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22 Apr 2009

Erm, Happy Earth Day?

Apparently is Earth Day today.
Nobody emailed me about it and nor did my local environmental officer either.
I only found out on twitter (of all places, fancy gleaning such information from an alleged trash site!).
Then, upon further investigation I learned that its been earth day on the 22nd April every year since
Where have I been hiding for the last 38 years?
How am I supposed to celebrate or embrace it if I do not know?
How do I celebrate it anyway?
Do I go naked and hug a tree? Do I make a special effort to recycle? Shall I plant saplings in the garden (only for Eddy to kill them as he takes his business)?
Im confused.

I have one contributing solution to making the earth a little more greener.
And it goes like this:

Will those people who work in offices in town centres please switch out their lights when they go home. I am sick to death of seeing empty offices with lights on - NO NEED. And also, is their any need for motorway lighting anymore? There are thousands of stretches of motorway that don't have lights (that's what car lamps are for) so what is the point of the stretches that do?

The end.

PS: Im more likely to be holding out for celebrations for St Georges Day tomorrow - yay!


Jan C. said...

I second the suggestion about turning out the lights in empty office buildings. How much electricity that would save!

Erm . . . what is St. George's Day? I've never heard of that in all my 49 years.

Anonymous said...

Have worked in offices with movement activated auto-turn-off for lights and no reason why this shouldn't be the norm. Mind you, when you sat still for a few minutes you did have to wave arms around to turn them on again! All together now - Mexican Wave!!

Di (trying to resist the Marmite Rice Cakes....yummy!!)

Lisa Hemmings said...

Earth day?!!
what's that all about? I just saw that on Google, can't believe it's never been mentioned before.

Lisa x

lisadickinson said...

i totally agree about the lighting! TURN IT OFF, PEOPLE!! :)

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! I only knew because nursery is on the case and youngest is looking for worms or something today.

And eat more carrots - they make you see in the dark!!

*reyanna klein* said...

You are too funny.

What is St. George's Day?

*Paula* said...

Oh yeah on the lighting - totally agree! I'm LOL though that you haven't heard of Earth day ;)

Houston said...

That lights in the office thing drives me bananas of course since it's earth day!

Catriona MacGregor said...

We've 'celebrated' Earth Day in the U.S. for years now. It's meant as a day to reflect on the world around you and how you can make it just a bit better by recycling, planting, turning the lights off, biking to work, etc. I posted a few ideas on my blog: and made a fun chocolate bar freebie, too...yum!
PS - We Scots also have a new holiday: Tartan Day on 6 April. It was started by just a few folks and has grown to an internationally recognized holiday.
So, why not get together with a few chums and wave your flags around...who knows, you may just start something big! LOL!

. said...


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