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29 Apr 2009

Escape the rush

t'other night, Mark and took Eds on one of our infamous woodland walks.
If it was not for these walks I would die. Im in this house all day long and it does my head in. Sometimes Ellie joins us, other times she just wants unwind after school and be absorbed by her new appreciation of books (rr even worse, Hannah Montana etc etc).
Ive shared so many many pictures of our local park but they truly are what makes me happy. I take my camera 90% of the time in hope that I might just find something I like and on this occasion we saw this little fella (and little is key here!) jumping between the rails. Look realy hard now! **sigh, I wish I had a 400mm**Then we saw these cutiesThen this wee dude
We get lost in our own thoughts in this part of the woods, on the decking as we call it. We look for two freindly squirrels and always find, them going about and minding their own business. Then we come across empty lanes overhanging with new buds and leaves. In a few weeks these lanes will be packed out with walkers and more foilage to add interest (and Im more likely to get bitten - booooo!)And then, at the end of the walk there are cuddles and hugs as he clearly is ready for 2 hours snoozing after a good 2 miles trekking.

And lastly, Ill leave you with nail watch. Ive had to put my shades on becuase I look ill right now. Ive had so much onthis week that I think I might die from my head exploding and willing my bloody nails to grow. I am so excited about Friday - hopef tomorrow (when I go get my roots retouched) that the stylist will buff them up for me. **see, they is growin!!**Oh and afore I forget - I have a free download on my other blog here


Just call me G said...

Yep, they are definitely growing!

Kath said...

yep they are definitely growing...must be all that walking and fresh air
good luck for the show...will be watching....hugs Kath xxxxx

Anonymous said...

As I dont have an un-lazy bone in my body and I have to "motivational speak" to myself every morning just to get my ass outta bed, I discovered that if you buff your nails to a shine every day,it stimulates them to grow..(dont ask me how I discovered aint a pretty story)
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

SueK said...

Well they are getting there and Lulubelle is right a daily buffing does encourage nails to grow (learnt that tip from my Gran)many, many years ago or you could start a new trend on QVC 'nails as they are in real life' cos lets face it how many of us have perfectly manicured hands 24/7. Good luck for tomorrow had to convince my hubby that a trip to France was a no, no for Friday without actully telling him why cos he just would not understand, but that's men for you.

Kate said...

Your nails are growing and growing. Don't let your head explode.

Bettythebaglady said...

Good luck for tomorrow Kirsty. Nails look great and NATURAL. Will be watching.If you've given in and got some falsies we will all know. Love BettyXXX

lauren said...

With the exception of the evil dandelion picture, I LOVE all the beauty in your photos! MMMMMM

Rachel said...

They are definately growing will look fantastic I am sure...



Sharon Speakman said...

Never mind staying marooned in your house - get your bottom down to my house for a brew when you're free! Sharon & 26 week bump! x x x

cannycrafter said...

You need Nail Envy from QVC! It's made by OPI and it works!!

Terrie B x said...

Beautiful photo`s beautiful place..TFS:)
`Sending` big Loves for tommorrow Kirsty...
(not that you need them)
Have a loverly Day...:)♥

Doodles said...

Beautiful nature pics, just love them xxx

helenb said...

Kirsty, there aren't many people who can take gorgeous pics of dandelions like you. What talent you have.

. said...


Anonymous said...

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