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17 Apr 2009


Yest Paul came over to craft and techniquey-fy, drink herbal tea and generally gas (in the UK that means talk, ok?!). Time flew by and 5 hours went like 5 seconds. I was particularly enthralled when he showed Me what fancy things I could do with lavvy roll.
Im not espesh techniquey, I would probably say Im more of shift it about a page and stick kind of girl. But since ive been inked by The Holtzmeister, anything goes - you know?
Here is Paul showing me how to make lavvy roll into soemthing of a phenomena! and then here is Ellie and her friend Beth having a go.
I found the best way to use this technique was better on cuttlebug embossing folders as opposed to stamps.
We loved it Paul! Thank you.
I cant believe Ellie had a go although she was **encouraged** a little. She didn't bother painting it the next day when it had dried but Beth and I did and this is the fruits of our labour.
This is Beths lovely card uisng pink painting to pick up the embossed effect of dried lavvy roll

And here is mine whcih i scuffed green paint o'er the top of.
And here it is close up so you can see what dried lavvy roll on embossing folders can do!
Now I can make funky textures from lavvy roll and embossing folders....for fun!

As its late and Ive not long got back from the most amazing night of my entire life (and Ellies), Im going to wait until tomorrow to share pictures of our heart stopping, enthralling night at the MEN Arena watching Torville and Dean. We were both so so excited and happy and scared and wowed buy the whole night. Im limited to using very basic words that wont do the whole night its justice - spectacular, entertaining, happy..... it goes on. I believe there are tickets left for Sunday night if you are at a loose end in Manchester! The pre-show entertainment is just as magical as the show itself.

Need shut eye now, I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow and the bride is in pink! Happy, happy, happy :)


Kate said...

Wow! Love that card. I have the cuttlebug happy b-day doo dad and I hardly ever use it. Now I know what to do with it. Thanks!


ms.cheryl said...

What in the world is lavvy roll? Are you talking about toilet paper? I would love to know more. I love the results!!!Can you share more? ms.cheryl

Paul B said...

Love the results K :) Those cards are fab. Such beautiful bright colours on both. Love the collaged artsy craft feel of them. Glad Ellie hd a try too. I had a brilliant day and the world was truly put to rights by our good selves. Looking forward to seeing your post of T&D night. So glad you enjoyed it. Pxx

Kath said...

oh the humble bog roll came good...loving this technique...gotta give it a try and I am so jealous that you got to see the gods of ice dance...T & D....going to treat my sis next year for her birthday...Big Hugs Kath xxxxx

Bettythebaglady said...

Kirsty Kerbam!!-I've tried paper moulding before and not got a result I liked but when I saw the first piccie I just thought cuttlebug folders and so did you. It looks amazing.Looks as though you cut them afterwards with a diecutter(the flower).Would love a blow by blow but am going to mess about with it now and see what's what. Gonna have to be pale peach bog roll until I get some white!

Jackie said...

Not seen that technique before.

We saw the Dancing on Ice tour last year and it was fab. My mum and dad saw this years tour and said it was even fabber than last year (we didn't go cos we couldn't get decent tickets :()

Brook said...

wow! It looks like white grungeboard.....I'm all about running things through me cbug.....I'm going to a crop today. I think Everyone will be experimenting! I love seeing Ellie and her gal pals having such fun! on the skating T&D rock! Well more like glide anyway! LOL!

Houston said...

Ooooh, must try that whole tp embossing... very fun!

angie's blogspot said...

wow great card, must try that with my bug, do you wet the paper? If you get chance Kirsty hop over to my blog as I've posted some piccies of some jewellery that I made today.

JB said...

Hello Kirsty,
what great ideas. Thought you might like to know there's a book called 'Toilet paper origami' can get from amazon!

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