me, I just can't pick and choose and make it work, though I want to so badly. Love the new look of your bloggy, very springy and happy... I like your happy outlook on life, if everyone were always sour it would be one awful world to live in. Okay I am rambling on in your comment section, I must stop, have a great day!

Sarah xx said...

Kirsty - ALL your pics are fabby - no need to choose a fave!!! Looks like you had a great week. Don't worry bout the good n bad stuff in life - we all have it, just can't blog it as well as you! You are funny, sad and an inspiration - just like all good women should be!!!
Be proud! xx

Katy said...

Fab photos, I like the pebbles one :)

Loving those shoes what a bargain queen you are!!


cannycrafter said...

Hi Kirsty, so glad you enjoyed your day with us! That is one of my two fave pics of Jonni! Just catching up with you from Germany! Spent loads on craft stuff today! My Etsy shop is going into a German folk phase next! Lots of fab ideas! Keep happy! xxHugs, Caroline,
P.S. I just love your new header, I want one!

Helena said...

Beautitful photo's! I love to take pic's of the pawprints my cats leave in snow :) pawprints pic's are so cute.

Love your new black shoes. Clarks?

Debsg said...

Gorgeous photos. There is something about pebbles and ripples in the sand that is just beautiful.

Heidi said...

Your parents are adorable!! Congrats to them on their anniversary...quite a rare thing these days! Your photos are excellent as well, love them all!

Terrie B x said...

Absolutly `Gorgeous` photo`s everyone...
Lovely one of your Momma and Pappa....with you altoghether!!!
Lotsa loves♥

Anonymous said...

Am not surprised the curly girl is a smitten kitten over Jonni boy-what a dish!!!!(why weren't the boys that good looking when I was at school??? :(
Love to Curly Girl
Lulubelle x

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